Chapter 43 Ossan with the Girl, Overlooking Daughter

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   The next day after lodging at Eihab’s place, he introduced his daughter to Ravi.

「My name is Diana. Can I call you Ravi-chan? 」


「Great! Let’s get along from now on, Ravi-chan! 」

   Diana who had her brown hair tied in a twin tail style smiled wide innocently. Ravi looked shy as she nodded back.

「Say, how about looking for butterflies in the garden? 」

「Ah, umm……L-later……」

「Then how about with the dolls in the dining hall? 」

「Unn……If daddy is together……」

「Alright! Say, papa! Is it fine that we play in the dining hall during the break time? 」

「Yeah, I don’t mind. 」

「Ravi-chan, I’m going to take the dolls, so wait for me a little! 」


   Ravi was super nervous at first, but I’m glad that Diana’s bright personality had dampen it somehow. It’s good news that Ravi made a friend with her age.

   As I thought so, on the third morning that we stayed, Ravi asked something shocking from me.

「With Diana-chan, can the two of us go out and play……? 」

「Eh!? The two of you? 」

「Unn……. I promise we won’t go out of the town……」

「Ravi, you want to go? 」


「I-is that so」

   To think that a sudden propose to go out just with themselves would come out……. I wonder if she got really close with Diana.

   It’s just that if they went out on their own, I wouldn’t be able to rest my heart. What if something dangerous happened when I wasn’t around? My heart constricted painfully as I thought about it.

   But even so, I can’t bring myself to say I wouldn’t let them. It would be a pity if I just limited Ravi’s freedom like that.

「Alright. Go play to your heart extent. Make sure you return in time for the dinner alright? 」

「……! 」

   Ravi’s expression beamed like the sun. While getting relieved that I chose rightly, I saw Ravi off.

(Well then……)

「Did the kids go out? 」

「Yeah 」

「What about Douglas-san 」

「I’m going to look after Ravi. 」

「……No, you’re, is there something? I know you’re worried about your daughter. But following her around, wouldn’t she think you’re very nosy? 」

「She said she will play with her first friend. I won’t disturb her. 」

「Then how are you going to guard her? 」

「Using a vigilance skill, I can detect any suspicious activity that anyone’s doing automatically in three hundred meters around Ravi. 」

「Three hundred meters!? Isn’t vigilance skill normal usage being a few meters around the caster!? You have broadened a skill’s possibility again huh……」

「And then anyone that holds a hostility against Ravi, it’s elimination with remote wind magic. 」

「Haha―, ain’t you the real enemy. You’re making too big of a deal out of this. 」

「What are you saying. What if Ravi is targeted by that god knows from where assassin again. 」

「A-assassin!? 」

「Of course I’m also looking out for the possibility that she will get abducted. It’s not being over worrying. 」

「You……just overly overprotective……」

   Eihab sighed like he had enough. From his perspective, my worry probably looks exaggerated.

「Well then, I’ll be back. 」

「O-ou……. Keep it down, okay……」


   And so, it became that I will protect her from the shadows――.

「Hi―……Is he targeting the kids in broad daylight!? 」

「Isn’t it better that we report it!? 」

   Crap. With this appearance, I would just stand out in a different meaning. That being a suspicious person who follows the two children around.

   And so, I hid under the shadows in the alley before chanting the stealth skill. That moment, it felt like something lukewarm was encompassing my entire body.

   Stepping out to the main streets once again, this time, no one was paying attention towards me. Alright, it’s a huge success.

   This is a SS-rank skill normally used by assassins or in a secret escort mission. I thought it wouldn’t come into use, but I’m glad I learned it just in case.

   By the way, since I don’t need the disguise anymore, I took off the white moustache and afro, putting them away in my bag. As expected, if I were to still disguise when no one is even looking, it would be really weird.

   Sadly, I can only use this when I’m alone. Since it completely conceals your presence, Ravi would even lose sight of me easily when she’s walking with me. It’s akin to be a transparent person.

「That store’s apple pie is really nice you know. It’s really crispy! 」

「I see……」

「Next time, bringing your father here would be fine. 」

「Unn. 」

   Now I can be nearer to them without getting noticed while escorting. And I can even tell what they’re talking about clearly. I felt a little guilty as I was eavesdropping on their conversation. But speaking the truth, I felt a little glad I overheard what they were talking.

   Ravi’s staring at the store with a serious face. I decided that I’ve ought to take her there in one of these days.

「Ravi-chan, it’s just a little more until we reach the church. It’s just right around the corner of that shop! 」

「Unn. 」

「There were many the day before yesterday, I think it will be alright today too since it had many! 」

「I’m excited……」

   The empty space behind the church? Thinking about what they’ve said, I recalled that they’ve said to go the vacant space behind the church from the start. But what does 「There’re many」 mean?

「Wa……so many flowers blooming……」

「Right? Actually, there’re a lot more flowers at the fields outside the town. But since we are still children, they won’t let us out. 」

「But the flowers here. I, think they are pretty and likeable……? 」

「I’m glad! Then let’s gather some up! 」

「Unn……! 」

   I see. They came here to pick flowers. It’s certainly a girlish way to spend time together. As I looked over them with a light smile――.

「Ravi-chan, you’ve really plucked a lot. 」

「Unn. Daddy, I wonder if he will be happy……? 」

   Eh. ……Me? Suddenly, I was surprised by the sudden topic regarding me.

「I’m only, always receiving something from daddy, that’s why……」

「It’ll be alright. I’m sure he will be overjoyed! 」

「I hope so……」

   Ravi looked down at the flowers that she gathered on her palm and smiled lightly. Ravi, you’ve thought about such things……. The small hands which were holding on to the pretty wildflowers. That’s for my sake……

   Something blurred my eyes. Crap……. Is it because of my age, I felt like my tear glands is really loose these days. I rubbed my eyes as I thought so.


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