Chapter 47 Ossan, Exposed Nonetheless

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   After finishing my membership renewal at the store, I hurried back. I wonder what Ravi had been doing while waiting for me. Even though it hasn’t even been two hours since I left the inn on my own, I felt like I couldn’t help it but to hurry back and see Ravi’s face again.

   Ravi who said 「Stay safe」while smiling. I wonder if she will say 「Welcome back」similarly with a smile. I realized that my weird parent switch has been showing more often. Furthermore, I felt like its effects had been increasing in degree.

   Becoming a real family. Before I decided that, it was hesitating for me to even take care of her with love. Since we were just pretending to be a family, too much caring would’ve bothered Ravi as well.

   I thought so at that time. But now we are truly a father and daughter. It seems that because of that, I didn’t have a mental barrier that it became like this.

   While thinking about such things, returning to the inn――. In front of 『Hog’s Cry』, crowds gathered with an amazing momentum. It was a scene that will make you think a parade is starting soon.

   Oi oi, what is this. Why is there so much people……?

「Ah!! He came back!! 」

「It’s as the journalist-san said! Returning to 『Hog’s Cry』means!? 」

   The crowd suddenly filled around me.

「……! 」

   It’s the same situation when I arrived in Balzac. Even though I’m still disguised perfectly.

「Solo defeating golem is unprecedented!! 」

「And there were so many of them!! 」

「More like, wasn’t the magic’s degree a league of its own!? 」

「Even looking from faraway, the shockwave is really fierce~!! 」


   While getting dragged into the excitement of the crowd, I came to realize the situation a little. I see, they were looking at the fight with the golem. To combat with giant golems in a wasteland would certainly catch eyes and rile up a fuss.

   But even so, the number of crowds that gathered is not normal. While being troubled by the huge sum of people, I caught my eye on the journalist from the Kashmesh Magic Printing Firm splitting apart the sea of people just like before.

「I was fooled completely. To think that you would be walking around in incognito……. But, anyone would realize after watching the fight with the golems! You’re in fact Douglas-san that is!! 」

「……!? 」

   Suddenly, my name was mentioned. Even though I’m disguised perfectly, so why…….

「Wh-what are you talking about……. Don’t mistake me as someone else……. M-my name isn’t that. I’m just a travelling street performer……」

「Do you not realize how special of a being you are? Douglas Ford is one of a kind!! That is why you are so popular with the people! Right! Everyone think so too, right!? 」

   The journalist said so while sending gazes around. The crowd nodded at once.

「Please admit that you’re the hero for us! We will hold a parade in the town. There’s a lot of people who wants Douglas-san’s sign too. Why not hold a sign and handshake event as well. My newspaper firm will have your exclusive coverage! 」

   The people who agreed with what he said clapped loudly. The gazes that are full of anticipation, the voices that acknowledge me as their hero. Parade and even a sign event……!? I-it’s absolutely impossible for me……. But it’s the truth that I felt I’m at the limit of playing dumb. The more you deny it, the deeper you will be stuck in the loop.

「A-Ah, that’s right! It’s time for me to do my daily equipment inspection! I must hurry back to count how many beans are there in my jute bag! 」

「Ah! Douglas-san! 」

「Yeah, I’m very busy, very busy indeed! 」

「No, in the first place, why you have to count how many beans!? Douglas-san!! 」

   The journalist and the others were calling me by the name desperately. Without heeding their call, I leaped through the door of 『Hog’s Cry』 as if escaping. As expected, they wouldn’t barge inside an inn.

   It’s really tiring to do this all day.

「Hahaha. What a handful, Douglas. 」

「Really……Even though I want to be with Ravi even a moment earlier. 」

「She’s waiting for you upstairs. 」

   I hurried up the stairs. Opening the door revealed――.

「Daddy……! 」

「Ravi! 」

   Ravi who was playing dolls with Diana on the mat in the room raised her face with a beaming smile. Her expression is filled with happiness.

「Welcome back……! 」

   Ravi put down the doll in her hand immediately. Tatata―, rushed towards me.

「I’m back. 」

   I lightly opened my arms, and received the little mass that came at me. Just that was enough to fill me with joy.

「Ravi. Have you been a good child? 」

「Unn. Say, I was drawing with Diana-chan and playing with dolls……」

「I see, I see! 」

   Ravi who explained her time vigorously was truly the cutest. My chest swelled with a sense of happiness like never. I shouldn’t be something like the hero after all.

   A parade is beyond me. Just playing a role as her father, I still have many things to learn. I realized, what I’ve been looking for, is this little piece of happiness.

   While sitting with Ravi, I listened attentively to how she spent the day today.


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