Chapter 71 Ossan with The Girl, How to Spend a Rainy Night

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   Having gained the Crime Prevention Cuckoo and the magic learning set, we left the 『Balzac Magical Tool Store』and was greeted with a strong humid wind blowing from the west. Looking up at the sky, it was much cloudier than before.

「It looks like it’s going to rain soon. Ravi, let’s return to the inn quick. 」

「Unn……! 」

   Together with Ravi, we hurried our way back to 『Hog’s Cry』. While the Cuckoo rested on Ravi’s head, she hugged the magic learning set in her arms.

   I offered to carry it for her, but it seems that she wanted to take it for herself. I felt happy that she’s holding it like her treasure.

   Even though it’s dusk, there’re not many people on the shopping streets. Probably sensing the rainy clouds, they have also returned to their house early. Just a little way before we reached 『Hog’s Cry』, but the sound of rain falling started.

   The rain droplets that are hitting the streets are big in size. It looked like it’s only going to get bigger.


   As I spread both arms out towards Ravi, the small hands opened and came towards me. As I carried Ravi up, we ran hurriedly towards the inn. By the time we reached the overhang, the drizzling rain became more intense.

「Ah, welcome back. Douglas, Ravi-chan. It’s raining quite heavily yeeah. 」

   He was probably preparing for dinner. The inn owner, Eihab wiped his hands on his apron, and stepped out of the kitchen.

「Yeah, it’s a heavy one. I think it might rain till morning too. 」

「Seriously, the weather these days isn’t pretty. Even though I’m really hoping for a nice weather. 」

   Eihab muttered after looking up at the sky from the window.

   We would need to change and wash our travel clothing as well. Since we didn’t have spares, I guess it’ll do with putting it in the room to dry slowly.

「The bath is open today. Using it before dinner? 」

「I guess so. We got a little wet from the rain, and it’ll be bad if Ravi catches a cold from that. 」

   I took a bath after Ravi, and just after we finished, the dinner time has come. While waiting for our order to come, the dwarf, Ham have come to the dining hall. The customers at the dining hall is not just the lodgers of the inn. Ham realized that we were there in an instant and made a surprised expression.

「You’re back. 」

「Yeah, Ham. Just returned today though. 」

「I have heard from the requestor in Toy Berry. He seems to be praising you quite much. To impress that old man so much, as expected from you huh. 」

「No no……There’s no such thing. 」

   In the meantime, the meals are served on the table.

「It’ll be rude of me to bother your dinner. If you want more jobs, then come to my place anytime. 」

「Yeah, thanks. 」

   Ham greeted Ravi as well, before heading towards the single seat in front of the counter.

   The specials today that came out was, sautéed pork with tomato sauce, mashed potato, basil bread, and grated carrots. Ravi is munching on the food so quickly that the sauce got on her face.

   The figure of her cheeks stuffed with food deliciously is also cute. It’s much more enjoyable to eat with Ravi than myself. Towards Ravi who would give me such a happy dinner time, I have a deep gratitude.


   That night――. Since the laundry is done when we used the bath, we only had to let it dry in the room. Inside the room, there’s already a hemp rope prepared for us to hang the clothes. Since travelers like us would always wash up when we come to an inn, this kind of set up is definitely necessary.

   I took out the laundry that’s washed in the bath from the basket. Since I’ve borrowed wooden hangers as well, I put up the clothes one by one to dry.

   Ravi is helping out as usual. Her small hands clapped with the clothes in between. Doing this to straighten out the wrinkles, it will be much comfortable when we wear them.

「Ravi is getting skillful. 」

「Really? 」

   Ravi’s eyes sparkled with happiness.

   After a while, we finally finished hanging all of the laundry.

「We finished early thanks to Ravi’s help. 」

   Praising her, Ravi proudly stuck out her chest. The words that I’ve been using more than one time in a single day floated in my mind again. My angel is so cute again.

   Returning to the laundry matter. Actually, I’ve thought of drying it with warm air quickly. But looking at Ravi’s expecting and satisfied gaze as she asked, 「I wonder will it be dry tomorrow」, I refrained.

「Since the rain is there, the humidity in here is quite high, it probably won’t dry by morning. 」

「Really? 」

「Yup, it’s different than when we put it out under the sun. 」

   As she listened, Ravi touched the laundry with an intrigued face.

「I see……the sun is amazing……」

   Ravi muttered as if impressed. She’s been learning little things like this slowly but surely. How Ravi would mature and become, I’m looking forward to it.


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