Chapter 58 Ossan with The Girl, Heading to Buy Swimsuit

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   Tolkien’s problem had been solved earlier than I thought. Since I came to Toy Berry as an excuse to change my mood after all, I plan to stay for about four or five days like what I had planned initially.

   There’s no more work. From Tolkien’s one matter, I learnt that I should treasure the moments with my daughter as much as possible.

「Ravi, what should we do today? Since we have no more agenda on our schedule, let’s play around for today. 」

   The sleepy Ravi who is brushing her teeth widened her eyes.

「Together with daddy……? 」

「Yeah. Where shall we go? Let’s go somewhere you like. 」

   We only have to attend a dinner party at Tolkien’s mansion the day after tomorrow, other than that, we are totally free. I want to spend time doing what Ravi wishes.


   She seemed to be thinking about it desperately, even the toothbrush she’s holding had stopped in place. I smiled wryly as I beckoned her over.

   Since she was still a child, Ravi’s way of brushing is a little awkward somewhere. So, every day, I’m responsible for the finishing as usual.

「Think about it while I help you. 」

   Taking the brush, Ravi opened her mouth wide as usual. I had my hands on her cheeks, and thoroughly brushed every tooth.

「――Alright. Something like this. It’s done. 」

「Daddy, thank you……」

「You’re welcome. So, have you decided where to go? 」

「Unn, say……The sea, let’s go……」

「The sea huh. Alright. Then let’s move out immediately shall we. 」

   Today’s weather is clear, and it seems that it’s going to get hotter. Looking out the window, it seems that the beaches already had people gathering.

   Even though there’s still a little longer until summer comes for real, the day had been sweatingly hot. People who were resting under the parasols, many of them wore swimsuit.

   And the kids that is playing along the beach, all of them, had been wearing swimsuits as well. Seeing the kids that is splashing the water around while chasing each other, it had made me realize that I should get one for Ravi too.

「How about buying a swimsuit for Ravi. You can play without worrying getting wet. 」

   Ravi eyes became round in surprise.

「B-but……daddy already bought casual clothes, shoes, even ribbon……. Even shoes and cup……. And even toothbrush. 」

「W-wait. Those are necessary items so don’t count them in. 」

   Suddenly, I realized for the first time. What I have been giving for my cute daughter were mostly daily necessity items. ……I guess a swimsuit is also similar in that aspect.

   I understood. It’s not enough that I just give items only, it’s something I learned from Tolkien’s matter. But it couldn’t possibly be wrong if I buy her something.

   I want to treasure my time together with Ravi, and also buy her presents she likes. That definitely isn’t wrong. ……The question is that will a swimsuit make her happy?

   Even if I ask her now, considering her personality, she would definitely hold back. But Ravi’s expression tells the truth. Alright. Let’s take a look at the real product first, then confirm her response.


   And so, I brought Ravi to the big general store in the middle of Toy Berry. As expected from a city near the seas, the most eye-catching space of the shop had swimsuits lined up on display.

「There’re quite a lot of patterns…….」

   I was surprised as I turned around to Ravi. Ravi nodded repeatedly as a reply. And her eyes are staring at the lovable swimsuits for girls.

   When Ravi’s face is like this, normally it’s only in front of delicious looking food. That’s great! She seems to have interest in it.

   If so, I won’t hesitate any longer. I will buy what she likes as I tell her there is no need to hold back.

「Which one does Ravi like? 」

「But daddy……is it really fine……? 」

「Don’t mind it. The summer is close. There might be several occasions to use it, so it’s better to have one. 」


「Then what color is good? There’re a lot of shapes too. 」

「……I want daddy to choose for me. 」


「Because I like what daddy choose……」

「R-Ravi……. ――I understand! Leave it to me. 」

「Unn……! 」

   But really, the variety is really rich. Looking at practicality, the pants-type would definitely be the best choice. The sea is a dangerous place for a child. Thinking about the safety, a simple design might be good too huh.

   However, a fluttery one-piece type looks like it will emphasize Ravi’s adorableness. Wait a moment. What am I saying. It’s Ravi, she’s the cutest in the world, right?

   Even a simple dark blue colored swimsuit with practicality in mind will be the cutest. As a test, I put the dark blue swimsuit against Ravi.


   Exactly because of its simple design and color, it suits well with Ravi’s modest cuteness. The next choice is a pink fluttery one-piece design.

「Mumumu……! 」

   Just as I expected, Ravi is beaming with cuteness like a flower. Then I tried one with a red border.


   A slight coquettish aura encompassed Ravi, multiplying her charm. This is really…….

「……Not good……. I can’t choose any……. Ravi is too cute……」

「D-daddy……? 」

   Ravi seemed to be worried about me who is hugging my head and mumbling incomprehensible stuff.

「You’re choosing a swimsuit for your daughter so seriously, what a caring papa. 」

「They really are a good family. Just looking heals me up. 」

「A husband like that, I also want one! 」

「Even the daughter seems like she likes her papa a lot. 」

   The other customers who were in the store looked at us and commented like that. But for me who is focused in spending time together with Ravi, the external voices were mostly unheard.


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