Chapter 54 Ossan with The Girl, Searching for the Millionaire Daughter

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   The chances of Tolkien’s daughter, Brigitte is staying in one of the three hotels that is run by him is very high. As such, we decided to go around the hotel one by one.

   ……But still, this is……. Looking up at the first hotel that we went to, I was speechless for a minute. Tolkien’s mansion was already way more than enough, but to think that the hotel is in the same shape…….

「Amazing……Daddy, it’s so luxurious……」

「Yeah, that’s true……」

   Ravi and I was once again, overwhelmed as we muttered so. The outer wall has a golden shine, there’re probably 『Sprit Powder』made from magic mixed in it. It gives off a dazzling shine.

   The inn that Ravi and I is staying for the time being. I thought it had a really open feeling, clean and a great inn overall. But could it be that Ravi would’ve preferred if it’s somewhere like this……?

   Let’s ask her after this. Fortunately, I have some savings. I want to give everything that Ravi wants. If she wants to stay somewhere like this in the future, I better have to leave a portion of money for that too.

   While thinking like this, I chanted the appraisal skill.

《The all-knowing god, turn the pages of the book of wisdom and grant me insight ―― Appraisal Judge 》

   With this, I can appraise the hotel itself. I can know if an illusion is cast immediately with this. But it seems that this hotel is a miss.

「This hotel is a miss I guess. 」

「Douglas-san, you can use appraisal skill……!? 」

「Mu? If you don’t use appraisal skill, you can’t tell if illusion is casted right? 」

「No, I thought that we would dispel the illusion somehow, and look around in the hotel……」

「Hahaha. That would be time-consuming after all. 」

   Certainly, if I can’t use appraisal skill, I would have to use the method Tolkien said. If an illusion is dispelled, you can’t put up a new one for a few hours. So, you would’ve to search for Brigitte for that few hours desperately.

「Isn’t appraisal skill catered towards merchants……? And illusion skills are combat skills is what I heard. I’ve learned a little about skills because of this incident. 」

「I didn’t care if it was skills catered to who, I just learned skills that I thought it might come in handy. 」

「You said it as if it’s a breeze but, isn’t that an amazing feat……!? 」

   I was troubled by how to reply as I smiled wryly.

「By the way, how many skills do you hold……? 」

「I wonder. I can’t remember the exact number but, it’s about a hundred or two. 」

「Wha!? A hundred or two!? Isn’t ten or twenty is the normal standard!? 」

「No, but in reality, the skills one can actually use is not limited. I can use many skills, but I only use the few that I’ve come to like. 」

「Omnipotent huh……」

「There’s no presence of illusion skill around here. 」

「Then let’s look for the other two hotel then. 」

「Yeah. At the very least, she’s not here. 」

「I see……」

「It’ll be alright. We can find her soon if we keep searching with this pace. 」

「Thank you……. I will take you to the next hotel. Come with me. 」


   An hour after that. Looking around both hotels. But both didn’t have any presence of illusion skill casted on them. Naturally, the daughter isn’t found. We expected Brigitte to be staying in a hotel, so we moved with this notion and became a little depressed because of that.

   Especially Tolkien who seemed to be more down than usual, his head is drooping.

「Previously, wasn’t there another adventurer who brought your daughter back. Where did he manage to find her? 」

「That time was just lucky, he bumped into Brigitte who went out buying something in the streets……」

「I see. Is there anywhere else that your daughter might be staying at? 」

「Uumu……. There’re another five villas that I own. But all of them only have the elderly couple living in them managing it. Staying there wouldn’t have anyone take care after you. It’s much worse treatment than staying in the hotel. I wonder if she would stay in such a place……? 」

「Could it be, just like the illusionist, she hired a caretaker? 」

「That might be the case……. To hire a maid that isn’t part of any mansion……. My stomach is starting to hurt for somehow……」

   I understood Tolkien’s anxiety since it would be a job only acceptable for the maid that had some special situation and was masterless.

「To think that my daughter might be dealing with some strangers with unknown background, my head is going strange……. Really, why did I have to shout at her at that time……. I was really an idiot……」

   I lightly patted the shoulder of such depressed Tolkien.

「Five villas was it? Let’s look around them once. 」

「Ah. No, it would be six. But the last one is unmanaged. 」

「Fumu? 」

「I’ve brought Brigitte there just a few times in the past. It’s a small house with two small room where I stayed before my job succeeded. It’s located in the forest a little way from the sea. 」

「A small house huh……」

「Wouldn’t she be happier if it’s a place with a brighter look, and a more completed infrastructure? She’s a girl after all. 」

「Is it something like that……? 」

「It’s a place in the dense forest full of bugs and wild animals. No way she would like somewhere like that. 」

   Thinking from the shoes of Ravi. Bugs and wild animals……. I haven’t seen that she can’t stand bugs after all. While animals, she probably likes them after all.

   It was the same in the cave when we found the bird after all. And time to time, she would stare at the horses of a carriage passing by with deep meaning.

   Imagining Ravi’s figure as she stood in front of the horse staring intently, the difference in their stature made her look cuter as she stared curiously. My face became loose while imagining that sight.

   Tolkien looked at me with a strange glint. Not good, not good.

   We are now talking about how Brigitte would feel if she is staying in a small house in the forest. Wait up. If you can’t deal with bugs or animals, it’s normal to admire a luxurious mansion? At the very least, Tolkien seems to believe that.

   So, would it be that his daughter would choose the villas rather than the small house. Asking the father who knows more about his daughter would be better.

「I didn’t follow her but, she would definitely like a new villa. I bought one that caught her eyes before after all. 」

「Then let’s look around the villas that she might be around huh. 」

「Yeah. I will be relying on you. The most expensive one that I’ve purchased recently is――」

   While hearing Tolkien’s story, we started moving our feet. But at that time――.


   Ravi seemed to raise a voice to stop us.

「Nn? Ravi, what’s the matter? 」


   Ravi looked like she wants to say something.

「Ah, toilet? 」

「N-not that……」

   Ravi shook her head sideways while trembling a little. Oops, sorry. It seems that saying that loud had caused her to shy a little.

「Then what is it? You don’t have to be reserved. 」

「Umm……But it might be wrong……」

   It might be wrong? I tilted my head as I crouched in front of Ravi.

「It’s okay even if it’s wrong. Ravi, just say what you are thinking straight out to me. 」

   I held her shoulders, and I locked gaze with her, hoping that she will tell me.

「Daddy……. ……Unn, alright……. Thank you……」

   Ravi smiled a little. While fidgeting with her fingers, she told what she was thinking.


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  • ryan


    thank you so much for the chapter

  • Random


    I think I see where this is going…

    If she wanted to HIDE, wouldn’t she go to the place her father would LEAST expect her to be!? The little house is the obvious choice.

    • Kian


      Not only that. The daughter straight out told him “money again?” and that she wouldn’t turn until he changed his heart. The daughter is feeling neglected since he is always working. The small house that they had before he became rich is also probably where they have the most memories. It’s obvious she’s hiding out there, hoping for her dad to stop equating money with love.