Chapter 72 Ossan with The Girl, The Meaning to be Fearless against Failures

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   The time when we finished everything and had a chance to catch our breath.

「Say daddy……can I practice magic? 」

「Yeah, of course. But Ravi, you’re not tired? 」

   Today, we have just returned to Balzac, with the sad farewell in Heescock lingered in our minds. Ravi smiled at me who’s worried and said, 「I’m fine. 」

「I want to try learning magic……. But I don’t know if I can do it……」

「I see. Then let’s do our best. 」

「Unn……! 」

   Recently, Ravi has been making a sour face whenever it’s about magic. That’s why I’m happy from the bottom of my heart for her change in heart.

   To not let Ravi be sad this time, I can only put my hopes on the learning set that the twins sold to us and pray that there will be some result.

   Ravi who sat on the bed, opened the magic learning set carefully. The Cuckoo that was resting on the chair during the washup moved back onto Ravi’s shoulder. I as well, sat beside her and looked after her study.

   First, looking through the content. As Ravi slowly took off the book band, little tools started to fall out of the thick textbook that looked like an encyclopedia.

   A skill-supporting stick for beginner. A witch hat to enhance your focus. And a mantle that assist in chanting. Each one of them are precious and convenient tools for a beginner.

「Amazing……. Just like a real witch……! 」

   Ravi took the item into her hands one after another, touching the witch hat on her hands with sparkling eyes, and holding the stick. Her figure was just adorable.

「Ravi, try reading the texts. If there’s any difficult words, I will help out too. 」


   Ravi had a nervous expression as she opened the cover of the textbook. Just as she did so, the text in the book started to float into the air softly.


   Ravi stretched her hands towards the floating words while her eyes became round. The characters that are poked by Ravi’s fingertips jiggled like a slime, before setting back to their original position. The book is probably filled with little magical tricks to let children have fun while learning.

   While staring at the floating text, Ravi started reading at it.

「Umm……The purpose of this book is……」

   Ravi read the preface that wrote the mindset of using magic with a serious face. After the message from the author have finished, finally, the real content starts.

   Chapter 1-1――

『Awaken Your Magic!』

「First, knowing your own mana is important……」

   Certainly, mana differs from person to person. Practicing spells without knowing would often lead to frustration and slumps.

「Heighten your focus, let’s awaken your magic now. Now, put on the hat. ……L-like this? 」

「It looks great on you, Ravi. 」

   Ravi who had the large witch hat on her looked a little shy but, she went back into serious mode and made a tense look just a moment later. The texts in the book is written in a way that draws attention. Along with the hat that’s supposed to heighten your focus, it’s probably the most efficient way that the author thought of.

   There are several factors that cause lesser mana awakenings. One of them is just like the mana difference problem. For someone that have affinity with fire magic, no matter how much they train in water magic, it would just add to their frustration.

   The next is focusing your mind―. Since magic is something like using the power inside yourself, it’ll be difficult to do if you’re not fully in focus. Especially for young children, that’s a difficult task to do. But along with the hat that’s supposed to assist in that, with the clever Ravi, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

   And the last but most troublesome――. One’s consciousness.

   It’s much easier to fail if you try to forcibly use magic. Using magic is like swimming gently in water. And swimming is easiest when you’re not being tense. Becoming one with the water and rely on the current.

   Doing it like that will naturally let you know your own mana circuit.

   But not being tense, I know it’s much easier said than done since I’ve experienced it myself. Impatience, anxiety, and fear towards the unknown power. Such things naturally will come to your mind, and to overcome that is a difficult task of its own.

   It’s a rare occurrence but, some people might’ve sealed their own magic unconsciously this way.

   Ravi’s magic ability is already appraised in the elf settlement, Floria.

『Fret not. She properly has skill affinity. But it’s just sleeping a little deep inside. You probably need a special occurrence to awaken it. But I’m sure it’s fine. If she continues to wish it, it’ll definitely happen. 』

   Deep inside, huh. Then it might be that it’s a situation that Ravi is sealing her own magic unconsciously.

   I really want to help her to overcome that despite her own reasons.

「Then let’s chant some simple magic next」

   Ravi read the text with a nervous face.

「F-fight, Ravi……! 」

   Somehow, the tension infected me as well. Ravi nodded, and tried to chant after swallowing her breath. But――.

   Somehow, she made an anxious face and looked up at me.

「Ravi? What is it? 」

「……I think, I will just fail again……. Sorry……」

「Mu―!? 」

   Why is Ravi apologizing!?

「Even though daddy bought it for me……and if I still can’t use magic……Then I……」

   ……I see, that’s true. The fear of not succeeding surely lingered in her heart whenever she did anything.

「I also failed countless times before I was able to use my first skill and magic. 」

「Eh―. Daddy too……? 」

「Yeah. Remember? You’ve seen my potential in Floria too. 」

   Ravi’s potential was at 5120 while mine is only at 900. Since the average for people with skill affinity is at 3000, I had much difficulty acquiring the skills one by one.

「Since I didn’t have the talent―. I’ve failed hundreds of time. 」

   Repeating failures, it’s natural the fear of failing again will consume you. I’m sure Ravi is feeling the same way right now too.

「It’s fine even if you don’t succeed. Don’t fear failures, no matter how many times. I will be together with Ravi. 」

「But……Daddy, wouldn’t it a bother……? 」

「No way that’s the case. If you try your hardest, then I will definitely cheer for you. It’s alright. Don’t worry and keep challenging. 」

   Ravi’s eyes that had anxiety regained its luster.

「I……I will try my best……! 」

   Ravi clenched her fists, and pushed the witch hat even more firmly on her head.


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