Chapter 52 Ossan with The Girl, Welcomed by the Millionaire

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「This is out of the norm……」

「Daddy, it’s a castle……」


   Ravi and I had wide mouth looking up at the millionaire mansion. The wide balcony that have vision until the sea, it’s not a level you can call it just a mansion.

『It’s the largest mansion in Toy Berry. But it’s more like a castle in appearance. You would know when you see it. 』

   Ravi muttered what Ham said exactly. Tolkien isn’t a noble, but a successful merchant. To amass this much fortune in just a generation is fearsome.

   While getting nervous, I rang the bell on the grand gate. Ravi was feeling unsafe too that she hid behind me. And soon, the servants came out, and guided us into the mansion.

   Even the entrance hall itself, is as large as a normal living room. The carpet laid on the ground is soft and fluffy that your feet sinks into it. The huge chandeliers shining on the ceiling, and the expensive-looking paintings hung on the wall.

「You are Douglas Ford then. Thank you for coming all this way. 」

   After handing over the introduction letter from Ham, a tidy man with glasses came out shortly after.

「I’m Alfred Cane, the secretary of Mr.Tolkien. I am the one who handed out the request under his order. 」

「Nice to meet you. 」

   I stretched my hand, and shook hands with the secretary. Since Ham had put out a letter yesterday, he must’ve known that I will be coming today. It seems that the letter also wrote about Ravi being together with me.

「And she’s your daughter right. 」

「Yeah, that’s right. 」

   Ravi is still hiding behind me.

   When I tried to encourage her to greet――.

「Alfred! Have you brought another violent bastard again? 」

   A frustrated voice was heard. I raised my head, and just at that time, a plump gentleman descended from the stairs. He’s most probably the rumored millionaire of this mansion, Tolkien.

「My master……」

「The guild is useless, that’s why you went to request from the information brokerage, but if it’s like this, then it’s just the same……」

「No, President. This man here is different than the other adventurers. He’s the hero on the country’s headlines consecutively. 」

「So what! It’s not something that you can solve even if you’re strong…… Nn? ……Nnn!? Brigitte……!! 」

   Tolkien’s eyes widened as he yelled, he opened both his arms and ran down. Brigitte is his daughter’s name if I recall correctly. But where his gaze was, it’s on Ravi. I felt a little confused, but I thought that I’ve got to hug Ravi up.


   Tolkien’s hand only caught the air. He looked up at Ravi, and swallowed his breath.

「Oi, what are you trying to do to my daughter. 」

「……! S-sorry…… 」

   Tolkien lowered his head with a very pathetic face. His fierce aura disappeared in a go.

「For a moment, I thought she was my daughter……. I was acting strange……. Even though my daughter isn’t this young already…… 」

   He apologized while looking sorry.

「I’m really tremendously sorry. ――I frightened you. Forgive me. Little lady. 」

   Ravi’s eyes became round, as she blinked a few times in confusion.

「……I haven’t been sleeping well after my daughter ran away. Because of that, I would be hallucinating if I’m not careful……. Sorry about that. 」

   He doesn’t look like he’s lying. After all, that’s what I thought at first. His expression is extremely fatigued. The color of his face is bad too.

   His daughter ran from home. To worry about her and can’t sleep is the natural…….

   While sympathizing with him in my mind, I was still carrying Ravi on my arms. It’s because that I don’t know if Tolkien is a trustworthy man yet.

   Even for the me that is easily trusting when I was alone, and getting scammed because of that. If it’s matters related with Ravi, my caution is never enough. Ravi is also clinging onto me, still wary of him.

   Looking at my conduct, Tolkien had a sour face as he stayed silent. It was as if he is staring at me to appraise me. I don’t have a single clue why he’s looking at me like that. Even though I came all the way here, it seems that this job is going down the drain.

   While thinking like that, Tolkien finally opened his mouth with a serious tone.

「……You look like a father that cares for his daughter. 」

「……? What are you saying? Isn’t there no father that’s not caring for their daughter? 」

   I asked confusedly, and for some reason, Tolkien sighed relievedly.

「Finally, there’s some upstanding person……. I’m terribly sorry for what I did just now. To say something that offended you. 」

   Tolkien who apologized again, seemed to have a better facial expression. He probably felt that it’s fine that he left the job for me.

「Honestly, when I heard someone with his child will come, I thought that it would be some con artist coming for the money. 」

「Was there many rascal like that? 」

「Those that came here to talk about it, most of them were like that. How many were they? Alfred. 」

「It’s just at thirty people. 」

「That’s……quite a number. 」

   It’s the truth that this job has outrageous compensation, and the danger is low too. I can understand that any adventurer would go crazy over it, but to think that thirty were sent back…….

「But you were different, I understood after we talked. Even if the adult would try to fool me no matter how much, a children’s action will always be representing the reality. The trust that your daughter has in you, there’s not a sense of falsehood in it. I can see that you’ve been treasuring her greatly every day. To suspect you like this, I’m really sorry. 」

「No, please don’t mind it. I heard about your situation to a certain extent. The adventurer that you hired before, and what he did to your daughter. As a father, I can understand your feelings. It’s natural to be cautious if another person that came. 」

「Douglas-san…… ……I can trust if it’s you. No, I have been looking all around for someone like you……! Please, please help me somehow……!!」

   Tolkien grabbed on my arm, and pleaded desperately. The chubby fingers that has multiple jewelry rings on it, were trembling slightly. Without caring about his position and fortune, he lowered his head deeply towards me.


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