Chapter 79 Ossan, Defeat Sage Edmond

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   Edmond who was blown by the strong wind magic crashed into the wall and let out a pained groan before falling to the ground.


「Edmond. Release the magic on Ravi. 」

「……Fu―……Release……? 」

   Edmond who was collapsed on the ground, made a provocative look.

「I shall refuse……《The holy soul who links the purgatory, incinerate the filthy land―――Chained Explosive Snake!! 》」

   The flames that have taken the shape of a huge snake, was shot towards me fiercely.

「There won’t even be bones left if you get hit! Prepare to die! 」

   It’s a flame with will……! Edmond’s most familiar highest-tier fire magic came for the attack. As expected of a Sage in the Hero party. Even using a highest-tier magic would be special, but Edmond is controlling the snake perfectly.

   If so, then I will also――!

《The sole wings that protected the frozen earth, freeze everything in the world――Man-eating Ice Hawk! 》

   What materialized was, a huge hawk covered in ice. The pair of sharp claws grasped the violent snake tightly.

『GyaaoOOoo――!! 』

   The huge flame snake roared, and attacked with its fangs. But the cold-hearted hawk wouldn’t let it pass. The two claws had a death grip on the snake, while icy breath were kept releasing onto the snake.


   As if trying to kill the fire, the hawk spread its wings and screeched loudly.

   A hawk is the natural predator of a snake. So, it didn’t take a long time before the huge snake was completely frozen.

   As the flames disappeared because of the deprived oxygen, the hawk that fulfilled its role disappeared a while after that too.

   What is left is just an awkward silence.

「……I-Impossible……. My snake was annihilated……!? 」

   Edmond muttered with his eyes wide in disbelief.

「Any kind of magic is useless. I will just stop them with more powerful ones. 」

「Kuh……. Something like that is just a fluke……! 」

   Once again, Edmond chanted for the highest-tier fire magic.

「It’s futile. 」

   Edmond tried to release fire magic multiple times, but every time, it was extinguished by my ice magic. Edmond’s unrest only increased as time passes. You would be in disadvantage if you don’t keep your calm in a battle. I coldly announced to Edmond who shot fire magic for the fifth time.

「It’s over. Edmond. Your mana is already empty. 」

「……!? 」

   Edmond who seemed panic enough to scratch his head checked his status in a hurry. And his face turned pale in a moment. Not noticing his depleting mana, it’s the same mistake any beginner would make.

「Don’t even think about drinking mana recovery potions. It’s the same no matter how much you try. Give up and release your magic. 」


   I crouched in front of Edmond and grabbed him by the collar and stared into his eyes.

「Don’t make me repeat so many times. Return Ravi. 」

「U-uguh……. Y-you think I will listen to you……? 」

「If you don’t want to listen, then I will force you to. 」

「……Haha! You? Hahaha―……Don’t make me laugh. It’s you who hit me so hard that I can’t feel my ribs now……! 」

「While you still can laugh, do it now. 」

   As I twisted his right arm, his face distorted from the anguish. Foam formed at the edge of his mouth after gritting his teeth for long. But even so, Edmond still tried to feint a composed smile.

「You aren’t someone who can do that! You are a coward that would even be scared to hurt others! Now you’re feeling the same right……!? 」

「……Edmond. Do it quick. 」

   As expected, I had no more patience to entertain his worthless provocation. But even so, Edmond continued to fan the flames.

「Even if it’s an enemy, you are hesitant to hurt them. It’s in your nature. Rather than a good person, it’s more like a coward! Because of that, various painful experience was made. But you haven’t changed at all, your brain is full of naivety! 」

「The one you know, is the past me. 」

「Past, you say? People are not easy to change. 」

「That’s not true. 」

   My hand that have grasped Edmond’s arm, my fingers started digging into it.

「Guah……!? 」

   There’re times that irreplaceable miracles visit in one’s lifetime. And Ravi is the treasure that have been granted to me. When the miracle comes, people can change all they want. Their age, past and environment doesn’t matter. Treasuring the miracle, if you have the wish to change――.

「I’m not the same. I’ve gained something that I vowed to protect at all cost. I would do anything if it’s for my daughter. 」

「T-try it if you can……! 」

   I twisted Edmond’s arm straight up expressionlessly. And immediately, a dull and unpleasant sound followed――.

「UguuAAaah……!! 」

   Edmond screamed close to a war cry. Edmond’s right arm was dangling unnaturally. Because of the forced dislocation of his arm, he must be feeling unbearable pain.


「The left side is next. 」

「W-wait……! S-stop it……Stop please! 」

「I said release the magic if you want to stop. 」

「I-I understand……I got it so get away from me……! 」

「Release the magic first. 」


   I grabbed his left arm this time.

「Aguh, hi――……I will do it! So……! 」

   Between the screams, Edmond chanted the aria to release his magic. Immediately after that, on the bench in the corner of the room, Ravi’s figure appeared. It’s not just her figure that was hidden, she was also bound on the chair. Edmond glared at me and released the binding magic as well.

「Daddy……? 」

   Ravi who can now move, hesitatingly called out to me.

「Ravi! 」

   I flung Edmond away, and rushed towards Ravi.

「Ah, Ravi!! 」

「Daddy……! 」

   I hugged Ravi tightly. And Ravi clung onto me with both her hands and legs like a koala. It’s just a few hours, but I felt nostalgic at the warmth I felt.

「Are you hurt!? Is there anywhere painful!? 」

「I’m fine……」

   Ravi who is still clinging onto me answered. But she was trembling. All by herself, she must’ve endured the fears of getting kidnapped, even tears were in her eyes.

「Sorry, Ravi……! It was scary right……!? 」

「I’m fine……. Daddy……will come for me, I trusted……」

「Ravi……! 」

   I hugged Ravi once again with the overflowing emotions I have as I wished if only she will be together with me forever.


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