Chapter 70 Ossan with The Girl, Acquiring Learning Materials

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「Alright, then I will be taking ten gold for that. You know how to use it? 」

「Yeah, no problem. 」

「I brought it here-n.」

   Returning from the storeroom at the back, a Cuckoo bird can be seen standing on top of Karie’s arm. It has bright and colorful feathers like the northern birds. It was about the size of a sparrow.

   Its pure black beady pupils were staring here. It was detailed enough that you might mistake it for a real bird.

『Hello I’m Cuckoo』

「Waa―! Bird-san, it can talk……! 」

   Ravi said excitedly.

『Name Name Please』

   Can I answer? Ravi had a face like that while looking at me. As I nodded, Ravi had an excited face as she replied to the Cuckoo bird.

「Umm, Hello Cuckoo-san. I’m Ravi. 」

『Ravi Recorded . Your Safety, Protected. 』

   The Cuckoo bird flapped its colorful wings and flew up. It went around the store in a circle, before resting on top of Ravi’s head.

「……! Look, daddy……! Bird-san, it stopped on my head……! 」

   Looking at Ravi’s eyes that sparkled with happiness, not only mine, the halfling twins had a warm expression as well. I didn’t know that these two can have such an expression as well.

   Well, I can understand that. Although she’s normally cute, but Ravi who plays with animals is even more lovable.

「My angel of a daughter. 」

   After nodding with their arms together, the twins started to tease me.

「Douglas-san, wouldn’t a second name of 『Idiot parent, Douglas』 suit you quite well? 」

「Since they already say you’re the 『Strongest Adventurer with His Child』, it’s just a matter of time you know-n. 」

   Since Ravi is just adorable, there’s no helping it. After sighing at the sight of me, the twins started adding on explanation regarding the Cuckoo bird.

「You can charge it by giving it mana so, remember well to charge it once every three days-n. 」

「So I just have to cast recovery magic on it? 」

「Yuup. It’s alright even if it’s a weak one, maybe you can even use it for your daughter’s magic training」

   Ravi’s magic training huh…….

   Ravi hasn’t awakened her magic abilities yet. Even though she herself have been wishing for it, and training passionately while we were travelling, there wasn’t any result.

   And every time, she would be down and apologizes as she says, 「Even though daddy is teaching me, I still can’t do it……」. Although I told her to not mind it, but her shoulders will still droop down.

   It would be nice if Ravi can practice happily. But every time we ended the training, she would have a sad face. In the end, we decided that we will take a break on the magic training.

   While recalling such things, I changed the topic for Ravi――.

「T-That……I can’t use magic. 」

   Surprisingly, the shy Ravi replied on her own.

「My-n? Have you not awakened magic yet―n? 」

「U-unn…… I practiced though but……」

「Got any mana? 」

   I nodded for that question.

「Ara―, then I’ve got something nice. Wait for a little. 」

   Having said that, Ester headed towards the storeroom this time.

「Strange―, I thought it was here……」

   Sounds of things rumbling around and falling on the ground were heard from the storeroom. After a moment, when she returned, Ester’s glasses were completely off.

「Got it! Look at this! 」

   Ester put the item that she brought onto the counter. It looked like picture book that’s a set of learning materials for magic for children. Looking at the cover, there was a picture of a witch teaching magic to children.

「This is the 『Magic Teaching Set for Children』. From the training to awaken your mana, and even the beginner magic, it’s a textbook that contains all of that. 」

「With that, will I be able to use magic……」

「Since it’s designed for children, the result is amazing. By the way, if it doesn’t work, then we accept returns within sixty days. The price is, three gold! Since you’ve got the Cuckoo, you can pay for it later. 」

「Alright, I will buy it. 」

   It was a prompt decision.

「Eh!? D-daddy……but it’s very expensive……. I’m fine even without one……? 」

「Didn’t you want it? 」

「……Ah, Umm……」

   Ravi bit her lips, and looked like she’s enduring something. That was her answer.

「I will get it after all. For my daughter’s dream, it’s cheap. 」

「B-But……! 」

「Ravi, money isn’t something that you save. But to buy something that is needed. 」


「Besides that, even if we use money, we just have to work and get more. Will Ravi help then? 」

「……! ……Unn! I will help daddy with my best……! 」

   Ravi finally showed a bright smile after all that, healing my stiff shoulders.


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