Chapter 65 Ossan with the Girl, Arrival at Ghost’s Hometown, Hescock

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   Bruno’s bones were wrapped in the coat, and we carried it as carefully as possible. Crossing the forest that’s over the river. When we arrived at Bruno’s hometown, Heescock, it was just the time when stars started twinkling in the sky.

   Heescock is a village filled with dots of small houses. It’s probably time for dinner, from the chimney of the houses, puffs of white steam are rising up.

「You both are surely tired now……! Thank you so much! And also, good work……!! There’s a canteen on the right side, you see it? 」

「Yeah. 」

   Looking at where Bruno pointed, there was a wooden signboard of a piece of meat with bones.

「It’s also something like an inn, they will probably lend you the empty room on the second floor. It would be good if I can take you to my house, but it’s really narrow……」

「No, it’s fine. You don’t have to be upset over that. 」

   And so, we decided to settle for the day after having a meal. It’s the next day that we decided to visit Bruno’s house and his fiance. It would be rude after all to visit in this late of the night.

   After securing a room in the inn. Since having Bruno walking around would be shocking for the others, I told him to stay put in the room, and Ravi and I headed to the dining hall.

「Are!? Oi oi, look at that guy!! 」

「Nnnn――!? Isn’t that the famous adventurer and his daughter in the news!? 」

   Uu……. To think that even this small village have news of us…….

「It’s true, this is such a chance! Hey, you two are the one on the news right!? 」

   An uncle sat on the seat beside asked while looking at our face.

「N-No…… you got the wrong person……」

「No way―! To have someone so famous come to our village!! It’s on my treat! Hey, boss!! Bring out all the ones recommended! 」

「Oh! Then I will get some drinks for you! Now, let’s drink some! 」

   The crowd surrounded us in just a few beat, well it’s not like they have bad intentions. I met eyes with Ravi while smiling bitterly, as I stroked my beard.


   And the next day. Ravi and I, together with Bruno, headed towards Bruno’s past house.

「Say, Bruno. Can anyone can see you? 」

   I wonder if it’s related if he’s a ghost or not.

「Unn. Of course, there are some that don’t see me occasionally, but most people do, and they would scream with a pale face! 」

「Is that so. 」

「If it’s an undead, then everyone can see it right! 」

「No, it’s more right to call them monsters. They are different from ghosts. 」

「Then it just means that they have presence no matter if they are dead or alive! 」


   Ravi had her hand over her mouth as she giggled. My daughter is too adorable that, she would even accept a ghost with a strong personality.

「But if everyone can see you, then I think that it’s better that I explain first before you come out in front of your family and lover. 」

   It’ll probably be shocking for them, and even more than that, they would be sad. Even if Bruno is how bright, the fact that he’s dead doesn’t change. The young man that have lost his ways after finding flowers for his fiancée.

   The reason that he didn’t return, is that he has met with an accident and passed away is probably the conclusion they have already come to. Having said so, there’s no way that they feel nothing when the truth that someone dear have deceased.

   Bruno seem to have the same opinion, as he had a sad expression on his face.

「……That’s right. It’ll be good if we do that. 」

「Alright, then Bruno, you hide outside the house for a little. 」

   I told Bruno that, and together with Ravi, we knocked on the door of his old house.


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  • Kian


    It feels like the story kind of ground to a halt after they reached Balzac. The two main mysteries are Ravi’s origins, and why did the Hero curse Douglas. The main story had a feeling of progress as they went from City to City, closing in on Balzac, and the Ravi plot with the assassin. But then Douglas decided not to follow up on the hero, despite the existential threat for all humanity that the Demon Lord represents. And he decided not to press Ravi about her past, or resolve that situation, despite literal assassins being after her and their movements being easy to track.

    It’s kind of sad to go from a proactive protagonist that’s pushing the plot forward to one that’s decided to wait for things to happen and not think ahead at all.

  • Kuzo


    Thanks for the chappu~

  • kiki


    disappointment in 3 … 2 … 1

  • ryan


    Thanks for the chapter