Chapter 69 Ossan with The Girl, Two’s Shopping

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   Together with Ravi, we returned to the town of Balzac. Reflecting upon the mistake I made last time I came here, I covered my face with my robe before entering, and a scarf over my mouth as well. Ravi imitated me, and the both of us had the same get up.

   When we were in Toy Berry, it was hot enough for us to be entering the sea but, these days, the weather have been chilly. Even now, looking up, the grey sky encompassed the entire Balzac sky. It wouldn’t be strange even if it started raining anytime now.

   The inn that we have returned is of course, 『Hog’s Cry』.

   First for today, is going to the 『Balzac Magic Tool Shop』with Ravi. Of course, with the purpose of getting the 『Crime Prevention Cuckoo』. For Ravi’s safety, it’s better we get it as soon as possible.

   And then the other two appointment isn’t as exciting. One is visiting the Kashmesh Magic Printing firm and settling the matter about the news with them. Then the other one――.

   I took out the Hero’s ring from the small pocket on my shirt. To go to the adventurer guild and confirm if Hero Alan have returned. To be frank, I think the possibility that Alan have returned is small.

   If I can’t meet with Alan this time, then……. I have thought to hand the ring over to the guild’s lost items management. I don’t know if the ring will be returned to Alan that way.

   But, this ring――No, I must stop binding myself with my past, and my past comrades.

   My heart now lies with living everyday with Ravi. To protect this important fact is already a handful for me. I can’t afford to be trapped in the past.

   I plan to leave Balzac as soon as we are done with our schedule.

   During the conversation with Ravi on the way back from Heescock, it is decided that we will continue travelling. In the future, it might come a time we have to find a house to settle down.

   But I felt that Balzac is not a place for that. At the very least, I want it to be a place that Ravi doesn’t have to hide her face every time she walked on the streets.


   Taking out the membership card of『Balzac Magical Tool Store』that was renewed previously. When the black card touched the gate, which was casted with magic, a soft light started filling up, and the way to the shop appeared.

   Ravi’s eyes became round from the gate that appeared from nowhere on the wasteland.

「Amazing! It’s interesting, daddy……! 」

「Is that so. It’s interesting huh」

   I smiled back to Ravi, and opened the door of the magic tool store.

「Oh my. A customer―? 」

「It’s really rare stuffs-n. Even though I thought no one would be coming today! 」

   The twins halfling raised their face and appeared at the same time from the counter.

「The one with the glasses with black frame is Ester. And the other one with the bangs and hairpin is Karie. 」

   I introduced them to Ravi. Ravi nodded with a serious face and muttered 「Ester-san and Karie-san……Alright, I remembered! 」.

「Remembering people’s name on the first meeting, my daughter really is excellent……! 」

   At my moving moment, the twins laughed with a high pitch unique to that of a halfling.

「Kya―kya―kya! Being overprotective huh, Douglas. 」

「Nice to meet you-n. Ravi-chan, hello~n」

「H-Hello……. I’m Ravi……! 」

   Being spoken to by two people, Ravi was able to properly greet even though she was nervous. Smart and cute.

「If it’s the order, then it’s arrived alri―ght. 」

「Could it be, the Cuckoo is for this child? 」

「Yeah, that’s right. 」

「Unbelievable―! It’s a super high-grade item for escorting super important people you know!? 」

「It’s stuff to use for a princess, but you’re using it for your daughter-n! 」

   Ravi had a surprised face.

「This child have a special situation. Also, Ravi is indeed my princess! 」

   Ravi’s eyes became rounder and rounder. What was it that surprised her so much?

「……I’m, daddy’s princess? 」

「Yeah, you’re my precious princess. 」

「Is that……. Fufu, I’m happy……」

   Ravi have a wide grin on her face while having her small hands on her reddish cheeks. A princess, and an angel, seriously she’s the cutest daughter in the world!

「Kya―kya―kya! He’s just an idiot parent now! 」

「But, isn’t it a good thing that he treasure his daughter so much right-n. 」

   Ravi looked at me with a happy expression. While thinking that no way would I not treasure a child like her, I patted her head lightly.


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