Chapter 77 Ossan, Rages

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――Ring ring.

「Thank you very much! 」

   Having sent off by the cake bakery’s clerk, the rain started increase in intensity again.

「……This is troubling」

   Having the fierce downpour and wind in front of me, I stood under the overhang unconsciously. Glancing downwards, there was the white box that I’ve got from the shop just now.

   This cake bakery was the place that Diana taught Ravi previously. Ravi who nodded with a serious expression after having told that its apple pie is the best. Thus, I’ve bought a whole apple pie today.

   For Ravi to eat as much as she likes, it’s the extra-large size. I hope she will like it. As I smiled a little, I carefully put away the box under the protection of my coat.

   I will absolutely not let it get wet. But I have to deliver it to Ravi as soon as possible. I sighed lightly, before looking up at the dull-colored sky. As the old man made up his decision and about to move under the rain. A bright orange bird suddenly flashed in his vision between the lower clouds.

「……!? 」

   In the scenery that is dyed grey, only the orange color stood out excessively.

   Isn’t that the Cuckoo!? As I came to a realization, the feeling of blood suddenly drained from me. Why is it here…….

「Oi, what happened!? Aren’t you supposed to be guarding Ravi!? 」

   I yelled in a loud voice that even the downpour would not drown it. The Cuckoo urgently landed in front of me, and started to speak in a high pitch.

『Urgent Return!! Ravi Danger! Ravi Danger! 』

「Wha!? 」

『Inn Attacked Ravi Danger! Ravi Danger! 』

   The inn is getting attacked……!?


   Returning together with the Cuckoo, I came into an unimaginable scenery, and the cake box fell unintentionally from my hands. The white box that fell into the muddy water was becoming more stained as time goes on.

   Even so, I can’t be bothered about that now. I already have too much in front of me……. It’s a lie right……?

   Eihab’s inn, 『Hog’s Cry』1 was wrecked, parts of the roof and wall is collapsed.

「……R-Ravi……. Ravi―……! 」

   My voice was trembling pathetically. Even my heart is thumping like crazy. I ran up the mountain of rubble, as I felt the deep fear lingering in me.

「There’s someone here! He’s still breathing! 」

「The bleeding is terrible! Bring me a cloth! 」

   People had already started gathering around the inn. The neighbors have hurried here to help the injured.

   ――But, Ravi isn’t here.


「Eihab……! 」

   I hurriedly ran towards my friend who was getting carried out.

「What happened! Eihab! 」


   Eihab’s daughter, Diana was not harmed as Eihab covered for her, but his injuries were too terrible. The shirt around his abdomen is dyed red. Looking at the traces of char, I can see that it’s the doing of a fire magic.

「Any doctor! 」

「I will get one now! 」

   I can hear the yelling of the people who came to help. ……No. It will be too late with his bleeding. I immediately casted recovery magic onto Eihab, healing his wounds.

「W-what is this light!? His injuries are healing……! 」

「The bleeding stopped! Hey you, you can use full recovery magic!? 」

「Rather than that, have you seen another little girl anywhere!? My daughter is not here……! 」

「What!? That’s not good! 」

「Everyone search! 」

   Everyone nodded, and started looking for Ravi. I desperately yelled for Ravi’s name.

「Ravi……! Ravi! Where are you……! 」

   Why did something like this……. Did that assassin come for Ravi again!? If so, then Ravi is……


「Eihab! 」

   Eihab who regained his consciousness grasped at my clothes, as he tried to retain me.

「Eihab, you know where Ravi is!? 」

「……Sorry. She was abducted. I tried to hold him back but, he used magic……. Sorry that I couldn’t protect her……」

「Don’t apologize. Have you seen who it was!? The appearance!? 」

   Eihab nodded seriously, and spoke the word hatefully.

「Shit……. It’s that bastard Sage……Edmond……! 」


   Suddenly, the figure of my past comrade, Edmond passed by in my mind. His criticism and cold smile.

「……Is it only Edmond himself? 」

「It was only him who attacked us……」

   Could it be that Alan is also involved, but it’s not like I will care who is involved.

「I will go for Ravi. 」

「Wait, Douglas. Kuh……」

   Eihab grasped my arm strongly, bite down and raised up his upper body.

「Oi, Eihab. Don’t do that……! 」

「Edmond said, go to the abandoned ruins of the city in two days……. It’s the message he left for you……」

「……Got it. ――I sealed your wound firmly, so don’t worry. Diana isn’t injured also. 」

「I see……」

   Probably relieved, Eihab lost his consciousness again. Since his breathing seemed stable, there’s no worry.

   After leaving Eihab to the people of the city, I left there, while clenching my fist strongly.

   That Edmond…….

   The anger rose as if boiled. The underhandedness of taking a child hostage. And his selfishness of involving so many people. It’s not something that can be forgiven in any way.

   Telling me to wait two days? Is there any parent in the world who will do nothing but wait when his child has not returned for so long?

「……Cuckoo. Do you know where Ravi is at? 」

『Ravi, Can Search! Leave It To Cuckoo! 』

「Alright, lead me to where Ravi is! 」

   Just you wait, Edmond. I will have you return my daughter soon.

  1. Uhm, it turns out that I dun goof, this is the correct inn name. Basically, since I know Chinese, I looked at the kanji(豚) and just decided, yup it’s dolphin, nothing complicated for the name. BUT NOPE. All the previous chapters have been edited to the correct one.(Even though dolphin sounded better……)


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  • Kian


    Man, it’s almost as if just ignoring people who hold ill will towards you doesn’t actually make them go away! It’s nice that he at least remembered the assassin that’s also after Ravi. Hopefully this will get the plot moving again.

  • Crushywanna


    “Hog’s Cry” just feels like a generic inn name to me, I liked Dolphin too.