Chapter 51 Ossan with The Girl, Suspected After Arrival

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   Just as we satisfied our palate with the fishes that Biagio had gotten. The river started widening, and Prince Breeze has officially entered the seas.

「Wa……! 」

   Ravi’s gaze was stolen by the wide seas. Since she was leaning out carelessly, I had to support her. I know without asking. It’s the first time that she had seen the sea.

「Daddy, this is the sea……? 」

   For Ravi, there’s still a lot of brilliant things left in the world that she hasn’t seen. I nodded as I felt that is precious in itself.

「Wow, amazing……」

   The ship headed east while following the shoreline. Since it’s still quite shallow here, the waves are not rough.

   Biagio slowly manipulated the Prince Breeze towards the port that has sailing ships lined up. There are many short-range commercial ships that’s like Prince Breeze’s size. But there’re also multiple luxury passenger ships anchored deeper in the port.

   Recently, the weather on a sunny day had become hotter. It’s probably about time that people start to tour around. It’s still a little until the real summer.

「Then I will be going to manage my shipments, see you! 」

「Yeah, thanks a bunch. 」

   Leading Ravi by the hand, after getting off from the ship, I waved back to Biagio lightly.

「I think Ham have told you this but, I come to Toy Berry every three days. If you want to have a ride back to Balzac, then come during the day. The time would be the same as today. 」

「Got it. I will be relying on you that time. 」

「Ou, well then! Chibi-chan, bye bye. 」

「Umm, bye bye……」

   Ravi waved her hand back reservedly.

   After going our ways from Biagio at the port, we headed towards the inn near the sea. It’s a white stone-made building with an opening feel. Since it’s a seaside town, the inn is built with the same theme.

   Opening the door and going through the entrance, the inn owner raised his face while yawning.

「Welcome. Looking for lodging? 」

   There’s a familiar newspaper on his hands. It’s already too late when I realized it.

「Oya? ――Somehow, you look like the Hero with a child? 」

「Nope, not at all. We look totally different. 」

   I denied panickily. I thought I would be safe if I’m away from Balzac, but to encounter this situation just as I arrived……. While looking at me distrustfully, he alternated between me and the newspaper.

「Unfortunate……. I guess I got the wrong person……」

   His shoulders droop as he said that.

「Is it something to get upset over? 」

「He’s my idol of admiration. 」

「Admiration? 」

「Yeah. Actually, I wanted to become an adventurer……. But I had to give up when I’ve got a child. That’s why, I’d like to have a talk with Douglas-san who can be an adventurer and a father at the same time. 」

「Is that so? 」

「But you really resembles him……? You give the same feeling with the illustration on the newspaper……. Dark brown hair, a beard, and also a not memorable handsome face. You certainly quite fit the description. 」

「Wha, a not memorable handsome face……? No, that doesn’t matter. Don’t the streets have dozens of men that fits the description you said just now. 」

「Well, that’s certain true but……」

   And again, he looked down at the newspaper.

「Isn’t the daughter’s appearance fits as well? Long blonde hair that’s tied cutely with a watery blue ribbon! 」

   The owner shoved me the newspaper. While taking a few glance at it――. Oi oi, what is this. You say that this drawing is Ravi……?

「It doesn’t match at all. My daughter’s portrait would be fifty. No, five hundred times cuter! 」

   I raised a loud voice without thinking. But it’s my true thoughts. The owner swallowed his breath after being overwhelmed by my speech.

「S-sorry……. I was getting too excited thinking that a famed person finally came to my place……. It’s my mistake despite running a business……」

   Even though it would’ve been fine if he just understood that, the owner prepared the room with the best outside view for us. I felt guilty somehow about this.


   After finishing arranging our luggage, since the time is still early, we headed towards the millionaire mansion on foot. Not to be careless, I hid my face properly with a hood this time. On the road.

「Daddy……. Should I, take off the ribbon……? Cut my hair……? 」

   A question out of the blue came from Ravi. She’s conscious about the conversation in the inn just now. I stopped my feet, and crouched down beside Ravi.

「Ravi, you don’t have to mind what happened just now. 」

「But…… Daddy is getting in trouble because of me……」

   Ravi touched the ribbon on her hair while saying so. The Ravi who would come running to me every morning with the ribbon in hand. Smiling in happiness as she asked 「Daddy, help me put on the ribbon」

「The ribbon, you like it right? 」


「I want Ravi to wear it as is. 」


「Yeah. ――I will do something so that it won’t happen again, so don’t worry about it. 」

   To have his child caring for him, it’s a loss of qualification as a father. After this job is finished, let’s do something to solve the issue about the newspaper when I get back to Balzac. It would be fine if it’s just me getting troubled by chasers. But if it would make Ravi feel sad, it’s a different matter to be considered.


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      I also thought so. It quite sad bc it was a well written arc with him and we got to knew his background.