Chapter 55 Ossan with The Girl, Ravi’s Achievements

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「Umm, t-that……」

   Ravi as if calming herself, she performed deep breath for a few times, before raising her face.

「It’s alright, take it slow. 」

   She nodded to my words. A gaze full of trust was pointed towards me.

   I was joyed by the fact that Ravi is willing to tell what she is feeling. Ravi is normally reserved and very docile. But that is her personality too, so I have to respect that.

   But it’s just when she had decided to tell me what’s in her mind, the moment that she looked at me with her courage and trust had made my chest felt hot.

「……The small house in the forest, isn’t it a precious thing……. I mean, thinking about it……」

「Thinking about it? 」

「Unn……. Since she went there together before……. Isn’t it a place that have a lot of memories……? 」

   Tolkien and I swallowed our breath at the conjecture that Ravi gave.

「Ravi, amazing……. I didn’t even realize that. 」

   I praised and patted her head, and Ravi’s cheek became red as she revealed a grinning smile. Yeah, definitely……. My daughter is the cutest in the world…….

   ―Not that. My thoughts were almost stopped again by her fearsome adorableness. I swung my head as if clearing my mind, and forced the exciting emotions back down.

   Now then. A place full of memories, huh.

   Come to think of it, Tolkien said that 『I didn’t go with her yet, but I’m sure she is happy with the new villa』

「Did you go with her in any of the other villas? 」

「U-Umu……. ……Other than the small house in the forest……」

   Tolkien said it while seemingly awkward about it.

「My work had become too busy, I couldn’t take any break in between……」

「Then it means that the only place that you’ve took out your daughter out on a holiday, it’s just the small house in the forest. 」

   He affirmed as he nodded slightly.

   Not a luxurious mansion, and far from the seas. A small house that only have two rooms. But even so, it’s the only place that her father brought her in her childhood.

   They both have father after all, so they can think alike. Brigitte probably hold the small house as her treasure.

   While thinking like that, I unconsciously grabbed Ravi’s hand.

「It’s memories with daddy……. Definitely, it will be precious……」


   It’s as if she knew what I was thinking when she said that. Coincidence? No, no way. She probably had felt it after all. Even a child, sometimes they can be more perceptive to what people feel than an adult.

   This time too, Ravi was the only one that seemed to grasp what Brigitte had been feeling. Tolkien together with me, we both haven’t had the slightest thought that it’s the case. And as the result 『It’s a given that young girls would like a luxurious villa』, was what we thought.

「……Just that, when we visited the small house, it was ages ago. To remember such things, can a small child do that……? Even if you say, there’re important memories……. If it’s an adult then, but a child……? 」

「A child’s heart, it’s something we adults won’t be able to understand. 」

「……I didn’t think that’s the case before. 」

「Then try to think about it this way. 」

「Ah……. Alright. 」

   Tolkien became silent as if facing his inner self.


   And after that, we headed towards the outskirts forest of Toy Berry. Tolkien as well, he did not say to prioritize the other villas already.

   Several hours after we arrived near the port at noon. It’s already about time night falls. It seems that it’s better to hurry.

   Facing towards the forest, I casted the appraisal skill.

《The all-knowing god, turn the pages of the book of wisdom and grant me insight ―― Appraisal Judge 》

   The data of the forest was shown in front of me. The moment I looked at it, a breath that seemed like a sigh came out of my mouth naturally.

「……If it isn’t here, we would have to give up for today. 」

   Just half a step later, such voice filled with anxiety came from Tolkien. I answered him as to encourage him.

「Don’t worry. There’s an illusion skill casted on this forest after all. 」

「……! Then……!? 」

「Yeah. Brigitte is most probably here. 」

   The effect of the illusion casted on this forest is 『Effects of Lost Child』. Walking into the forest without dispelling it, you would get lost for a little, then end up at the starting point.

   Knowing that Ravi’s guess had been right, I felt relief from the bottom of my heart. Even though I said that it would be fine if it was a mistake, but Ravi probably would’ve been deeply concerned if it wasn’t here.

「Ravi, great. It’s all you. 」

「It’s true. Ravi-chan, all thanks to you. Thank you. 」

「I’m, glad to been of help……」

   Ravi who had been praised by me and Tolkien, laughed a little as if ticklish. From now onwards, it’s my turn.

「Let’s dispel the illusion. 」

「A-alright, thanks……!! I-is it fine if I retreat first――」

《Gather the particles of hope here, by here I command――Illusion Dispel!》

   A warm feeling gathered on my palm. Right after that, the light released from my palm covered the gloomy forest.

「Ah……Ahh……. A-amazing……. Such an amazing magic effect……」

   Tolkien who seemed to be stunned for a while, looked back at Ravi as if asking her.

「Now then, the illusion is dispelled. Let’s head towards the small house. 」


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