Chapter 74 Ossan with The Girl, Regarding the Anniversary

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   Next morning. Waking up to the downpour outside, the sound of the rain reverberated. Occasionally, lightning that causes anxiety would strike. I thought it would’ve stopped raining by morning, but at this rate, the rain might continue for the rest of the day too.

「Daddy, it’s a heavy rain……」

   Ravi who finished her breakfast, blinked while staring outside the window. Every time the thunder struck, she would be startled and her shoulders would spike.

「Hey, Ravi. There’re some bits around your mouth. 」

   Ravi leaned over the table, while holding a clean cloth on my hand, I wiped it for her.

「Thank you……」

   Towards Ravi who said it with a slightly embarrassed expression, I replied, 「You’re welcome. 」

   And just a moment after that, another streak of lightning ran across the sky outside the window. There’s the schedule to visit the Kashmesh Magic Firm today, but now that the weather is like this.

「It looks like we will be wet in an instant if we go out huh. 」

   As I pondered what to do, Eihab put down his cutlery and offered a suggestion.

「Isn’t it better that you stay indoors today? Even my daughter is taking a day off from the magic academy. 」

   The other lodgers too, they seemed to have given up on going out, they were still slacking here in the dining hall even after finishing their breakfast.

「……Diana-chan, I want to meet her……」

   Ravi who muttered it in a soft voice, probably have reached Eihab’s ears after all.

「Diana also wanted to see you so, I told her to come after the breakfast time is done here. ――Oh, speaking of the devil. 」

「Ravi-chan! 」

   The door that connected to the house where Eihab and his family lives swung opened, and from there Diana appeared with a wide smiling face.


   Ravi seemed to be a little embarrassed as she called back Diana’s name. But I could tell that Ravi is also happy to see her again from her eyes.

「Ravi-chan, I wanted to see you――! Was it fun travelling? Want to play together today!? 」

「Ah, umm……」

   Ravi looked up at me.

「Douglas, I will be looking after them if you don’t mind. 」

   If Eihab says so, then I don’t have any reasons to be worried. Besides that, the Cuckoo is resting on Ravi’s head today too.

   In this rain, I don’t want Ravi to catch a cold while accompanying me. Since the matter with Kashmesh would probably be boring for a child anyways. And I shouldn’t be away for a long time because it’s just that single matter that I have to do today.

「How is it, Ravi? Do you want to come, or spend time with Diana, whichever is fine. 」

   Diana, who was beside her, said, 「Let’s play―let’s play―」, while tugging at Ravi’s arm. Even though Ravi looked like she was laughing modestly, I can tell that she’s really happy that she was asked by Diana.

「Then daddy……. Can I spend time with Diana-chan today……? 」

「Of course. 」

   I smiled lightly and nodded.

「Hurray――! Ravi-chan!! 」

   Looking at Diana who cheered happily, Ravi giggled. Eihab and I, the both of us muttered, 「My daughter is just too cute……」.

「That’s right, you both. I will buy a cake before I come back. There’s a celebration for Ravi after all. 」

「……! Really……? 」

   Ravi looked at me excitedly.

「Cake! Wow! Celebration, is today Ravi-chan’s birthday!? 」

「Uunn……N-not that……」

「No, it’s celebration since she can use magic now. 」

「Eeeh――!? 」

   Diana who heard let out a surprised voice, before going to tug at her father’s arm.

「Papa, you heard!? A celebration for her now that she can use magic! That’s amazing, I’m so envious! Say, Ravi-chan, my papa would even forget my birthday you know!? 」

「Hahaha, that’s troubling. I forgot about her birthday once three years ago, now she’s still holding a grudge at me. 」

   Eihab smiled bitterly at Diana’s words and added on. Diana who seemed to recall that incident, pouted and turned away from Eihab, it seems to be the punishment for the convicted.

「Well, it’s certainly Eihab’s fault. Your cute daughter’s birthday, you should’ve leave everything aside to celebrate it――Ha―!? 」

   Saying that, I suddenly came to a shocking realization.

   ……I haven’t even asked for Ravi’s birthday……! What a grave mistake I have done……!?

「S-sorry, Ravi……!! ……When’s your birthday? 」

   Ignoring the Eihab who was still trying to appease Diana, I panickily hurried over to Ravi and asked.

「My birthday……. Umm, it’s on December 12th……」

   Aah. I’m glad……! Her birthday didn’t come yet. I released the tension on my chest.

「Let’s celebrate on that day. 」

「Eh……. Celebrate, mine……? Daddy would celebrate my birthday……? 」

   Ravi who had round eyes asked with her usual reserved tone.

「Of course I would. 」

   After all, it’s the special day that Ravi was born.

「Then let’s do anything Ravi wants that day. 」

「……! Birthday, I’m looking forward to it……」

   Ravi had her hands on her chest, and smiled widely from the bottom of her heart.

   Ah, geez. With Ravi’s big smile and her expectancies, my heart was filled with happiness.

   I will definitely be looking towards that day too, Ravi.

   On her birthday, I wonder what kind of celebration will be nice. Things that I want to gift her, and food that she would like. There’re so many things that I can let her try that it probably couldn’t be finished even if every day is Ravi’s birthday.

「Then Ravi, stay well while house-watching for a little. I will be going. 」

「Unn, be safe……! I, with Diana and Cuckoo, we will do it properly……」

   After patting Ravi’s head lightly, I stepped out to the streets while the downpour continued.


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  • Dayla Illend

    Dayla Illend

    The fact that MC ignored that she does not have a name on his appraisal really upsets me, everyone knows her as Ravi, but I dont think that it will be any good if it stays like that. should he name her a similar name? something like Rivallia Ford or Ravinea Ford? I certainly would do that

  • geekdivaherself


    So kyoot!