Chapter 67 Ossan with The Girl, Not Every Story Ends Happily

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「……But dear, can we just decide like that ourselves? Shouldn’t we tell her family also? 」

「U―mu……. But it might let Douglas-san have a bad experience. 」


   The husband said so, and the wife became silent. Bruno’s father continued.

「I don’t think you should meddle too much. Their family over there is……slightly complicated……. I can guide you to them if still want to. But even though you came with good intentions, I don’t want them to mistreat you. 」

   Depending on my answer, it seems that they are willing to take me to the fiancée’s house.

   Bad experience, huh. I can’t imagine how it’s going to be bad but, I should avoid getting Ravi hurt. Thinking like that, I turned back to Ravi. Ravi looked straight at me with her gaze, and nodded her small head.

「……! 」

   Ravi’s eyes had no hesitation. Ravi’s gaze that was on me conveyed her will. Without conversing, I’ve became more and more able to understand her thoughts.

「……Daddy, I’m fine……. So, let’s do it for ghost-san’s sake. 」


   ――It might make her feel bad.

   Even when they said that, Ravi have not hesitated, and wanted to help out Bruno’s wish. Even though when we first met, she was afraid of everything. When have she become so strong along the way?

   As my lips curled upwards slightly, I patted Ravi lightly.

   To not let her hurt, I have always thought to shield her. For that, I will do anything. But I can’t be mistaken in the things I care the most. Hiding her behind my figure, not letting her see the world for herself is wrong, is what I confirmed again.

   The small Ravi, she is trying to grasp the strength to live on in this world. I should be standing at the side and look after everything that she learns gently. For her future, I don’t want to cut off her interaction with the world itself.

   I told my thoughts to Bruno’s both parents frankly, and have them guided us to the fiancée’s house. Bruno’s parents, having heard my explanation, they nodded once with a serious expression.

「Your strong will, if only every parents would have that……」

   And so, like that, it became that we were guided to the fiancée’s house.


   The house where the fiancée lives, it’s just three lots away from Bruno’s house. According to the parents’ explanation, it seems that they have been growing up together with her since they were small.

「Bruno is such a reckless and bright child, fufu. On the contrary――Anne, she’s Bruno’s fiancée. Her personality is that of exact opposite of Bruno’s. She’s docile and very cautious. 」

「They really had the exact opposite personalities but, they were together ever since they were kids. 」

   The two parents said so looking up at the sky seemingly reliving the nostalgia.

   Bruno is――. ……Bruno is following us from a slight distance away. I looked back towards him once, and he shook his head with a vague smile. He probably still doesn’t want his parents to know his current state.

   What we have talked with his parents in front of the house, Bruno have clearly heard all of it. Just with a single glance, it tells me how much unrest he’s feeling right now.

   But wait. What if, Bruno doesn’t want them to know? As I thought about the possibility and stopped my feet, Bruno’s teary expression shook his head again came into sight.

   Is that so. He wants them to know. Then I should be fulfilling my job as his agent…….

   Bruno’s father, took a deep breath as we stood in front of the fiancée’s house. The wooden door on the house have a warm design to it, but is it because of the situation, it looked like a giant steel gate that rejected us.

   ――Knock knock.


   A bright voice from a young girl came from inside the house. And the sound of the footsteps hurrying over.

   Hearing that sound, Bruno’s parents flinched and tried to stand strong.

「Could it be that only Anne is home……!? 」

「No way……」

   As the two whispered, the door was opened from inside.

   Opening the door, a young figure came out, and smiled as soon as she saw Bruno’s parents.

「Hi, Father-in-law, mother-in-law! What is it? If it’s that person, then he’s not back from his work……」

   The young girl――Anne, said it with a happy voice. But that was only the impression from her voice. Anne was terribly skinny, and her eyes were hollow, the hands that were on the door could be said that it was only bones and skins. It was unbearable to watch.

   And what hurt my heart more than anything, it was her wrist that showed uncountable streaks of deep scars lacerated across it.


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