Chapter 68 Ossan with The Girl, A Silent Departure

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「If it’s about Bruno, then he’s not back yet……」

   With a pair of hollow gaze, she smiled widely. That moment――.

「What are you doing……? 」

   It’s a voice full of caution. A woman with a basket of items came hurried here. She had a more exhausted face than Bruno’s parents, and she looked aged terribly, but the area around the eyes have a resemblance to Anne. She’s probably Anne’s mother.

「Anne! Didn’t I tell you not to be outside!? 」

「Geez, why are you angry? I only opened the door to see if Bruno returned early. 」

「Be a good girl and go back inside! 」

   Anne’s mother scolded at her daughter with a hysterical tone, as she pushed Anne back into the house.

「What is it, to come visit here in this time……」

「Ah, no, it’s……」

   Bruno’s parents were fumbling their words. Anne’s mother didn’t try to hide her annoyance as she asked. Her considerable mental stress could be seen on her face. With her state, there’s no way she has enough leeway to care for what other people feel.

「Sorry. I’m the one who wanted them to take me here. 」

「……You are? 」

   I named myself, and explained that I’m the one who brought Bruno’s remains. As I was explaining, Anne’s mother expression changed drastically. Her eyes widened and her lips trembled.

「W-What did you say!! What are you saying!! R-Remains……!! Please don’t! If that child hears it……Go away! Please go away!! 」

   With her mostly white hair shaking, Anne’s mother pushed me away.

「That child is living happily with in her vision with Bruno!! And are you trying to destroy that!? Are you telling us to return to hell!? Don’t come back again!! 」

   The door that was opened was slammed shut violently. For a moment, anyone of us couldn’t spoke anything.

「――You saw Anne’s hands right? She couldn’t accept that Bruno is not coming back, and she became weak and repeatedly tried to suicide. And she became in a state that can’t be left alone. 」


「The situation suddenly changed a year ago. Her heart completely broke. Suddenly, she acted as if Bruno is always been with her. But you see, Douglas-san. That itself made her happy. 」

   A happiness like that is not real. But of course, they would’ve known it from the start. They still have an expression of guilt on their faces even now.

「As expected, hiding Bruno’s death from Anne would be for the best. 」

「……But if we were to make a grave, wouldn’t the people in the village know sooner or later? 」

   It’s a small village. There’s no way the information wouldn’t spread.

「Then……we just don’t have to make a grave……. And if we just keep our mouth shut, then it never happened……」


   I was speechless. Even his own parents would cover up Bruno’s death. It felt like they were substituting the real Bruno with an illusionary one. That is just too cruel of a story.

   But――. It’s to care for those that are still alive. If it’s like that, then I can’t blame them for doing so. But, this feeling…….



   Suddenly Ravi let out a yell, and started running.

「Ravi!? 」

   Leaving behind Bruno’s parents there, I started chasing after Ravi.

   Following Ravi, we circled to the back of the village. At the shadows of the place where the community tools were left behind, Ravi looked up with an expression that’s on the verge of crying.


   There was a figure of Bruno that is on the edge of disappearing.

『……Sorry…… Both of you…… I’m did something…… unforgivable……』

   The voice that is just in front of me sounded distant. It was as if countless walls stood in between us.

「No, it’s my fault for not being of help……」

   Not like this. Not an apologize like this, there must be something more…….

「Bruno. If you wish to, then tomorrow, let’s go to her house again――」

『Thank you……but…… it’s fine already……. I’m glad that I met you two……. From the bottom of my heart…… thank yo……u……. 』

「Ghost-san……! 」

   To retain Bruno who is on the verge of disappearance, Ravi desperately called out.

   A ghost that always had a bright attitude. He had a smile even though his face was full of sadness. Slowly, he fluttered along with the winds before disappearing completely.


   Ravi and I stood on the spot for a long time. But the both of us have already understood. The fact that Bruno wouldn’t return.


   The next day. We have departed from Heescock village in the morning. Such a quiet departure, it was the first time ever since I’ve met Ravi.

「If only Ghost-san can be happy……」

「Yeah, that’s true」

「Daddy, it feels a little lonely……」

   As Ravi muttered that in a soft voice, I unconsciously stopped my feet, and hugged her up. The shoulder where Ravi clung to, I felt her warm tears wetting my clothes.

「……When travelling, similar to fun and happy times, sad things will also happen. 」


「……Do you hate travelling now? 」

   I asked Ravi as I carried her. Ravi who clung onto me, she slowly rose her face.


   Her head shook sideways. Ravi still have a teary face even now. But I could see from her eyes, there resided a burning strong will.

「I like the most, travelling with daddy……」


「Say, daddy……if there’re many sad things……. Then that means there’re also many happy things waiting for us right……? 」

「……Ah. Yes, of course. 」

「Then I want, to go more places together with daddy……」

   Ravi wiped her tears off and smiled widely.  As I felt a strong emotion of love in my heart, I nodded back strongly――.


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