Chapter 46 Ossan, Clearing the Door of the Chosen

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   The next day. Since Eihab’s wife said she would help me look after Ravi and Diana, I headed towards the Balzac Magical Tool store by myself. As usual, I asked Ravi if she wants to tag along, but she decided to stay. It seems that she heard Eihab making a huge fuss about how dangerous it is, so she didn’t want to be bothering me.

   I patted her head lightly, and promised that I will return as soon as I can.

「Unn, daddy, be careful……」

   Ravi clung onto me, and I hugged back. So, this is what a father would’ve felt whenever he went to work without his child huh……. In any case, I must finish my business as soon as possible. I left the inn while feeling a little regret.


   The wasteland that spreads out in the northern area of the town. And there was a gate crumbled in the middle of it. But don’t be fooled by its appearance. It’s covered with potent magic, and that is indeed the 『Gate of Challenge』 of the Balzac Magical Tool store.

   Just as it’s decided, I recited the secret words while touching the gate. If you don’t know about this method, you can’t even make it to the challenge.

「『Beast of gatekeeper. Arise and accept my challenge』」

   Shortly after, the surroundings are covered in magical mist, and from it, the grumbling sound of the earth is heard.

『It’s been awhile, Douglas Ford. A challenge after many years huh. ――Only the strong and chosen one can pass through this gate. Prove thine worth and power』

   The face carved out of the stone on the gate talked to me. At the same time, the earth started shaking chillingly, and multiple footsteps can be heard nearing.

   And what appeared beyond the mist, were giant silvery golems. The amount is enough to fill up the entire area. Roughly estimating, it’s reaching at least a hundred.

   On top of that, that silver body……. Oi oi, this is……. Of course, I would be surprised. The shining silver of the golems is in fact, made of a certain rare magic mineral.

   Last time, it was a whole nest of human-sized golems that came at once. This time sure doesn’t look much easier at all. Even with a regular golem, you will need an entire party working together to take it down.

   Adding on the 『Mithril』 that’s said to be the hardest and most durable amongst all the rare magic minerals……. And a hundred of those.

   The store owner must be really rich. While thinking about that, I casted the first magic, a barrier.

『Fu―n. A golem attack is fully physical. A magic barrier isn’t capable of defending it』

   The stone face laughed at me. Without caring for what he says, I casted the barrier magic onto the gate.

『What are you……? 』

「This is not a barrier for the golems’ physical attack. 」

   While maintaining the barrier, I chanted the fire magic.

《The spirit of fire, bless me with the flames of anger that you hold》

『Simple fire magic? What can that possibly accomplish――』

   ……It’s a while. Since I’ve went all out, that is.

   I focused all of my nerves, and aimed it in the center of the groups of golems.

《Fire Magic Salamander――!!》


   That moment, a deafening explosion shook the entire earth.

   Together with a flaming hot shockwave, a giant explosion manifested.


「Fu―. Got it somehow huh. 」

   Its potential is enough to make the surrounding scenery into pure cinders. It’s convenient for me that the surrounding is a wasteland without a single stalk of grass in the first place. Thanks to that, I don’t have to be conscious with the scenery.

   The countless golems were scattered and blown in the air. I can see that the core in the center of their body are destroyed.

   Alright. I didn’t want to get hit even a single time after all. A single fist of theirs can pulverize the bones of a bare human after all.

『……M-magnificent. As expected of Douglas Ford. To clear of mine trial with this speed……』

   The gate started talking again. Come to think of it, I guess it’s the fastest amongst my clear record. I guess I was a little impatient to return as soon as possible but even so, it’s a little too much. And also, the level of the trial also seemed degraded.

   I tilted my head, and the gate opened grandiosely from the middle. What leaped out from it were, the halfling twins. Their height doesn’t even reach my knees.

   They’re the perfect example of a three to one head to body ration. They look like a young girl but, their age is over three hundred if I’m not wrong. It is said that their average lifespan is about five hundred year, so they didn’t look much different than the last time I visited.

   The one with the glasses of a black frame is Ester. And the other one with her bangs clipped with a pin is Karie. The two of them are unmistakably, the store owner of the 『Balzac Magical Tool Store』.

「Wait up!? Who’s the one that cleared the gate of challenge with a new time record!? 」

「It’s unprecedented!! To clear it so easily, our store reputation will sink to the ground!! 」

「Nn? 」

「Ah!? 」

   The two of them who leaped out of the gate in a hurry had their eyes turned round after looking at me.

「Douglas Ford!? 」

「It was you!? 」

「My self-confidence almost plummeted to the ground but, I’m convinced since it’s Douglas-san. 」

「It was just spineless brats these days-n1. But it’s good that it had been quiet too. 」

「By the way, was the difficulty lowered? I felt like it became easier……」

「That couldn’t be the case!? 」

「It just means that Douglas-san had improved once again-n! 」

   Since I want to be back earlier for Ravi’s sake, I proceeded to the main topic.

「Can you renew my member ID? 」

「Of course-n. You cleared the trial too! 」

「You don’t make bad use of our tools too! It’s a big welcome if it’s you! 」

「Now, lend me your card. 」

   Ester moved her glasses up, and stretched her hand. Handing over the black card, Ester took it in her small palm and chanted an aria. Then, the words on the card floated from the card as if burning away, receiving the card again, the date had been renewed successfully.

   With this, its effective time is extended by three years once again. With the magic she casted just now, I would just have to show the card to enter the gate next time.

「You came today just for renewing the ID-n? Or for a purchase? 」

   Karie opened the gate to the store but, I didn’t enter after all.

「No, purchasing will be for another day. 」

   Because I wanted to take Ravi along for the purchase after all. If my member ID is renewed, there wouldn’t be any danger entering the store next time.

   The store is filled to the brim with mysterious tools. Since it’s stuff that you can’t see anywhere else, I figured bringing Ravi would be the best.

   But I guess I should at least know the price for the 『Crime Preventing Cuckoo』. There are all kinds of super rare magical tools in the store, but of course, all of them is priced significantly. I probably need to go for high-paying quests several times before I amass the required funds.

「Is 『Crime Prevention Cuckoo』 in stock? And also, what about its price. 」

「We would need to order first, but we can definitely acquire it」

「But to need a 『Crime Prevention Cuckoo』, are you going to escort a princess-n? 」

「By the way, it’s super expensive, ten gold coins-n」

   Ten gold coins is a price that you can even buy a house.

「Is that so. Alright, I will go prepare it. 」

   Just as I thought. I have a need to accept several high bounty quests after all. Even so, it’s a cheap price to pay if it meant protecting Ravi. I told them that I will be back soon, as I left the Balzac Magical Tool Store.

  1. It’s a unique suffix of her lines, it’s just an ‘N’ extra, so I have totally no idea how to TL this, any suggestions is welcomed.


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