Chapter 73 Ossan with The Girl, Awakening the Mana Within

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   Outside the window, the rain is still drizzling quietly.


   Ravi raised a voice as she motivated herself, and leaped down from the bed.

「Wawa―, my hat……! 」

   Because of that, her witch hat almost came off, but she managed to press it down in time.

「It’s alright, calm down and try your best」

「Unn……! 」

   Ravi who had a slightly nervous expression, slowly extended the stick. Then the chant――.

《The spirit of light, lend me the power to illuminate the darkness――Light magic―Shining!》

   Practicing countless times already, the chant for the light magic is perfect.

   Reacting to Ravi’s chant, the magic mantle started fluttering in the air. An instant after that――.


   Ah―!?  J-just now, wasn’t there a small light at the end of the stick!? It was just for an instant, but it was definitely there!!

   Ravi probably had realized it too. The sound of her swallowing her breath resounded, before looking back at me with a surprised face.

「That’s great, Ravi! One more time! 」

「Unn――! 」

   She probably caught on the feeling. Ravi let out an exciting voice. Her confidence now that she did it once will definitely push her awakening even more.

   Ravi gripped the stick steadier, before shutting her eyes. After breathing deeply few times and loosening her body. ――Then once again, the chant.

《The spirit of light, lend me the power to illuminate the darkness――Light magic―Shining!》

   Crackle crackle―.

   Ooh! It had more blinks than before!!

「One more try……! 」

   Ravi raised her face with resolution.

   It’s the first time I saw such expression of hers.

   Fight on. Fight on……!  To not bother her focus, I rooted her desperately in my heart.

「Kuh……It’s just a little more! Do your best!! 」

「Unn……look properly, daddy……!! 」

   I got up from the bed unconsciously and clenched my fists. Ravi repeated the chant passionately. If it didn’t go well, then one more try. That’s right, don’t fear failures!

《The spirit of light, lend me the power to illuminate the darkness――Light magic―Shining!》

   Crackle, crackle――!!  It’s a light strongest of all before!  Just as I thought so, a light pop resounded and the small magical flame disappeared.


   But, it was undeniably a progress!!

「Ravi, do your best……!! 」

「A-again!! 」

   Did Ravi’s passion finally show results. No, there’re no other explanation other than her hard work have borne fruit.

   In the middle of the light that crackled and disappeared like a small firework, it slowly swelled. And finally, a small light started flickering there. And starting from that, the unstable sparks disappeared, and a ball of light started to form, before slowly getting bigger.

「……That’s good. Just like that! Continue with that pace!! 」

「Uuu――……!! 」

   Ravi shut her eyes tightly, and stretched her both hands while grasping the stick tightly. Then that moment, a small light akin to a shooting star shone――.

「……!! 」

   The dazzling light illuminated us above our heads. It’s not just bright. It was a light that gave off a feeling of warmth like the sun.

「A-amazing, Ravi……! Huge success……!! 」

「Haa―Haa……. Daddy, I, did it……」

   As she pulled her strength, the magic disappeared too. While wiping away the sweat on her forehead, Ravi with a tired smile looked at me.

「Did you see that……? 」

「Of course!! 」

   I hugged up Ravi, and spun her around. Ravi who still have her witch hat on, let out innocent laughter.

「Amazing! Great job, Ravi!! You are the best!! ――Ha―」

   What am I doing now!? Although I thought to keep quiet……

「S-sorry. I bothered you……」

「Uunn. Thank you, daddy……. I could only do this because daddy was cheering. 」

   Ravi who still have her stick in her hands, said it proudly.

「Actually, imagining how daddy used his magic. I thought that I want to become like daddy, and I finally did it……」

「R-Ravi……!! 」

   Surely it isn’t something like that, I’m sure that it was her own hard work that led to this. But to think that she would say it like that. She’s such a good child.

   To think that overlooking my daughter’s growth, would be so fun……. I wiped the tears on the edge of my eyes as I felt the warmth in my heart.


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