Chapter 41 Ossan with The Girl, A Dad Envied by All ~Savoring Hotdog~

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   After accompanying them playing with the help of Muscle Power, I lowered them one after another. The kids all said words of gratitude towards me.

「Ojisan, thank you! 」

「It was really high! 」

「When I grow up too, can I become as muscular as Ojisan? 」

「Yeah, I’m sure you can. 」

   After the kids said happily, they looked up at Ravi who was still at my shoulders.

「Your dad, he looks strange but he’s so cool! 」

「I also want a daddy like that―. Albeit the appearance. 」

「Looks so strong, so muscular! 」

「Me too, if my dad is like this――」

「Me too, me too! 」

「I’m sure it will be fun everyday if I have a dad like this……」

「He would play with you right? 」

「Unn, daddy would. 」

「Is he always so kind? 」

「Unn, always very kind and gentle. 」

   Ravi who clung onto my hat, replied with a soft voice.

「He’s the father I’m proud of……」


   I was too happy at what Ravi thought, I unconsciously muttered. Afterwards, their parents came and thanked me.

「It’s been a while since I see my son having so much fun. Really, thank you very much. 」

「Having such a good father, I’m sure the child is happy! 」

「Really! While my husband is……. Always drinking, he won’t even take his own child to play outside. 」

「I’m a single parent, that’s why……. My child really admires a father existence. 」

   Balzac is an adventurer town. It’s naturally that there’s people who lost their lives failing a quest. Children who lost their father this way isn’t less.

「While carrying so much, you’ve really did well raising your child……」

   Even though I can only give such bad encouragement, they had replied me with a smile 「Thank you for that. 」

  (I guess everyone have their own sets of problems……)

   The parents that came to the morning market with their child, most of them were the mothers. That’s why, I felt a little standing out being here. But I’ve learned that there’s something that can only be given by a father too, and that motivated me a little.

   Because that she doesn’t have a mother, I would have to play that part and give Ravi double the care too.


   After saying goodbye with the others, together with Ravi, we went around the morning market. Seasonal vegetables, fresh fishes, and colorful fruits. The sweet-scented candies, the large amount of spices, and unique specialties items that had been transported from foreign countries are all around.

   There’s also stores selling old clothing, even stores dealing with daily necessity is all around. The merchants raised a loud voice, attracting the pedestrians. Looking around, there’s all kind of customers looking at the store while enjoying themselves. The necessary daily life items could be bought entirely from here.

「I guess it’s time to get some snacks. 」

「Unn……! 」

「Just say if there’s anything you want. 」

   Coincidentally at that timing, a sweet scent wafted around.

「Daddy, there’s a nice smell…… 」

「Yeah, let’s go have a look. 」

   Getting baited by the smell as we walk, we arrive at a hotdog stall. What was on the grill was the sausage that’s stuffed with herb, and what smelled nice is indeed that.

「Looks nice……」

   I can hear the mutter originating from her true heart above my head. I smiled, 「Let’s have hotdogs as our breakfast」to Ravi.


「Hotdog for two. One without the mustard please. 」

「Just a while. 」

   Since Ravi isn’t strong at spicy food, the mustard is excluded for her portion. As I’ve been eating with her three meals every day. I’ve imprinted what she likes and dislikes firmly in my mind.

   The shop owner cut opened the bun, and inserted fresh lettuce and spread the scrambled egg. And then, the sausage that have been grilled to a perfect color goes in. And finally, ketchup, and mustard for my portion. With dried parsley on top, it’s done.

   Receiving the hotdogs wrapped in paper bags, I handed out copper coins. Since riding on my shoulders and eating would be difficult, we exited the flow of people in the market, and decided to sit at the river side.

   I took off my coat, and laid it on the grass. I was planning to let Ravi to sit on it. But just as I thought that, Ravi did the same and laid her smaller coat beside mine.

   I laughed and offered to sit. Today’s sun is a warm spring sunshine. There would be no chance of catching a cold from this.

「Then, let’s eat shall we. 」

   Ravi doesn’t know the best way to eat a hotdog yet.

「Be careful it’s hot. 」


   I showed one step at a time, how to not dirty your hand when eating. Holding the hotdog with the paper wrapper, I bit for the first time.

「Nnn――! ……Hafu, hafu…… Delicious! 」

「Umu……it’s great. 」

   The meat juice that seeps out every time you chew on it. Soft buns. The strong herb taste in the sausage, goes perfectly with the sweet soury tomato sauce.

   While praising the hotdog time to time, we enjoyed it thoroughly. And the time when our stomach is stuffed――.

「Daddy, say……. ……Today, thank you for taking me here. I’m really happy……」

   Suddenly, the words of gratitude that came made me speechless. I wonder why it is. Ravi’s 「Thank you」is, always hitting my chest, making me feel teary. Even though I’m not feeling sad, I wonder why such emotions would come rushing.


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