Chapter 56 Ossan with The Girl, Finding Brigitte

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「W-wait up……! 」

   Dispelling the illusion, Tolkien raised an anxious voice when we stepped further into the forest.

「What is it? 」

「Can I just wait here……? I don’t have the courage to meet with her……」

「Wha!? What are you saying when we are already here. 」

   Tolkien seems to be afraid of making his daughter angry as cold sweat seemed to form on his forehead.

「She definitely don’t want to see me……. Even when she saw me last time, she sighed and said that……」

『Daddy, don’t like you. My mood worsened because of you, go away. 』

   Imagining Ravi saying that gave me the chills.

「No no, I don’t think that would be the case……. ……Ravi think so too right……? 」

   Even I got wobbly feet from that, as I asked Ravi.

「I feel the same with daddy……. I’m sure it’s fine……」

   Ravi who had a serious face nodded. Ravi that always have a grin is cute, but this side of her is cute too.

「Alright, Tolkien. My angel, I mean my daughter……it’s definitely fine if she said so. 」

「No way……! I don’t have such confidence to be loved by my daughter like you……! 」

   Tolkien who watched our good relation seemed to be more and more defeated. U―mu……. This is troublesome.

「I’m saying such pathetic words……. I understand……. Because I’m such a bad father, that’s why I was hated……. But my feet are really stuck……」

   Tolkien words wasn’t a lie, as his legs were trembling as he said that. We as a father, our ultimate fear is getting hated by our daughter. It’s such a scary scene, that even I would feel spiritless.

「Please hear from my daughter in place of me……. What she is angry of, and what I have to do to be forgiven……」

   I exhaled a small sigh. I can understand Tolkien’s feelings. That is exactly why, I can’t let him be defeated by the inner demon of his heart. I wonder what his daughter is feeling now. An important talk like this, no way I could take his place and say it. I put my hand on Tolkien’s shoulder, and shook my head sideways.

「Your daughter’s feelings can only be asked from your own mouth. 」

「B-but…… if I were to be there, she might vomit too. 」

「L-let’s stop thinking about the scary stuff……」

   Even having a fight with his daughter was unbearable for him, if it repeated after they meet, I can imagine that it would be too depressing for him to bear it.

   Even so, being afraid like that would solve nothing. I want him to muster his courage, and face his daughter properly.

   And how can I do that――. I thought for a few seconds, before coming to a huge enlightenment.

「Alright. I will speak for you, but you will be there too. I will hide your presence. 」

「Hide my presence……? What do you mean? 」

「Just like their tactics. Fight illusion with illusion. When we enter the room, I will cast an illusion that hides your figure. 」

「Wha? Even illusion skill……!? 」

「It’s not much of a skill that I like using, but I do know how. But you don’t have to worry, I won’t mess up. 」

   Tolkien muttered 「Unbelievable……. Too amazing……. What an amazing guy that I’ve met. 」, and it became that he will follow us as he had no reason not to. Then, we headed towards the small house for real.


   Tolkien’s small house is nestled a little way from the old road in the forest. It is as if a cute log cabin made for a little child. I thought that it would be decaying since it wasn’t managed for a long time, but it wasn’t.

   Wouldn’t the weeds grow all around and the logs will decay usually? It looked like someone had been looking after it for a long time.

   The curtain hung on the window, had a warm light leaking through. I nodded back toward Tolkien who seemed unrest, before gripping Ravi’s hand and stood in front of the door.

   Knock knock.

   We waited for a little while. A slight presence of human. The footsteps came near. And the sound of the door being unlocked, and the door slowly opened.

   Aiming for that moment, I chanted the illusion skill.

<<The magnificent power that conceals the reality, confuse the others――Illusion>>

   The same time as the chant completed, I blew lightly on the strand of hair of Tolkien between my fingers. And smoke rose from it. It formed pinkish and black fog, the both of them mixed together forming a marble pattern, and filled the small house in no time. And just like that―, it dissipated into nothing.

   And with this, the illusion is cast. Until it is dispelled, the people inside the small house would not be able to recognize Tolkien’s presence.

   The young girl who opened the door, had a blank face as she blinked. Her hand held a wooden staff. She’s probably the hired illusionist.

「Are you the one who removed my illusion just now? 」

   Even though her mouth showed a smile as she asked, the caution in her eyes was showing. Just like the majority of illusionist, she had various magical tools wore on her.

   Even the small figure that looked like a mascot on her waist, if you look closely, it’s the dried corpse of a Mandragora. Let’s pretend not to see anything…….

「I’m hired by Tolkien. Is his daughter, Brigitte here? I would like to have a talk. 」


   She stayed silent as she scanned me top to bottom once. It couldn’t be any more obvious that she is guarding against me. This is troubling. Just at that time, Ravi who hid behind me peeked up.

「Eh……!? A young girl!? 」

   The illusionist’s eyes became round and big.

「Yeah, she’s my daughter. 」

「My……. Please wait for a little. 」

   The illusionist left the door open as she went back into the house. She probably went to explain to Brigitte. What they conversed is unknown. But the soft voices of two female talking were definitely heard. While we wait, I glanced at Tolkien, he was desperately rubbing off cold sweat.

   And not long after that, the door opened once again, and another girl showed up other than the illusionist. She’s probably Brigitte. Brigitte looked at me, before glancing Ravi who’s behind me, and finally raised a face of knowing. And then she stood in front of us.

「I am Brigitte, the one you’re looking for. I’m really sorry for dragging you into a quarrel with my father. 」

   She lowered her head, before slowly raising back up. I thought she would be a lively one because she ran from home after having a fight with Tolkien, but it was totally different. She had a troubled expression, but her lovable and calm face can be seen through it.


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