Chapter 42 Ossan with The Girl, Questioning by Journalist

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   After eating the hotdog, with a fulfilled stomach, we continued walking around the center of the city. Our schedule is to look for tools that we might need in our future in the afternoon.

「I’m going to tidy up the tools back in the room, want to help, Ravi? 」

「Unn. I will help. 」

   I’ve ought to teach Ravi how to use all kinds of travelling tools as well.

   Even when we haven’t decided how it’s going to go in the future, learning now wouldn’t be disadvantageous. While conversing like that, returning to the lodging――.

「Crap……. You came back……」

   Seeing my figure, Eihab had a face that seemingly screamed trouble.

「What do you mean? 」

「Well, it’s just something problematic――」

「Ah! You are!! 」

   Eihab’s voice who was trying to explain something was overwhelmed by another excited voice. I shuddered as I turned around, a man who sat at the dining hall, came running for me. Yesterday, when we arrived at Balzac, it was indeed the journalist from the Kashmesh Magic Printing Firm.

「I finally found you! I want to have a talk with you no matter what. 」

   I quickly touched my head and chin with my hand. The disguise is still properly on. So how did he realize my identity. I felt disappointed that this disguise would be useless now too. On top of that, I would be causing trouble for Eihab too, I’ve got to get out of here.

「Since I didn’t know where Douglas-san went, I could only look for the daughter, Ravi-chan. And after going around people that Douglas-san knows, I found someone that seems to be walking around together with Ravi-chan. He’s a gentleman that has a silk hat, afro and a weird moustache. That’s you right? 」


「In Douglas-san’s circle, you’re the only one that got together with Ravi-chan. In other words――」


「You’re definitely a trusted friend of Douglas-san! 」

「……Eh!? ……What was that? 」

「I mean, that can only be the case. The now celebrity Douglas-san can’t get out on the streets, that’s why he left her with the most trustworthy friend he has. Am I right? 」

   I looked at the journalist stunned. Could it be, I’m not exposed……?

「She’s Douglas-san’s daughter right? To take care of his daughter, I’m sure that you’re really a trusted friend. As expected, I’m right to set my eyes on you. ――This Ojisan, he’s daddy’s friend, right? Ravi-chan! 」

   Ravi looked confused and hid behind me. But at the very least, the situation seems advantageous for the time being. Apparently, he’s misunderstanding that I’m an acquaintance of myself.

「Anything is fine. Please tell me about Douglas-san! If it’s him, even trivial things can be made into an article! 」


   I thought silently. This might be a big chance. If I can tell him some unfortunate news, and let him think that the real Douglas-san isn’t really all that amazing…….

   If he made it an article, I bet the people making a ruckus would lose their interest in me. Alright, it’s worth a try.

「When Douglas was depressed because he was kicked out of the guild, it was really the worst. 」

「But the tragedy aspect is good too. To climb back up from the bottom is dramatic! It really makes you sympathize with someone who went through hardships! 」


   Damn. If it’s like that, how about some failure when I was still performing well.

「When he just became an adventurer, he accepted a F-rank plant collection quest, but he even screwed up doing that. 」

「Eeh―, plant collection? 」

   The journalist looked like he had a face of distrust. Yes, just like this.

「It’s a quest in a freezing place, he made a blunder and got frostbite on his legs. He completed it somehow, but he couldn’t sleep for a week because of his frozen feet……」

「I-is that so……. Douglas-san also have this unexpected side of his……」

   Just as I thought I’ve succeeded――.

「Oh, that right! From what I heard, when he undertook that quest, didn’t he give up because that he didn’t want to destroy the bird nests and the ecosystem!? 」


   Eihab, why……. I looked at Eihab stunned. But without realizing my gaze, he had his arms on his hips and had a smug face.

「Ecosystem, huh……. I see. Certainly, there’s the problem of adventurers had been overexploiting rare plants and animals. Something like that, did Douglas-san thought about that way back in his younger days!? 」

「At that time, other adventurers were making fun of Douglas. It was the same for quests relating to fishing and insects……」

   Not good.

「During that quest you said just now, there were newbie adventurers that were in front of him that were in light equipment. It would’ve been fine if he left them alone, but he went and gave out his own warm clothing. 」

「Eeh!? Giving out his warm clothing in a freezing place!? 」

「On top of that, because of the unbearable cold, Douglas found the way to endure it using a skill! 」

「B-But, it’s the truth that he made a blunder. Hey, you think so too right? 」

   The journalist turned around excitedly.

「Eh!? What are you saying! It is just as his reputation. No, it’s even better than that! 」

「Wha……. He failed in the quest you know. Isn’t that really uncool? 」

「But that’s because he was helping others right. He’s really symbolizes the kindness of humanity~. Even though adventurers are people who only take care of their own profit, Douglas-san is totally different than that. 」

「No, I’m already……」

「I’m? 」

「Ah! No, I mean not me, but Douglas-san had now decided that he’s going to live for his daughter. 」

「That’s it! The strongest man, caring for his child is also one of the reasons he’s so liked! Now, 『Douglas Ford』 is the number one aspiration for the kids in the town! He just overtook the number one which was the Hero like it’s nothing! 」

「B-But, he was expelled by the adventurer guild. Even now, he’s homeless with his daughter, travelling around being a rootless grass. Isn’t that right, Ravi……chan」

   I pleaded help from Ravi. But――

「Of course daddy is amazing…… 」

   But why……!!!!

「Even if there’s no rice, daddy would get fishes from the river…… Even shoes, he can make from bags. 」

「Shoes from bag!? 」

「Unn. I don’t have it with me now but, it’s my treasure. It’s what I got from daddy first after all. 」

   Ravi……Although your feelings and praises really makes me happy but, not now. Now is not the time.

「Even telling weather from clouds, finding place to sleep, starting fire, making bed from leaves or clothes, daddy can do all that. 」

「Having such a daddy around, I’m sure Ravi-chan is travelling with a peace of mind. 」

「Unn……! 」

   Eihab and the journalist, they both looked at Ravi with a gentle smile.

「With the face of a father, Douglas using fully well his knowledge being an adventurer, travelling the dangerous journey with his daughter, huh……! Iya―, this is some big scoop. I’m sure with this article as the headlines, it will sell like hot cakes again! 」

   The next day, the news issued, had a page of the totally weird figure of the disguised me drawn, 『Douglas’s Close Friend, Citing the Legend of His! 』is what it wrote. The news overwrote the sales record with a fierce pace, selling out in just a blink of an eye. Hearing that report, not to say, I was hugging my head as usual.


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