Chapter 50 Ossan with the Girl, Lizardman Captain’s Fishing ~Fresh Sashimi~

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   When the sun have reached nigh, the wind blowing on the Prince Breeze had changed. The smell of the salt had become thicker, and the wind is much warmer. We are near the sea.

「We are already out in the seawater. It’s all sea fish here. Oh! That’s right. It’s almost time, I will get some fish for you both. 」

   Biagio unrolled his tongue in one go into the water. The water splashed upwards from the impact. A moment later, when the tongue has resurfaced from the water, there’s already a fish wrapped in it.

   And just like that, he repeated it for a few times. In just a short time, there’s already five fishes fallen on the deck. The fishes were still jumping around.

「I guess something like this will do. Now, let’s get onto it while it’s still fresh! 」

「……That’s some amazing techniques. 」

   I muttered as I felt a sense of admiration while Ravi seemed to be spacing out.

「Right!? It’s my only special technique. But even so, I can’t match my eleventh brother. 」

「You even have eleven brothers……? 」

   Ravi’s eyes became round as she asked.

「I have a total of fifteen siblings you know. Lizardman’s family normally have many children after all. 」

「A-amazing…… 」

「Ojou-chan is a sole child after all. It feels strange to you right? 」

「Ah……. ……Uu……」

   Suddenly, Ravi’s face became pale and she grab onto my hand. What is it?

「Ravi? 」

「……I-it’s nothing……」

   Even though her voice is trembling terribly. It’s anything but nothing. Even Biagio looked really worried.

「Ah―…… S-sorry. Have I spoken something bad? 」

「No, it’s……sorry……」

   Ravi apologized with a feared tone, while grasping my hand even tighter. I’m worried, but I’ve already decided I won’t ask anything she doesn’t want to talk about. I will with my way, calm her down.

「Ravi, how about having the fish that Biagio caught? 」

「……Unn……. ……Alright 」

   Since I wouldn’t know what I would have to do if she said she didn’t want to, I was really relieved as she nodded. Biagio who met eyes with me exhaled a sigh of relief as well.

「T-that’s right! How should I prepare it? We lizardman can eat anything raw, but humans have a delicate body after all. Of course, making sashimi with it is the best, but I will have to freeze it once to kill the parasites. 」

「Sashimi? Sounds great. 」

「That’s right. I’ve got a strange seasoning that goes awfully well with sashimi! 」

「Is it not just carpaccio? 」

「Nope. You eat it with a seasoning called『Soy Sauce』. 」

「Soy sauce? It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. 」

「It’s super rare after all. I’ve heard that it’s made from fermented grains. My tenth brother had traded it with an eastern country. It’s a specialty there. 」

「Is it safe for a child? 」

「Yeah, it has a little sweet taste so there’s no problem. 」

「Ravi, want some? 」

   Ravi nodded. She still hasn’t regained her usual spirit. But still, I’m glad that she showed interest.

「I can instant freeze the fish with ice magic. 」

「That’s great! 」

   And so, I started chanting immediately, instantly freezing the fishes Biagio caught.

「Uuo-!? A-amazing……. To be able to pinpoint just on the fishes……. I’ve heard you can use magic with large magnitude, but to control your output like that, isn’t that difficult? 」

「Well, it’s something that you get used to. And I will also fail occasionally. 」

   We had idle chatter meanwhile waiting for the fish to defrost naturally. The next would be looking at Biagio’s expertise as he prepares the sashimi.

「This is the soy sauce I was talking about. 」

   From the barrel inside the cabin, Biagio poured it into a small plate. It’s black in color and it had a strange smell.

   To eat something with this color huh……? 

   Even the gluttonous Ravi seemed to be cautious of it.

「I will try it out first. 」

   I grabbed the thin fish slices, and dipped it lightly with soy sauce. Alright……. Readying my heart, I tried it――.

「Nn……!? ……This is, 」

   Even though it looks like that, it has a gentle and mellow flavor. It even felt a little nostalgic. It’s just as Biagio said, it has a slight sweet taste, and that just brings out the fresh umami of the fish.

「Yeah, right!? 」

「Ravi should try too. 」


   Lead by my words, Ravi too, stretched her hands towards it.

   And a bite.

「……Wa, delicious……. Daddy, it’s tasty……! 」

   Finally, Ravi seemed to regain her spirit, and beamed widely. Yeah, I felt glad as I patted Ravi’s head. And so, Biagio who oversaw our conduct sighed grandly.

「Ha~……It’s enviable……!! I want a daughter too!! 」


「It’s a dream any man would have―! Precious family. Cute daughter. And a home that awaits you! Actually, when I was still young in my teenage years. I’ve come to know a pretty girl in the bar that said, 『Your scales, they are really cool』, completely taking me by surprise. But people change with the years. The only thing that can give true happiness is a warm love. 」

   Ravi and I were overwhelmed by his words all at once.

「What to say……Fight on. 」

   I have nothing better to say. Just like me, Ravi clenched her small fist.

「Umm, fight……」

「Damn……So cute……. Douglas-san, you’re really a lucky one……」

「That’s true. I’m feel that often. 」

「What will I have to do for such happiness to come for me. Is it karma after all? You seem like a good person after all……」

「Karma……? I didn’t do especially outstandingly though. I’ve been living normally. 」

「What are you saying! Aren’t you helping people from the town here and there! ……Even the part that you don’t boast, your whole existence is overflowing with a saintly aura! 」

   That’s……. Beside me, Ravi seemed to have a really happy expression. I can tell her admiration from her straight gaze. To not betray Ravi’s expectations, I must be even more upstanding. And so, I swore in my heart.


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  • Easykiln


    I think rather than humans being delicate we just have low mental tolerance for being infested with parasites given we possess the tools to prevent it… We don’t seem to be especially more vulnerable to infection.