Chapter 60 Ossan with The Girl, The Banquet on The Farewell Night

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   Evening of the next day. Ravi and I came to Tolkien’s private beach. Because that Tolkien wanted to thank me, he prepared a banquet for us.

   There’re numerous grills lined up along the beach, meat and vegetables, and fresh seafood were offered generously. The people who gathered were nearing three hundred. Behind the counter which served alcohol and fruits, there was a musician band performing to excite the banquet.

   Holding such a big party just for us, it made me felt a little apologetic. But looking at the happy faces of the others, I swallowed my reserved words. I like seeing people that are enjoying themselves. Thinking that it’s a party not just for us, but for everyone, it made me felt a little better.

   The people who were chatting happily, those that danced with hands together, and those that cheered with their glasses. In any case, smiling faces were everywhere. It was a party with a very good atmosphere.

   Above all, Ravi seemed pleased as well. For me, it’s like my everything. If Ravi is enjoying herself, then there’s no problem at all.

「Ravi, the prawns are ready so I’ve brought some. 」

「Waa! Big! 」

   Seeing the big prawns in the platter, Ravi’s eyes sparkled. Just as Ravi said, Toy Berry’s specialty, their prawns are just big.

「I heard that the meat is thick and delicious. Wait for a little while I peel the shell. 」

   Holding the crimson prawn with both hands, I snapped it. The pristine white meat had steam rising. I took the shell off meticulously, and fed it to Ravi as she opened her mouth and bit it. It felt like feeding a little bird.

「How is it? Nice? 」

「Nn――……It’s soft and fluffy……! 」

   Ravi cupped her cheeks in joy. I nodded satisfied, and peeled the next one.

「Are there still any left? Should I go take more? 」

「Ah, wait……. Daddy should eat too……. Here, aa―n. 」

「……!? 」

   While Ravi is smiling widely, she offered the meat on the fork and 『Aa-n』 ……!?

   T-this is……too much embarrassment. But if I were to be against it, Ravi will definitely feel down. Rather than that, I didn’t want to reject her kindness. I wonder, how should I proceed with this…….

「Daddy, quickly……? 」


   Damn it, I will endure it……!  Chasing away the embarrassment with my willpower, I opened my mouth.


「Daddy, delicious? 」

「U-umu……it’s great. 」

「I’m glad……」

   I feel the same……. As expected, taking the offer wasn’t the wrong choice. Looking at Ravi who seemed to be enjoying herself, I thought so.

「Hahaha! You two are really close as usual. Douglas-san, Ravi-chan. How is it? Are you enjoying yourselves? 」

   Turning back, Tolkien and his daughter were visible.

「Please eat it to your heart content tonight. My recommendation is the flame grilled pork feet. 」

「Brigitte likes flame-grilled stuff the most. 」

「Ara, isn’t father the same as me. 」

   Brigitte who is giggling, and Tolkien’s facial muscle which had loosened up giving a warm feeling. Ravi and I, we probably look like this from the side as well. In any case, I’m glad that they made up after that huge misunderstanding.

「Douglas-san, Ravi-chan, let me say thanks once again. Thank you very much. I’m glad that Douglas-san was the one who took up the job. If not, I probably would’ve never made up with Brigitte. 」

「That is……」

「No, it’s the truth. The way both of you father and daughter act had made me realize my own mistakes after all. 」

「It’s just as father said. You two are our benefactor. We are really grateful. 」

「I will never forget this grace in my life. 」

   Tolkien tightly held my hand with his two hands. He had already thanked me countless times before this. On top of that, the compensation I got was two times more than what I heard initially.

   I panickily tried to return it saying that I can’t receive that much, but Tolkien wouldn’t take it back. On top of that, he even said 『Use this and buy the Crime Prevention Cuckoo』. Most likely, he had heard about that from Ham. And in the end, he even said that 『Take it for Ravi-chan’s sake too』, and the conversation flowed in the direction that I will give up.

「……That, Tolkien-san. Can I ask for a sign from Hero Douglas-san……? 」

   H-Hero……? Looking at the old man who is talking to Tolkien, he took out the colored sign paper that he had hid. I shuddered for a little, and Ravi hid behind me reflexively.

   The scenery of the crowds in Balzac passed by. It was only the first day we arrived here in the hotel that we got suspected, and because of that, I thought I would be fine, to think that a crowd might come again……. But――.

「Oi, what are you saying. Don’t do that! Causing a fuss and any inconvenience, is what you promised before you participated right!? 」

   Tolkien who had been having a gentle face suddenly turned like the first time we met as he scolded the man.

「Wa―……S-sorry……! I couldn’t……」


「Don’t couldn’t! Causing trouble for the hero that had been doing good deeds is inexcusable! You should be doing something helpful without causing him inconvenience. 」

「Y-yes……I’m sorry……」

「That’s right! Even I wanted to ask for Douglas-san’s stories, but I held myself back, only watching him you know!? I can’t let you get ahead of me! 」

   And who said that angrily, was the female illusionist last time. And her name is Tanya it seems.

「Sorry, Douglas-san. I caused trouble for you……」

「No, it’s fine. 」

「Actually, I heard how it had been in Balzac for you, it had been on the article. That’s why I tried to approach you quietly, but……」

「Is that so. Thanks for your care. 」

「Didn’t it became a big deal chasing you around in Balzac? Really, those people with no reigns. 」

   I didn’t know how to reply, as I had my palm on my forehead.

「I thought that I should talk to the journalist when I get back. And I would have to be careful not to take actions that are too standing out. 」

「U-mu……. I think that would be just wasted effort though. 」

「I think so too……」

   Tolkien and Brigitte furrowed their brows while looking at each other. The people in the surroundings who heard our conversation, seemed to band together and nodded repeatedly.

「Why is it wasted effort……? 」

   I asked confusedly, and Brigitte answered after sighing.

「I mean, Douglas-sama is a special person after all. 」

「Yeah. I think hiding it is impossible. 」

「With your strength, you will gather attention no matter what! Even if you think that you are holding back yourself, the world wouldn’t let it pass! 」

   Brigitte, Tolkien and even Tanya said so, 「Yeah yeah, that’s right」was what everyone said.

「Hahaha! Douglas-san, I think you should put your effort finding another way rather than trying to not stand out. 」

「Hey, it’s not funny you know!? 」

   I panickily retorted, the laughter surrounding us grew only louder.

「He’s a walking legend after all. 」

「I bet the people won’t let you go anytime soon! 」

「Ahaha, that’s true! 」

   The people in the party laughed together. Ravi too, smiled widely and 「Daddy, really, what a handful. 」. Replying to that, I massaged my head and 「Yeah, really……」.


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