Chapter 59 Ossan, Splitting the Oceans for His Daughter

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   It took much more time than I anticipated just because I couldn’t choose. It was almost tempting for me to get all of them……. But that attempt had been stopped cutely by an angry Ravi.

「Daddy, don’t waste money……」

   Saying that, her usually round cheeks inflated even more. Hearing the story from Tolkien with his daughter, I thought it would be scary but, this is……nice. Somehow, an indescribable warm feeling wrapped around me.

   Back to topic. In the end, because that I couldn’t decide, I left it up to Ravi to choose, she seemed to hesitate a little before choosing the pink fluttery one-piece swimsuit with ribbons.

   As expected, she likes a cute design. I should remember it for reference in the future――.

「Because, daddy gave me the ribbon for present……That’s why, I like the ribbons……」

   Needless to say, I was overcome with intense joy and touch. And so, after buying the swimsuit and the float for Ravi, we arrived at the beach where many kids were swimming in the sea.

   And the adults were mostly sitting on the beach, with most of them wearing swimsuit. Since the temperature had been rising so much, wanting to swim is natural. Ravi looked at them with an envy gaze as well.

「Wait for a while. I will inflate the float now. Then Ravi can swim too. 」

「Unn……! ……Ah, what about daddy……? Not together……? 」

「Don’t worry. I will look from the side. 」

「Always……? 」

「Yeah, I will keep looking after you. 」

   Ravi who heard my words, smiled with relief.

「Ravi, be careful that you don’t let go of the float. 」

「Unn, understood. 」

「Don’t go so far out either alright. 」

「O―kay……! 」

   She smiled widely, and put the float over herself. Ravi who is supporting the float with her hands, looked extremely cute. I felt like my vocabulary has been decreasing at an amazing pace with Ravi around these days.

   Cute. Angel. Only these few words have been coming out constantly. I guess it can’t be help because it’s the truth…….

   Ravi seemed to have fun as she ran towards the waves.

「Hya―……Cold……! But it’s nice……! 」

   She raised an excited voice, and looked back at me at that time. It’s the best scenery filled with happiness. I carve this moment into my heart so that I will not forget. Ravi who’s been at the shallow waves, made up her mind and went further in the seas.

「Daddy, look after me okay―……! 」

「Yeah, I’m looking―! 」

   Ravi who is floating on the water using the float, waved her hand back happily. What a cute gesture. I waved back as well with a happy feeling.

「Da―ddy…… Can you see―……? 」

「Yeah―! I can―! 」

   She bobbed up and down, as she drifted in the waves. And the small figure is becoming smaller by the time――.




「……!? Ravi……!! 」

   N-not good! Ravi is drifting away……!! She will be carried further away if this continues……!

   I panicked unusually, and chanted the water magic.

《Oh holy spirit of water who seeks the love of a blank soul, grant upon me the water of blessing――Water Magic Undine!! 》

   By using water magic, I can exert control on the body of water that is already there. The more volume of water, the more magic and technical skills you need to do it, but if it’s for Ravi, I can do anything.

「Uuoooo――……!! 」

   I let out a cry while controlling the water as it split into two. The water slowly split to both sides, and in the middle, a path is formed. I took extra care the moment when the path reached where Ravi were drifting.

   Getting suddenly tossed into the beach will definitely injure her. The water moved as I wished, carrying Ravi back to the beach before disappearing completely.

   Thinking back later, it would been a matter solved if I just moved the water around her to slowly draw Ravi back to the land. But the heat got to my head, and somehow, I decided that moving myself to go help her would be better.

「Eeeeeeeh!? He split the sea!? 」

「What was that……!? 」

   The people’s eyes widened, and it became a huge fuss. While giving no care to the excited people, I rushed towards Ravi. I don’t care what the others are doing.

「Ravi! Are you alright!? 」

   Ravi is at the middle of the split sea, and her mouth gaped as she look stunned.

「Are you alright, Ravi!? 」

   Reaching her, I hugged her up with the float still on her.

「I-I’m okay……」

「You got any injuries!? 」

「Unn, I’m fine……. Daddy, sorry to make you worry……」

「No, it’s fine. As long as you’re fine. 」

   I hugged Ravi tightly. The fear when I saw Ravi getting drifted more and more by the waves, it still remained in my heart. It was a fear I never felt before no matter how big of a pinch it was.

「Amazing……That Ossan……. To save his daughter, he can even split the seas……」

「Isn’t it impossible even if you use as much magic as you like……!? 」

「Of course that’s the case……. It’s the first time I saw the seas getting split……」

「Same……. It’s a legend of our city……」

「It’s a perfect legend for a tourist spot! 」

   I carried Ravi back to the sandy beach, but somehow, the people there were looking here with a gaze of aspiration. I have no clue why they are looking like this. Ravi seemed like she is shy from all the gazes, she clung onto me as if hiding her face.

   By the way, a while later, a new banner was put up on the beaches of Toy Berry, with 『The legend of the sea god descending, splitting the seas for the goddess of his child. 』

   Because of this, people flocked to Toy Berry wanting to take a look themselves, boosting the tourist count at the beach more than three times. When we received a letter from the Tolkien family about it, Ravi and I was in deep shock, but that’s a story for another day.


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