Chapter 45 Ossan, Pulls Out an Unimaginable Card

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「Douglas, thank you so much……! It was you who saved them by a hair breadth right? 」

   Returning to the room that Ravi and I had been borrowing in 『Hog’s Cry』, Eihab said his appreciation once again. His wife who was still handling the work of the inn hurried to the site a little late, and they’ve been thanking me repeatedly ever since then.

「What can I do to thank you……」

「Really, don’t mind it already. It wasn’t really that big of a deal. 」

「That couldn’t be the case!? The witnesses had been raising a huge fuss about it. A strange wind that blew saved the kids, and that Douglas Ford had suddenly showed up after that. 」

   Since I thought that no one would see me when I was escorting Ravi while being in a stealth state, I took off the disguise that I’ve put up before I left the inn. And because of that, the people there realized that I was there. But thinking about it, it might’ve been the right choice to take it off.

「While hiding with the stealth skill, you used the wind magic. 『I saw the legendary 「Two-fold skill usage」! 』 was what the crowd had been fussing about. But actually, it’s a little exaggerated that they say, 『I saw』when they haven’t actually. 」

「Hahaha…… Well, that’s true. 」

   Because that it became an article again, the townsfolks have come to know that I can use two skills in parallel. If I was still in disguise and used the two skills in parallel, the people there would have linked Weird Ossan = Douglas.

   Since that disguise had been serving me well, I wouldn’t want it to be exposed yet. And I’ve been wearing it every day, I felt a little attached to it somehow.

「That unbelievable wind was Ojisan’s magic!? Thank you for saving me, Ojisan! 」

   Diana lowered her head towards me.

「That’s right, vase! Mama, are there any spare vases? 」

「Yes, I will take them out. 」

「Ravi-chan, let’s go too! 」

   Ravi confirmed with me. Embedding with the meaning that it’s fine to go, I nodded back. After watching the three people leaving the room, Eihab’s shoulders seemed to drop from his self-depreciation.

「I was wrong……. Saying that Douglas is overprotective……. You were right……. I guess there’s no worrying too much about the kids. But it’s just……. Always following the kids around is impossible for me. 」


    This time, the result of watching Ravi while hidden, I realized that it’s infringing on her privacy too much. Although Ravi had denied it, continuing like today would be problematic. How can I protect her better?

   Following her without concealing myself is also a no good. Between the children who are playing, the adults that are nosy would just be regarded as an annoyance. What if Ravi didn’t get invited to play together because of me sticking around…….

   No no, not good……! I can’t become a father that plunders his daughter’s joy and happiness.

   Think about it. Find out what’s the best way to ensure her safety. I folded my arms and desperately revolved my brain. To let Ravi be safe even if I’m not around……. Should I get someone that would escort her substituting me?

「That’s right. I just have to get 『Crime Prevention Cuckoo』! 」

「『Crime Prevention Cuckoo』!? Isn’t that the magic tool used for escorting important figures……!?」

「Yeah. If it detects danger, I would be able to know even if I’m far away. On top of that, it would let out a loud noise and alert the surrounding people about it, right? 」

   And their sharp beaks can be used as a weapon to force the enemies back as well. They can even restrain the enemies’ legs and move them to a safe place.

「It’s the perfect magic tool to escort a child instead of their parents. 」

「No, that’s true but……」

   Of course, just that wouldn’t be enough. What if it was an accident like today, where even a moment is precious. Of course, I’ve properly got an idea for that. But before that, I must get my hands on the 「Crime Prevention Cuckoo」.

「But, isn’t 『Crime Prevention Cuckoo』 a very special magic tool? Even the people who can make it is limited, the shops that sell them too――」

   That moment, Eihab swallowed his breath.

「――Are you planning to go to『Balzac Magical Tool Store』? 」

   He asks as if he doesn’t believe it. Regarding that question, I nodded seriously.

「If it’s that shop, I’m sure they are dealing with it. 」

   Hearing my response, Eihab hugged his head and sighed loudly.

「Well, certainly the possibility is high. But how are you even going to get inside!? It’s called『The Closed Magical Tool Store』for a reason, you know? 」

   Balzac Magical Tool store. It is said that it’s the best magical tool store in the country. Of course, their product quality is guaranteed, and they are also renowned for handling special and rare tools. But it’s a shop that chooses its customers.

   It’s a store entirely made from stone without windows and even doors, not even a banner. How to enter such a closely shut store huh.

   The store’s doors are known as the 『Door of Challenge』 and they’re concealed with a special kind of magic. It’s only the individuals who can clear the trial of the store owner magnificently that are permitted to enter, and they are given a member ID of the Balzac magical tool store.

「Isn’t past legendary Heroes the only ones who successfully defeated the Demon King have the rights of a member!? 」

「If it’s the ID, I have it. 」

「Wha……!? 」

「I’ve made it when I was young, I used it a few times I guess. 」

「Oi oi, are you being real……!? 」

   With a pair of eyes that spells unbelievable, Eihab is looking at me. To prove that it’s true, I took out the member ID that’s sandwiched in my handbook. The pure black card wrote 『Balzac Magical Tools Store Member ID Number 0007』right at the center.

「Wow……. I heard that those who are a member are a total celebrity but……. It’s even a single digit you’ve got there……」

「But it’s just that you have to renew the card every three years. 」

   I flipped the card around and verified the back of the card.

「Mu. It’s expired as I thought. To do the renew procedure, I guess I’ve got to clear the trial again huh. 」

「What was that!? You have to clear the trial again like when you’ve got the card!? 」

「Yeah. It’s the exact same trial that you must challenge again. But there’s no problem. I had already done it four times to renew my ID before after all. 」

「……! Douglas……. I thought you were some amazing guy but, you’re really another league of your own huh……」

   Eihab exclaimed, while looking at me with a gaze of admiration.


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