Chapter 44 Ossan with the Girl, Kind and Warm Presence of a Father

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   Ravi and Diana who finished picking the wildflowers, said that it’s almost time to return and got out of the vacant space. I retreated to a further place as well while keeping a watch on them. When they were passing through the main streets back to the inn, something happened.

   Just past the corner, there was a heavy sound of something dropping and an intense scream.

「What!? 」

「What the hell happened!? 」

「Big trouble!! The horse carriage went out of control!! 」

   At the same time such panic voices were heard, two horses with rough breathing appeared in the main streets.

「Kyaaa――……! 」

「Everyone avoid it……! It’s coming……!! 」

   The screams and the people who scattered around running. The runaway horse started galloping while still pulling the carriage. What were ahead in the path of the horses was――.

「……!! 」

   There was the figure of Diana who was scared to the ground, and Ravi who was trying to pull her away by the arm desperately. But with the frail power of Ravi, she couldn’t make Diana stand and move.

(Not good……!!)

   Immediately, the wind magic. The carriage that rushed towards them. Ravi’s lips moved a little.


《The holy force that dwells in the atmosphere, blow them away! Wind magic―Wind!! 》

「Hya……!? 」

   Their body floated up into the air. And the horses galloped fiercely under. And immediately, I casted water magic and summoned a large body of water on top of the horses.

「Hi―hi――n!? 」

   The horses neighed loudly, and started stomping on the ground. It was a messy job, but for the time being, it’s solved.

「What was that just now……!? 」

「Rather than that, what about the kids!? 」

   The adults panickily came in a circle around Ravi and Diana. I checked their states behind the masses too. It’s relieving to see them not having any injuries.

「Little misses, are you both alright? 」


   Ravi and Diana who hugged together with an afraid expression. I wanted to hurry to them and pick them up, but I’m still in a concealed state. By the way――.

「Ravi-chan, what was that just now……!? It’s like the wind protected us! 」


「……Ravi-chan? Are you there? 」

   Ravi hasn’t spoken and was just staring intently at me.

   ……Mu? What does this mean. Could it be, that she can see me……? ……No, that shouldn’t be possible.

   My stealth skill is still up. There’s no way Ravi can recognize my presence right now. But contrary to my thoughts, Ravi never turned around but only focusing on me.

   As I thought, something’s wrong.

   I got nervous meaninglessly as I swallowed my breath.

「……Daddy, you’re there……? 」

「……! 」

   A question came from Ravi. I can’t bear to keep hiding even under the pure gaze that’s staring at me. Dispelling the stealth skill, I appeared in front of Ravi.

   The eyes of the people around became round from my sudden appearance. Only Ravi wasn’t shaken, but a small mutter came from her mouth, 「As I thought……」.

   Just at that time, Eihab who heard of the ruckus came running from the inn. The moment she saw her father’s figure, the crying Diana hugged her father tightly. Leaving Diana with Eihab, I crouched down before Ravi.

「Ravi, I’m glad you’re fine. 」

「Daddy…… 」

「And also, I’m sorry……. I was worried about you……So I stayed around the whole time. Forgive me」

   I lowered my head towards Ravi.

「Daddy, don’t apologize……. If it wasn’t daddy, I, would be caught in the carriage……. Daddy, thank you. 」

「……Can you forgive me for following you around secretly? 」

「To forgive……. I, don’t think it’s bad……. Wasn’t daddy, around to protect me……? 」


   I exhaled my relief as I loosened my shoulders, Ravi clung on my arms as if spoiling herself. I couldn’t hold it and hugged Ravi up. Really, she’s such a good child that I think she’s wasted on me.

「Say, Ravi. How did you know I was around? Could you see me? 」

「Nnn. But I just felt like daddy is around. I felt something warm and kind…… 」

「Is that so……」

「And this……It’s dropped on the ground a little but……. For daddy……. Thank you for looking after me usually……」

   What Ravi stretched out, was the wildflowers she picked from the back of the church.

「Thanks, Ravi. I will treasure it. 」

   While feeling the joyous emotion swelled within me, I accepted it graciously.


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