Chapter 48 Ossan with The Girl, Undertaking the Request of a Millionaire

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   Next day. Together with Ravi, we made our way to the information brokerage to meet with Ham. It’s to take a job to get enough funds to buy『Crime Prevention Cuckoo』.

   The road to there was a big matter. There’re crowds early in the morning stationing in front of the inn, and they followed behind me and Ravi wherever we went.

   To get a new disguise huh, or I must think of something to counter this situation……. I sighed as I entered the door of the information brokerage.

   Behind the wooden door, there were stone-made staircase leading to the underground. Ham’s workplace is down here. Leading Ravi by the hand, we proceeded down the spiral staircase that leads us deeper into the earth.

「Yo, Ham」

   Ham stood up from his desk and walked towards me. A sitting sofa is prepared at the middle of the room. We were guided there.

「Coincidentally, I thought I will pay a visit to you today. Glad that we didn’t pass by each other. 」

「Pay me a visit? 」

「Yeah. A request that suits you, or more like no one else other than you can complete it just arrived yesterday. 」

「What kind of job is it? 」

「It’s from a millionaire. The compensation is considerable. A whopping five gold coins! 」

「Is it dangerous? 」

「Nope, it’s to find someone. 」

「……Abduction? 」

   That would be dangerous as well. But Ham denied it again.

「It’s not that. He wants to look for his daughter that ran away from home. 」

   Daughter ran away from home……?

「Fill me on the details please. 」

「Yeah, sure. 」

   After organizing what Ham had explained. The millionaire, Tolkien’s daughter, Brigitte had run away from home a few days ago. The daughter in question is seventeen.

   It’s the second time she ran from home. It seems that she couldn’t take it anymore after arguing with her father. Finding her whereabouts, and sending her back home is the request content.

「If her whereabouts is unknown since a few days ago, wouldn’t the search area be very wide? 」

「Nope, it seems that the daughter had never left the town. 」

「They can’t find her even when she’s still in the town? 」

「Apparently, the daughter hired an illusion skill user. 」

「I see. That would be annoying to deal with. 」

   So, I would have to dispel the illusionist’s skill little by little, while getting closer to the daughter huh. It’s the same with the curses, you need considerable technique to invade another person’s skill and dispel it.

「Because of that, locating the daughter itself would be impossible for the average adventurer. By the way, before the job came to me, there was an adventurer who took the job through the guild, but he got fired shortly after. 」

「Why did he get fired? 」

「He thought to knock out the daughter is the best idea. In the end, the daughter who woke up in the middle escaped, and so he failed. Because of that, the millionaire was so angry that the adventurer got himself into huge trouble. 」

「If any danger would to befall to the daughter, a father would definitely be angry about it……」

「Yup that’s right. That part of you just suits this. 」

   Ham spoke while stroking his beard.

「Because of what happened, the millionaire added another condition onto the request. 『Causing the daughter to be harmed, or any violent method to bring her back is prohibited』. 」

「Is it not a guild quest now? 」

「After that incident, the adventurer who were introduced by the guild, they were all, muscular and beefy men……. And they couldn’t do anything about the illusionist it seems. 」

「I see…… 」

「Since the millionaire is scared of the adventurer sent by the guild. He realized it’s something the guild can do nothing about it and passed the job towards my side. 」

「Wouldn’t I be considered the type that the millionaire hate……? 」

   It’s hard to say that maintaining a calm face while getting complimented. But Ham looked at me with an expression of what are you blabbering.

「You are not planning to accept the job on your own, aren’t you? 」

「Mu? 」

   Ham glanced at Ravi while saying that.

「While having the skill to dispel illusions, a man who dotes on his daughter. There’s no one else more suitable for this job than you. 」

   I see. It’s just as Ham said. Although I’m just a newbie father, my feelings for my daughter wouldn’t lose out to anyone.

「If you’re going to accept it, then head over to Toy Berry. The millionaire’s mansion is the largest one in that city. Go over there and get more details from the person in question. 」

   Toy Berry huh. Toy Berry is a tourist town facing the sea. If we are to go from Balzac, taking a boat through the Morrow River would be best. We can probably arrive within half a day.

   In other words, I would have to be away from Balzac temporarily if I were to accept this job. After thinking about the situation in town, I thought that this might be beneficial for me too.

   Regarding the Hero Alan, it’s not a problem for the time being. I can leave a note to tell him to notify me if he were to be back on the bulletin board of the town. Writing that I want to have a talk with him about the ring would be good too.

   If Alan were to see it and don’t want to contact me, then let’s give up returning the ring. I can’t be bothered by the matter with Alan forever. I have my important life with Ravi that I must treasure.

「Now, how is it? It’s much safer than a subjugation request. Regarding that matter, I don’t think you can find any better job than this. 」

『Crime Prevention Cuckoo』takes ten gold coins. I can get half of the required funds for it with just this one job. Even if I left aside the compensation, a father that worries about his daughter……

   I can’t really say it’s unrelatable……. By any chance, if Ravi would run away from home……. Just imagining it made my chest feel constricted.

   A-Alright. Let’s stop imagining such a scary scene…….

   To chase away the scary thoughts, I shook my head and looked at Ravi.

「What do you think, Ravi? If we were to accept this job, we would have to leave Balzac for a few days. 」

「I can be together with daddy……? 」

「Of course. If you are willing to come, I wouldn’t leave you behind. 」

   As if relieved, Ravi’s expression turned into a smile.

「It’s happiness together with daddy……」

「Ravi……! 」

   My daughter is indeed truly cute. Without thinking, I hugged and lifted her high. Ravi raised a fun and bright laughter. The happy atmosphere encompassed around us.

「K-kohon……. Then I will be contacting the other party that you will be accepting it first. 」

   Oops, that was rude of me. I forgot about Ham for a moment and played with Ravi. I told that it’s fine to do that, and returned a slight smile towards Ravi who’s on my arms.


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