Chapter 49 Ossan with The Girl, First Experience of a Ship

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   Next morning, I woke up and readied before the sun is out. Ravi is still sleeping peacefully on the bed. It’s a little regretful to wake her so early.

「Ravi, sorry. The time is still early, it’s cold so take the coat with you. 」


   I raised my voice towards the still sleepy Ravi, and helped her with the coat. Ravi’s mouth is moving like she’s chewing something. Looks like she’s having a peaceful dream of eating something, and her mouth unconsciously moved.

   After everything is readied, I carried her with my arms. She clung onto me and went back to sleep. I’m glad that being in my arms gives her a sense of security.

    After slinging Ravi’s bag over my shoulder, I looked around the room one last time. Alright, doesn’t seem like anything is left behind. After verifying, I shut the door quietly, and made my way down the stairs.

   To the inn owner, Eihab, I had already talked with him about the job that will last for a few days. It seems that he’s willing to leave the room reserved while we were away so we can come back at any time.

   Making way outside『Hog’s Cry』, the streets are still encompassed in darkness and silence. Since we’ve been living under the spotlight for a few days, it made me felt a sense of relief.

   After arriving at the pier of Morrow River, there’s already few boats floating on the river. There’re few boats slowly heading towards the morning market in the middle of the river.

   The men on the boats seem to have found me, and they were fussing as they pointed fingers at me. I quickly adjusted Ravi’s posture, before covering my face with the coat’s hood. It might be just me overthinking it but, if by any chance it becomes noisy, it would wake Ravi up.

   While the awkward atmosphere continued to linger, I looked around to find the ship named Prince Breeze. Ham introduced me to its captain, and he is willing to take me together with the items he’s delivering to Toy Berry.

「He―y. Here, here. 」

   Looking towards the voice, a lizardman is waving his hand on a ship. After looking at the side of the ship, beside the pattern which looked like eyes, it wrote Price Breeze. I see, he’s the ship captain recommended by Ham.

「I’ve been waiting. Now, come up. 」

   While carrying Ravi, we passed under the tarpaulin.

「I’m Biagio. The captain of this ship. I’ve heard the story from Ham. it’s fine if you just have to get to Toy Berry yeah? 」

「Yeah, glad to meet you. 」

「The same for you. 」

   Biagio stretched out his greeny hand. I shook my hands with him, and he strongly grasped back while laughing.

「I’ve read the news. The town people were making a big deal about it. I bet it’s a handful for you too! There’re topics of you anywhere in the town. It’s almost as if a parade is happening every day. 」

   Biagio said as if sympathizing with me, while patting on my shoulder.

「Sorry……. I must be causing a bother for you……」

「Oi oi. It’s not something you have to apologize for. Ain’t you’re more like the victim here!? From my perspective, it’s the town people who are strange in the mind. They don’t think a bit of the feeling of getting chased around all day. It’s strange for someone who became famous for doing good things to be treated like this. 」

   Biagio was speaking angrily as if he’s myself. Even though we haven’t met for long, I can make out that he’s a good person.

   While having such a talk with Biagio, Ravi who’s in my arms had woken up.


「You’re up? Good morning」

「Good morning……Daddy……」

   Ravi who just woke up, rubbed her eyes and looked around.

「A-re……? Uhm……」

「We are on the ship. And we’re now going for Toy Berry. 」

「Ship……! Amazing……! 」

   Ravi’s big pupil widened. I lowered her down, and Ravi started running around on the deck.

「D-daughter-san has woke up huh. Morning. 」

「……! G-good morning……」

   Being called out by the captain, Ravi’s shoulders spiked. In just a moment, Ravi’s expression turned from that of an excited to one like a cautious little animal. And Biagio muttered 「Oops, she got surprised」as he scratched his nose.

「Ravi, this person is the ship captain. He’s going to take us to Toy Berry. 」


「Be assured that I will guarantee your safe arrival. 」

   Ravi nodded nervously, and looked at me.

「Daddy……River, can I look at it……?」

「Sure, but make sure you be careful. 」


   So that Ravi would fall by accident, I stood by her side.

「Waa……! 」

「The first time on a ship? 」

「Unn, first time……! Yoisho……」

   Ravi who have her hands on the railing leaned out desperately. I bet she wants to look at the river. But since her stature is still short, her head couldn’t reach over the railing no matter how much she tried. I laughed a little as I came up behind and raised her up.

「You can see well with this right? 」

「Unn……! Amazing……! Thank you, daddy……! 」

   Depending on whether you’re looking from the land or on the ship, the river’s appearance would change. Ravi’s hair that’s swaying in the humid wind, the water that splashes up the hull, and the sound of the waves.

   All of these played in harmony inside my mind, giving me a new sense of joy. Ravi muttered amazing a few times, and turned back to me looking with an expression full of happiness.

「Daddy, the water, they are sparkling……! 」

「Yeah, that’s true. 」

   Ravi spoke excitedly with a happy tone. I’m glad that I took this job. I thought so while enjoying the time with my lovely daughter.


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    “So that Ravi would fall by accident, I stood by her side.” Who are you? and what you made to douglas? Why are u trowing the girl in the river?