Chapter 80 Ossan with The Girl, Protector and Protected

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   Edmond was arrested for the kidnapping of Ravi, the destruction of 『Hog’s Cry』, and injuring the other lodgers.

   There was quite the racket when the arrest occured. Edmond had screamed and shouted 「I’m a member of the Hero party that has been protecting this country. You can’t arrest me! 」.

   But since he didn’t have any mana leftover to cast attack magic, he wasn’t able to resist. A huge crowd formed around the man rather quickly.

   In the end, he was criticized by the military leader, 「Don’t make such a pathetic show. 」, before being taken away.  People who gathered there ridiculed, 「That’s the end of a hero huh. 」.

   While feeling complicated, I watched the development. A few days after that, Edmond was jailed in the military jail. Once all the documents are complete, he’ll probably be moved to the prison.

   Although he was my past comrade, what he did to Ravi and Eihab and the others is unforgivable. I hope that Edmond can atone for his sins in prison and change his heart. Other than that, I didn’t feel much more for him. I’ve had enough of Edmond for a lifetime.

   Next is the question of Alan…….  Even if he’s in a state that he can barely move, if he will bring harm to Ravi, I won’t let that slide. Like Edmond, it will be too late if he took the first move.

   Speaking of which, I have something of his I need to return. The ring that I’ve kept inside the pocket of my coat. I haven’t forgotten about it even once.

   Edmond said that Alan is currently taking refuge in an inn in Balzac. If that’s the case, then finding him won’t be very difficult.

   The problem is Ravi. Since I saved her, she has been clinging onto me, not letting go for a second. She would occasionally let out a soft voice and rub her forehead on my chest.

「Sorry……for spoiling me……」

「Why apologize? I’m happy. Letting Ravi endure her feelings is much worse for me. 」


   Letting out a small cry, Ravi started rubbing once again. In any other situation, I would probably get embarrassed from the cuteness of her gesture.

   Ravi’s reactions are far different than when we just met.

   Back then, she always seemed afraid, and would freeze up. She suppressed her feelings. But now she has come to rely on me like this. I can’t lie, I’m very happy.

   Ravi has allowed me into her heart. Why wouldn’t I be proud of that?

「Daddy……. I, can I stay with daddy forever……? 」

「Of course. I won’t ever let you feel like that again. I promise. 」

「Unn……. It’s scary alone……」

   I lightly patted her back, and repeatedly told her that it’s alright now. Leaving Ravi alone here while I find Alan isn’t a good idea, but taking her with me isn’t great either. I don’t want her to be scared. How should I do this…….

   To be honest, I don’t want to leave her side for the time being. In the future, spending twenty-four hours a day together will probably be impossible, and something like this incident might happen again.

   Is it alright if I stick to this schedule and be more protective…… at least until Ravi’s mental wound heal?

「Ravi, can we talk for a little? 」

   I spoke to Ravi who had become a leech. Ravi who finally raised her face, gulped before nodding, and looked nervous as she looked at me.

「I have someone that I must meet. 」

「……The one that the man yesterday said……? 」

   The man yesterday is referring to Edmond. I nodded to Ravi’s words.

「That guy――Hero Alan and the guy yesterday, Edmond, they both were my comrades. But various things happened, and now our relationship became like this. Alan probably despises me. So, I decided that I have to meet him. 」

   It’s to make sure that Ravi stays safe. I must brace myself and face my past bravely.

「……Is the Hero-san scary? If something happens to daddy, then I……」

   Ravi with a worried expression asked. As I fumbled over my words to reply, Ravi’s big pupils started shaking in anxiety. N-Not good!

「It’s okay. Nothing will happen. That’s why I’m visiting him. I will return the ring, and tell him that we will never meet again. And that’ll be the end. 」

「Ring……. The ring that makes daddy have a sad face……? 」

   Finding the ring on me, knowing that Alan is the one that cursed me, the time that I was in shock. Certainly, Ravi have seen such figure of mine. But she remembered huh…….

   Even if Ravi is still a child, I don’t want to do something like deceiving her.

「That’s right. 」

「……Someone you cannot not meet? 」

「Yeah, that’s right. 」

「……If you met him, won’t daddy be sad……? 」

   A difficult question came. How will I feel and how do I manage that emotion. I couldn’t imagine how. But I have something that I can say with confidence.

「Meeting Alan, no matter what I feel, I’ll have Ravi with me. That’s why anything is fine. 」

   The irreplaceable light for me. The most important treasure for me.

   As I thought so, Ravi unexpectedly hugged me tightly again. The two small hands that circled around to my back. It’s somehow different than when she clung onto me. It felt like she was doing it gently, and kindly. I was surprised by the feeling of getting embraced by Ravi.

「Just like how daddy always protect me, I want to protect daddy too……. Even if there’re many bad guys, no matter when……」


   Tears started blocking my vision. I unintentionally called out to someone I’ve never called out to before.

   God. Thank you for giving me such a precious treasure…….


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