Chapter 53 Ossan, Tremble in the Thoughts of Being Hated by His Daughter

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   Ravi and I who got the job officially were let into the office. And Tolkien had explained how the situation became like this there.

「After disputing with me, Brigitte had left ten days ago. 」

「Can I know the reason of the fight. 」

「Brigitte is attending a magic school in the neighbor country. She came back for the summer break, but she wanted to go somewhere immediately after. 」

「Then? 」

「Usually, she’s been studying hard, I didn’t have the intention to hold her back. If it’s safe, then I would give permission and allowance for her. Then, she became grumpy and said 『It’s money again huh』」

「Money again……?」

「Yeah……. She got angrier, but I must go work no matter what. So, I handed out her allowance before going out. Then, she threw the gold coins on the ground while crying. 」

「That’s……she must’ve been infuriated. 」

   Did it trip her somehow, it’s almost as if she’s hates money.

「Her mother had passed away from a disease when she was still small. Since I didn’t want her to have any inconveniences even when she doesn’t have a mother, I worked desperately to raise her. 」

   Since I never heard about the mother, I had thought that it might’ve been the case. He’s a single parent just like me after all.

「To become a child who would throw away money……. As expected, I couldn’t take it, and we had a dispute……」

「I see……」

「And now, I’m that I said too much. Of course, what she did was wrong. But I shouldn’t have snapped at her, and slowly talked it out……I’m……」

   It seems that Tolkien is really reflecting on himself, as he seemed to tear up a little when explaining. I can’t say that he’s pathetic getting emotional even though he’s an adult man. The distress that Tolkien is experiencing, it’s clearly conveyed to me.

「To have the situation be like this. I can’t regret enough……」

   After sighing heavily, he wiped his wet face with a handkerchief roughly. I waited patiently for Tolkien to regain his calmness.

「When she was still small, she’s really a good child, and our relationship were really good. She would even sit on my lap when I was working. But as she grew up, it became harder for me to understand her……」


「……I’ve got too upset, sorry. 」

「No, it’s fine. Can you tell me the rest? 」


「I think that you’ve heard this but, she hired an illusionist. That’s why it’s hard to look for her when she hasn’t even left the town. 」

「Why do you know that she hasn’t left Toy Berry? 」

「She said it herself. I won’t leave the town but, I won’t be back until you changed your heart. 」

   Is the daughter hoping him to change his heart……? Could it be that she didn’t leave because of their fight?

「Were you scolding at your daughter often? 」

「No way……! She’s my precious daughter!? It’s the first time that I’ve got angry at her. ……But it seems that she had been discontent with me for a long time. 」

「Why do you think so? 」

「Every time when she came back on breaks, she always have a grumpy face, it’s obvious that she isn’t feeling happy……」

   Tolkien seemed to start crying again as he remembered his daughter’s attitude at that time.

「Ojisan, don’t cry……」

   Ravi who had heard our conversation so far spoke reservedly.

「Thank you……. You’re a kind child……」

   Tolkien wiped his tears while directing a smile towards Ravi.

「My daughter was like this too in the past……. Uuu……sobs……」

   Not good. It’s going to be another round all over again if it continues. I coughed as I tried to draw his attention back.

「Is she staying in a hotel now? 」

「I wonder……. There are three hotel that I’m managing. I’ve told the employee just in case, but it seems with the illusionist around, they can’t even realize that she is there……」

「There’s no problem if it’s just the illusionist, I will go around the hotel first. 」

「Isn’t dispelling illusion considerably difficult? From what the other adventurer said, there’s a need to prepare first for about a week……. And there’s a need to get a special item……」

「Yeah. That’s true. 」

   Certainly, for adventurers that aren’t used to dispelling illusions, a special tool to assist is needed.

「I don’t need to use an item, so I can start looking right after this. 」

   Tolkien’s eyes widened with surprise at my words.

「Right after this……!? I’ve heard that you are considerable strong but, I didn’t imagine it’s on a totally different level……」

   I shrugged lightly, and explained that I’m used to using skills. Returning to the topic――.

「Do I just have to persuade her to return home if I find her? 」

「Yeah……. It’s shameful but, I really need a mediator……. I’m that―……I want you to tell her that I’m reflecting on it……」

   I was taken aback and stayed silent for a little. I don’t mind mediating them. But, is it really fine for me as an outsider to say something so important?

「U―mu. The problem of you both. Isn’t the only one capable of solving it is you only? 」

「……That is indeed correct. But just by being there, she probably will be unpleased. She said that she doesn’t want to see my face already after all……」

   The round shoulders fell down, as Tolkien sulked.

   Don’t want to see his face, huh……. What if Ravi were the one to say that to me. Just the image of it is fearsome, I held my painful chest with my hands.

「If your daughter is angry, isn’t meeting her even forcibly is the correct strategy……」

「Uuu……. The fact that I’m hated by her is too painful to bear……」

   Tolkien grabbed onto the handkerchief again, and started tearing up again. Not good. My choice of words must be considered carefully.

「Sorry about that……. Don’t cry like this. 」

「Uuu…… You would be like this too if you are in my shoes……」

「O-oi, don’t say something so scary……! I won’t do anything to make Ravi hate me. 」

「I didn’t have the thoughts to make her hate me too……. But it’s just, an old man is a creature that can’t understand the youngers properly. 」

「Wh……. I-is that so……? 」

「Yeah. I thought I have been doing many things behind the scenes to help her. But somehow, it became that 『You don’t understand me! 』 『I don’t know about you! 』 『I hate father! 』……」

「……!! 」

   I looked at Tolkien who had a pale face while having my own face drained of blood and nodded. The one who saved the two old man sinking in their despair, was the cute angel’s voice.

「T-that…… I won’t come to hate daddy……」


「Even if I become bigger……even if the days that we quarrel…… I like daddy the most. 」

「Ravi……! 」

   Yeah, Ravi. You are such a good child. I hugged Ravi tightly while feeling touched.

「Wa―fu. Daddy, it’s painful……」

「Oops, sorry. 」

   I panickily loosened my strength. Ravi laughed a little, before hugging be back.

「To show me such a scene……it’s rubbing salt in my wound……」

   Tolkien started sobbing again. But at that moment, Ravi gave a surprising idea that’s out of our imagination.

「I won’t ever hate daddy so……. S-so……. I’m sure your daughter……she doesn’t hate you too……」

「R-Ravi-chan……. ……Do you really think so? 」

   Tolkien asked Ravi as if seeking salvation. Ravi nodded to assure him while still in my arms.

   The father and daughter who had good relations in the past. What if it’s just like what Ravi said, the daughter doesn’t hate but is just upset.

   To confirm that, Tolkien need to head out to meet his daughter no matter what after all.

「Let’s go search right after this. Can you come with us too? 」

   I thought that, rather than persuading her to come home, it’s better to have them exchange words. But――.

「No, I have my work……」

「You can’t rest even in such a situation? 」

「The company will not run if I’m not there. 」

「Is that so……. Then there’s no choice. Let’s go then. Ravi, come here. 」

   I stretched my hand, and Ravi came running into me, and she grabbed onto my hand tightly. As I thought to leave the mansion like this――.

「W-wait up! I will come along after all! 」

   Tolkien moved his plump body as he ran towards us. The butler that came to see us off had a surprised expression while looking at Tolkien.

「Master, is it fine……? You didn’t take a break even if anything happened before……」

「It’s just as he said. It’s not a situation that I have to consider about my work……! 」

   Because of that, it became that the three of us, will be out on an expedition looking for Tolkien’s daughter.


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