Chapter 78 Ossan, Confronting His Past Comrade

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『Here! Here! 』

   The crown of the Cuckoo that is leading the way was blinking red like an antenna.

   The destination where we finally arrived at, is an abandoned church in the north of Balzac.

   I surveyed the surrounding by sweeping my gaze in an instant. The white walls were fully covered in akebia vines. The dome-shaped roof had a huge hole, even the support beams of the building can be seen.

   I recalled that the empty house that we used to meet up with Edmond is nearby.

『There! Magic Trap There! Attention! Trap――……』

   Is it a time to be caring for such trivial things!

   Before the Cuckoo even finished informing, I had forcibly dispelled the trap magic on the door.

「Ravi is there right!? 」

『Yes! Ravi There! 』

   A blinding light shone from the Cuckoo’s crown. Stretching both hands towards the door, I chanted for two skills.

   《The watchman who protects the silence, shut the gate――Silent》

   《Boil up the expanding power――Muscle Power Strengthening!!!》

   With my strengthened fist, I slammed on the door with all my might. It let out a loud noise before blown away. But because of the silent skill, the people inside won’t realize anything.

『Ravi In Building Deepest! 』

「Got it! 」

   Applying the buff to my legs, I ran towards where Ravi is. Running across the long corridor made of stone, another door appeared.

「Ravi!!! 」

   While yelling for Ravi’s name, I breached――.

「……! 」

   Edmond who was leaning on the altar of the ruins, swallowed his breath and his eyes widened.

「Impossible……How did you know……!? 」

「Edmond……!! Found you!! 」

   Edmond seemed to be ashamed for his momentarily panic reaction, before acting calm while spreading his arms.

「Hmph……. It’s not today that I’ve told you to come. And it seems like you’ve got the place wrong. Even though I offered you a message just for that. 」

   I don’t care about this guy. I moved my gaze urgently and surveyed the surrounding.

   ……What is happening. I can’t see Ravi anywhere. Even though Cuckoo said it was here……!

「Cuckoo, what’s going on? Where’s Ravi!? 」

『Ravi Is Here! 』

   That means――. Edmond glared at me.

「Edmond! You used a skill to hide my daughter huh! 」

   Edmond cheeks were completely sunken, and his lips are cracked. The hem of his coat is already in tatters, and the sleeves were smeared in dirt.

   Even though he was a clean freak who would get a new one every time if it was dirty, probably because that he wasn’t satisfied with just washing it.

「Answer quickly. I don’t have plans to wait. 」

「It seems like you’re still misunderstanding something. In this situation, the one holding the upper hand is me. Can you even afford taking such an attitude? Now, think rationally again. 」

「Where’s Ravi. 」

「Good grace, you weren’t such an impatient man before right? Also, that haughty attitude. 」

「I’m asking where’s Ravi! 」

「How about changing your conduct? That girl is safe but, that depends on your attitude. 」

   I glanced towards the Cuckoo. It was staring at the bench placed in a corner while releasing light stronger than any before.

「……I understand. I will listen. 」

   As I raised my face straight, Edmond laughed and showed a distorted smile.

「Negotiation at last. I will be frank, I want you to take back the curse that you rebounded to Alan. 」

「Rebounded curse……? What do you mean? 」

「Haha, don’t act a fool! You were the one who cursed Alan, right? Because of that, he became a weakling. Really, what a trouble you have caused! 」

   ……I see, it’s that matter. The rumors of Alan’s weakening, and the consecutive failures of quests. I understand the reason now. Because I dispelled the curse, it returned to the caster which was Alan. Is Alan experiencing the same curse that had been torturing me a bunch?

「Because that Alan weakened and we failed quests, our special license is revoked! And now we’re just like the average adventurers! It’s not funny! Our compensation was reduced into nothing, and even benefits we had were taken away. Even though I was promised a peerage when the demon king is defeated……! 」

   Edmond’s eyes were wide open while scattering spit all around as he yelled angrily.

「If we want to get help from the king, Alan himself would have to go. And now he’s only capable of lying in bed. He can’t even get up. That is why, take back the curse! 」

   Inside his mind, there isn’t even a single grain of compassion for his comrades. I felt pity for Edmond’s tiny mind.

「Take back your curse, that’s your responsibility. To think that you’re such a monster to curse your own party comrades. You will suffer the consequences yourself. Take back the curse. If Alan returns to normal, I will return the girl immediately. 」


「How is it? Could it be that you’re hesitating? 」

   As he pushed up his glasses, Edmond ridiculed.

「You can’t abandon your daughter. After all you are willing to protect her even if you die right? 」

   I clenched my fists strongly.

   Just like what Edmond said. I will never abandon Ravi. For Ravi, I will even offer my feeble life without hesitation.  ――But.

「Now say it. Will you pledge to carry the curse? If you don’t decide now, then your daughter’s safety――. 」

「Sorry but I refuse. 」

「Wha!? 」

「……Why. Are you saying that you will abandon your daughter……!? 」

   Without hiding his shock, Edmond asked loudly.

「Don’t kid me. 」

   I will die and Ravi will survive. What difference is there than abandoning her?

「That little girl who has no one to rely on, how can I die while leaving her alone! 」

   That is why.

「I will beat you up, and save Ravi!! 」

《The holy force that dwells in the atmosphere, blow them away! Wind magic―Wind!! 》

「Wha……kuaah―……! Uwaaah―……!? 」

   The wind magic that shot out of my hands, with a ruthless momentum, blew Edmond all the way into a wall.


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  • Kian


    Thanks for the translation!

    That’s interesting. I thought maybe the weakening of the hero party was because the curse was somehow siphoning power off of Douglas and granting it to Alan. It seemed the curse simply rebounded instead. But this opens a bunch of questions now. Like, why didn’t they get someone to cast “Dispel Curse” on him like Douglas did? It may be a difficult skill to find but they’re the hero party. Before they failed a bunch of quests, they should have recognized the curse and had the resources to fix it.

    Also, it seems he knows Alan cast the curse first (thus, he says he rebounded the curse onto him and not that he cursed Alan), so how many of them were in on it? Probably not the girl. Hopefully we will soon learn why he was cursed in the first place. Betrayal stories need to provide a good explanation for that, but I find a lot of them have some very superficial or non-sensical explanations, trying to just get the betrayal done as quickly as possible despite it having so much impact on the story.

    • Vash the Stampede

      Vash the Stampede

      Well it’s also a little bullshit that this guy is already admitting it’s a rebounded curse and is blaming him as a bad person to doing that to Alan and saying he needs to take responsibility. He didn’t curse the guy, he just removed the curse that was placed on him yet somehow that makes him a bad person? What about the douche that curses his party members unprovoked?

      • Kian


        Well, they’re intended to be unlikable, unreasonable betrayers. So that them getting their comeuppance is more cathartic. So him saying he should take the curse back is not all that surprising, this guy doesn’t even care about Alan, he just wants to get his benefits back.

        This does make one question who exactly is going to deal with the Demon King, though. The party had defeated their general while Douglas was with them, but they will have time to recover if the Hero party is down. There’s no way to know how long it will be before a new Hero is found.

  • Random


    Keep up the good work.