Chapter 75 Ossan, Autograph for the Catsith

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   Kashmesh Magic Firm is located in a certain high-class street in Balzac. Along the same street is the adventurer guild and merchant guild, even the town hall is present.

   By the way, it was about twenty minutes’ walk away from Eihab’s inn. Since the downpour is still going strong, I covered myself fully with my coat while walking on the streets.

「The rain still got me though……」

   Under the overhang at Kashmesh Magic Firm, I took off the wet coat. Squeezing it like a wet towel, water started coming out. Leaving my bag in the inn was the correct choice after all.

   I wiped away the water droplets sticking on my hair with my hand roughly as I took off my hood.

「――Well then」

   It’s a first time for me to be making a complaint like this but, I can’t be faltered because of that. I have to be a father that will uphold his daughter’s future. For that, I shall fight.

   As I raised my face resolutely, I opened the door. On the other side of the reception counter, there was a catsith standing there.

「Welcomee-nya! 」

   I walked to the counter, and asked where the editorial department for the news is at.

「It’s on the sixth floor. Do you have an appointment-nya? 」

「No, I don’t have one. 」

「Who shall I connect you to? 」

「Ah―……Probably the one who wrote about me, or maybe the editorial leader? 」

「Nya!? 」

   As I was hesitating who should I name, the catsith was taken back by surprise. The catsith readjusted his glasses that had already fallen from the normal position, and raised another surprised voice.

「Nyanyanya―!? Looking closely, aren’t you the hero Douglas!? 」

「Not a hero but……yes, I’m Douglas. And so, I have something to talk regarding my article. 」

「I understand-nya! I will contact them immediately, please wait for a moment-nya. 」

   The catsith immediately started writing on something that looked like a magic note.

   Visitor : Hero Douglas Ford-sama

   Appointment : None

   Intermediary : News Editorial Department Responsible Reporter ・ Editorial Leader

   Sentences wrote on a magic note would be reflected on the paired receiving note in real time. A while later, reply started coming in on another note that was used for receiving in the catsith’s hand.

「Good news, the responsible reporter is here today-nya! He’s coming down right now to meet you-nya」

「No, I’m the one who came. I should be the one going. 」

「The sixth floor, you can use the magic stairs there to get there-nya. ――Um―」

   After finishing the explanation, the catsith was fidgeting while playing with his1 tail for some reason.

「What is it? 」

「……Sorry to be rude to our customer but……Autograph……Can I have that please-nya……? 」

「Eh? Autograph? 」

   The catsith seemed to gulp reservedly.

「Actually, my son is a fan of Hero Douglas-san-nya. 」


   My mouth was bound with complicated emotions. I don’t think myself anywhere close to be a hero. But, I couldn’t bring myself to deny it outright for a father who asked me for his son’s sake.

「Can I please have your autograph somehow-nya……」


   As the atmosphere was progressing towards the scenario of me rejecting it, his ears became flat. Kuh……. Those ears are cheating, you catsith……. Somehow, I knew I would feel super guilty if I were to refuse.

「……Even if you say autograph, my autograph is just my name. 」

   As I was overwhelmed by the pitifulness of the catsith, and told him so, his ears perked up in an instant.

「That is more than enough-nya!! Here, please!! 」

   He offered a pen and a notebook taken out of his pocket. I guess I can’t reject it now that it’s this far. As I took those hesitatingly, I wrote my name on it awkwardly.

   The writing isn’t pretty, and it’s really just my name that I wrote. ……Is something like this even worth anything? But ignoring my hesitancies, the catsith jumped in joy.

「Thank you very much-nya! Really, really, thank you-nya! My son will be super happy too-nya!! 」

   While receiving the notebook that has my crappy autograph in it in his hands, the catsith thanked me over and over. As if really happy, his cat pupils were even shining.

  1. Yes, it’s a male cat. What’s wrong.


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