Chapter 76 Ossan, Handed Mountain of Fan Letters

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   Following what the catsith told me, getting off the magic lift at sixth floor, I headed towards my destination, the Editorial Department. Standing before the door, when I peeked inside, there were reporters who looked busy running all around. Even the catsiths behind the desks looked busier than those in the guild.

「The evening news, will the editing be in time!? 」

「I will confirm with the printing department! 」

「Urgently! 」

   Hearing the yells from all around, I was taken aback unintentionally. No, this won’t do, I can’t be like this. I clenched my fists, before entering while trying not to bother the reporters.

「……Mu? ……Wha!? Hero Douglas!? 」

「It’s true!! Why is he here!? 」

   The reporters that have noticed me started talking, but it was very awkward for me. Please don’t mind me and focus on your work……. While thinking that in my heart, I headed towards the reporter that was responsible for my articles before.

「Douglas-san! I didn’t think that you will come to our place. It’s really surprising. 」

「Yeah. I’ve got something to talk with you. 」

   The reporter has a full smile while extending her hand for a handshake. As expected, ignoring her offer would be rude, so I shook her hand and my arm was grasped back tightly.

「It’ll be a big welcome for you no matter what! ――By the way, is it a new scoop? 」

   Her expression changed into her work mode, and a serious pair of eyes stared at me. I exhaled a sigh, before explaining, 「It’s not something like that. 」

「Well, here is a little bad so, let’s proceed to the conference room! 」

   Just as she said that, I realized the other reporters and catsiths have completely surrounded us. Certainly, in this situation that will be better. So, I agreed to talk in the conference room.

   Moving to the conference room, thanking them for the tea, another lady with her hair tied in a bun entered the room. The lady who looked a little older than me offered me a name card, on which wrote, 『Kashmesh Magic Printing Firm News Editorial Chief』

「Firstly, welcome and thank you for coming. It’s really a great honor to meet you! To come here on such an occasion, could it be that you’re giving us a scoop!? 」

   Even the editorial leader is here. I reminded myself to not be as rude as possible.

「That’s not the case. I want you to refrain from interviewing me from now on. 」

「Eh……!? 」

「Honestly, in Balzac, it’s really tiring to live a lifestyle that I have to disguise myself and go around places stealthily. Even in other towns, because of the news, I’m getting in the spotlight constantly. 」

「Our articles were……」

   Her eyes became round, and looked at the reporter beside her. The reporter awkwardly shrunk herself.

「Because of this, even my daughter might have to disguise herself. She’s still a child, and I don’t want her to go through this. I want her to grow up in normal environment. 」

   I looked at the editorial leader and the reporter, before saying it firmly.

「That’s why, I want you to stop writing articles about us. 」

   I’m sure they have fully understood my intentions with this. The reporter muttered 「No way……」, while her shoulders drooped. But even so, she didn’t seem fully convinced.

「……But Douglas-san’s articles, they are super popular you know. And even if we don’t write, the other news firms will――」

「Hey, Mira1―! It’s not something like that. 」

   The editorial leader shushed Mira, the reporter, and faced me again.

「Douglas-san, first, we are deeply sorry that our articles have caused you such troubles. And the matter with your daughter, sorry that we didn’t thought that much into it. 」

   She deeply bowed. And the reporter beside panickily followed as well.

「No, please raise your head. I haven’t come here for your apologies. Just that I want your promise to not write about us――」

「P-Please wait, Douglas-san! 」

「Certainly at first, we did it because it seemed like it’s going to catch attention! But now it isn’t like that! 」

   The reporter said it with a serious face.

「Douglas-san, your ways of living, I strongly think that we need to convey it to the others. It’s not for our firm. It’s for all the people out there! 」


「That’s right! I’ve got something to show you! 」

   The reporter who hurried out panickily, returned with a large wooden box in her arms a while later.

「Please take a look at these! It’s the fan letters of this week. There’re still more that we’re holding onto! 」

   The box that she put on the low table, had a large number of letters in it. I took one of them, and opened it as she said.

『To Kashmesh Magic Firm News Reporter. Thank you for always writing about Hero Douglas-san. Since I don’t know how to deliver this to Douglas-san himself, I will send it here instead. Please convey it to Douglas-san』

   And what was written below that, was the message directed to me.

『I’m an adventurer that retired because of an injury on my leg. I was living aimless days every day but, ever since I’ve read the articles about Douglas-san’s stories on the news, I couldn’t help but be excited for more. It felt like I was a part of the adventures again. Thank you. I will be looking forward for more amazing stories of yours. 』

「Please, take a look at the others too. 」

   The editorial leader urged me with passionate eyes. While hesitating, I reached my hands out to another letter.

『After referencing how Douglas-san defeats the monster, our mercenary squad became even stronger! 』

『Douglas-san, he’s very cool. Me too, I want to be an adventurer when I grow up. 』

『Whenever Douglas-san’s article is on the news, I feel relieved when I know that he and Ravi are travelling well. I will be grateful if there will be more articles about him in the future, as long as it doesn’t bother them. Muscle Power―! 』

『Even my husband who only knows how to be an adventurer, after reading Douglas-san’s stories, he reflected. Saying that he thought it would be cool to be an adventurer……! Now, the two of us together will play with our child on the rest days. Please do post more about Douglas-san’s child raising stories! 』

「This is…… 」

   As expected, I was unable to say anything after reading them. ……Rather than that, 「Muscle Power―」is probably from them huh.

   To be honest, I thought the purpose of writing me was because it was an interesting topic. But the mountain of letters in the wooden box, all of them contained the reader’s warm gratitude.

「I’m sure everyone became motivated and able to muster courage was because of Douglas-san’s stories. 」

   The reporter nodded fiercely. Even the sound of her forehead crashing into the low table was heard. Oi oi, are you even okay…….

「We will definitely make sure it won’t cause any troubles! We will also be sure to protect Ravi-chan’s lifestyle! That’s why, can we please have an interview with Douglas-san even if it’s rarely? 」


   I was speechless as I pondered. I’m grateful for what the people have felt after reading it. But――.

「As expected, interviewing is not possible. It will definitely cause a stir, even in the places that we will go to. 」

「……In no way……? 」

   Towards the disappointed reporter, I told her while feeling a little troubled.

「……Occasionally I will give some information that seems useful for some people. How about that. 」

「Eh!? 」

「Really, Douglas-san!? 」

   Both of them leaned out at the same time.

「Definitely don’t write about Ravi. And I will also refrain from exposing our lodgings and the names of our contacts. Is that fine? 」

「Y……Yes, Of course! 」

「Hurray―!! We did it, chief! 」

   Two of them raised their voices and made a guts pose. I was taken aback by the over joyous attitude that they have.

「That……I don’t think it’s going to be some amazing information? 」

「Anything is fine!! Even the trivial matters of Douglas-san’s daily life, everyone will be super happy because they enjoy your stories! 」

「D-diary? No, as expected I don’t think there’re people wanting to read that……」

「There’ll be!! How about making a new column under the name, 『Hero Douglas’s Adventure Stories』, and put the raw diary that Douglas-san gives us there!? 」

「Adventure stories, isn’t it a nice idea! 」

   Both of them became fired up by themselves, and started exploring possibilities for future articles. Feeling the unnatural amount of expectancies on me, I felt uncomfortable.

   But for the time being, I wonder have the conditions become acceptable for all of us.

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