Chapter 66 Ossan with The Girl, Visiting the Ghost’s House

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「Ah……. Bruno……」

   As they hugged the whole of my coat, both his parents started shedding tears. While Ravi is still on my shoulder, I could only look after their figures.

   I met with Bruno’s ghost. Such stupid words, would they even believe it. But it’s just, the place where we found Bruno’s remains. The moment they saw the pieces of the clothes that was on the ground there, their eyes started flooding.

「……Sorry, I was rude. When I saw my son’s clothes, it’s just……too sad……. He didn’t return for five years already. I thought I have already accepted his fate……. But it’s still tough……」


   As their shoulders supported each other, their tears never stopped as they patted the bones gently. The days that they have spent the past five years. The fatigued expression, their white-dyed hair, I can feel the overflowing tiredness and sadness of their heart.

「Sorry, for suddenly bringing this sad truth to you. 」

   As I apologized, they two shook their head sideways.

「Please……! Don’t lower your head! 」

「Yes, it’s as my wife said! We are, really grateful……! You sent our son back home after all……! 」

   The both parents nodded together, and together, they lowered their heads deeply.

「I think that we were still hanging onto hope somewhere. Even if we told ourselves that we gave up, I think somewhere deep inside, we couldn’t cut the possibility away completely. 」

「It’s been just『No way he’s still alive』or 『He might be living somewhere else healthily』for the past years. 」

   Hope and despair intertwined. The matter of life and death, it’s something any human would be troubling over that and feel pain in their heart. As I was stunned as to how to reply them, they rubbed off their tears and faced here with a smile.

「But now we can finally mourn for Bruno. 」

「Really, I can’t thank you enough. It’s thanks to you. 」

   I conveyed it’s not something worthy of their praise, while feeling slightly awkward.

   I wonder when I should tell the matter about Bruno is still existing as ghost. Is it fine that I let the beans spill now? After shedding their tears, the both of them looked a little calmer now……. Ah, that’s right. I have to tell Bruno’s fiancée as well.

「From Bruno’s spirit, I was told to tell this to his fiancée as well――」

   As soon as they heard it, their expression petrified.


「……Sorry. I don’t think her family would allow it. ……And, we don’t really think you should……」

   Ravi and I met faces looking confused.

「Is there a reason that you can’t tell Bruno’s death to them? 」

   The two parents nodded after a little hesitation.

「……Could it be that Bruno thought they were engaged, but they weren’t? 」

   I asked hesitated, but it was denied by them shaking their head sideways.

「No, of course there’s no way……! They have made preparation to marry five years ago. If Bruno would’ve returned, then they would have married on that fall……」

   The mother who have started crying, the father tightly hugged her shoulders. A feeling of unrest started coming at me. Then, why…….

「……Did she find another partner, and is living happily now? 」

   If that’s the case, then there’s no way we can blame her. But thinking about Bruno’s feelings, I felt complicated in my heart. But to my inference, the parents denied it too.

「Then why is it……」

   It’s not a matter of a stranger overstepping his boundaries in another person’s matter. But because I’ve relied by Bruno to tell them, I must go through it till the end. The two parents looked at me with a pale face, and muttered.

「It’s to protect that child’s heart. 」


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