Chapter 82 Ossan with The Girl, Going to Visit

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   We took Alan away from the cheap inn and brought him straight to the Balzac hospital. Three days after that, Alan hasn’t woken up even once, but at least his face color looks much better now.

   According to the doctor, he’s doing much better than on the first day. In any case, I can only keep watch like this.

   On the other hand, Eihab who was injured because of Edmond’s magic is also admitted in the same hospital.

   Together with Ravi, we had been visiting both rooms every day. Today as well, after looking at Alan’s state, we headed towards Eihab’s room――

「Umm, could you be Douglas-san……? 」

   I was called out by the doctor that was passing through the same corridor.

「? Yeah, I am, what is it……? 」

   The doctor excitedly took my hand.

「Nice to meet you! I’m the doctor who’s responsible for Eihab-san’s recovery. 」

「Is that so. Thanks for looking after my friend. 」

「No, I was surprised! Even though Eihab-san was injured badly, when they carried him here, he was already all healed up from a skill. From what I heard, you were the one who used it. 」


   The doctor looked at me with a respectful gaze.

「We doctors have the recovery skill too. But it’s my first time seeing a full recovery technique! It’s really like the touch of god! 」

「Haha……. That’s over-exaggerating. What I can heal is just injuries. I can’t do anything if it’s a disease. Alan’s recovery is all I can do. 」

「You were also the one that healed him……!? 」

「Ehehe, my daddy is amazing you know―! 」

   Towards the doctor who have leaned away in his surprise, Ravi replied with a bright smile. Cute. My child angel. ……Oops not good.

「Well, even for Eihab, although the injuries are healed, he still can’t get up right? 」

「……Unfortunately. 」

   Even if recovery magic can heal someone’s injuries immediately, it’s not like that’s all it takes to fully recover. Eihab’s injuries were terrible. It seems that for him to be able to use his left leg and right arm that were badly fractured properly, he needs about a month of rehabilitation.

「That, Douglas-san! I would like to ask you to show us your recovery magic next time!! 」

「Haha, t-there’ll be a chance……Let’s go, Ravi. 」

「Unn. 」

「Aaah, even his figure while leaving is cool……!! 」

   As if escaping from the doctor, Ravi and I swiftly made our way to the room. Just as we opened the door, another event was unfolding.

「Admitting me to the hospital was unnecessary. Look at this, I can move just fine……O-ouch」

「Hey, geez! You still can’t move properly, so don’t do the impossible. 」

   Eihab tried to forcibly get up, but his wife panickily brought him back to his bed. It seems that we are not noticed yet.

「Daddy. Eihab-ojisan, it was the same when we came here yesterday……. Even though he would get scolded by the doctor-san if he doesn’t keep quiet……」

   Ravi had her hand over her mouth and whispered. I as well crouched down beside her, and whispered back.

「It was the right choice for him to be in the hospital. Moving like that, he would just get injured sooner or later. 」

   Taking Ravi who was nodding at my words, we entered the room.

「Oh! Douglas, Ravi-chan. You came today too huh. 」

「I’m happy you look fine. But moving is still too soon for you. 」

「Ravi-chan, hello! 」

「Diana-chan, hello……! 」

「Are? What are you holding? 」

「Umm, that……」

   Ravi who was asked looked at me. I nodded, and then while fidgeting as if embarrassed, she stretched her hand with a white box towards Eihab.

「Eihab-ojisan, umm, this, please……! 」

   On the way here, we stopped by the bakery, and the baked apple that was bought there as a gift is inside the box.

「Ooh. Ravi-chan, thank you. What is in it I wonder. Can I open it? 」

「Unn……I chose with daddy……」

「Waa, it’s from that bakery! 」

   Eihab’s daughter, Diana let out an awed voice at the contents of the box.

「Diana-chan told me it’s delicious so」

   She’s probably really happy that it was received well. Ravi, blushing happily, smiled widely.

「Sorry, Douglas-san. To bother you every day like this……」

   Eihab’s wife apologized with a sorry face. I smiled and shook my head.

「No, please don’t mind it. 」

「Say, mother, can I eat――? 」

「Alright, then let’s all eat. 」

「Yay……! 」

「Let’s have some tea too. Wait for a while. 」

「Ah, sorry. Thanks……」

   Eihab’s wife went outside, then I turned to Eihab.

「――Eihab, have you thought about what I told you yesterday? 」

   When I mentioned that topic, Eihab suddenly have an aloof expression.

「I’m not thinking about it. Didn’t I already refuse yesterday? I won’t accept any of your compensation for the repair of the inn. 」

「But father, what are we going to do? 」

「Diana. You go play with Ravi-chan over there. 」


   Because of Edmond’s magic, the 『Hog’s Cry』was totally destroyed. I wanted to pay him back for the repair costs but Eihab wouldn’t even lend an ear to it. But even said so, I can’t possibly give up now.

「I’m the one that dragged you in this. I must take responsibility. 」

「What are you saying, Douglas. The one at fault here is that Sage. You don’t have anything to feel responsible for. ――When I get out of the hospital, I will go to the bank. They would surely loan me the money if I mortgage the inn. 」

「Oi, if so, then borrow it from me. 」

「Douglas, I don’t want to borrow my friend’s money. Please understand. Now, this conversation is over! 」


   He is already showing his stubborn attitude and facing towards the window.

   Yesterday, I overheard what his wife said, it will cost five gold to repair everything. The price for building a brand-new house is ten gold. Eihab’s current savings won’t be enough.

   Since the inn business doesn’t make much of a profit, if he has a debt, then it would be even harder on him. I can understand Eihab’s thinking. If it was the reverse……. As expected, I would refuse the same offer too.

   But even so, Eihab has his family.  A young daughter and his wife, they would live a tough life too, so I can’t not help them.

「Ravi. Can you accompany Diana-chan to play in the waiting room for a while? Wasn’t there a book there? 」

「Unn……Let’s go, Diana-chan. 」


   I can’t talk any more about money matters in front of his daughter. He probably has noticed that I won’t pull back on this one as well. On the other hand, Eihab’s wife who prepared tea returned.

「Ara? What’s the matter? 」

「Please hear me out on this one. 」

「Even though I said to not talk about it anymore……」

   I explained to Eihab’s wife who was tilting her head at the situation――.

「It’s just like you, what else I can say. 」

「Don’t worry. I won’t let you two suffer. I will work hard to not let that happen. 」

「Rather than that, you must focus on recovering first. 」

   While having her hand on her cheek, she smiled bitterly. She’s probably understands her husband’s personality better than me.

「Douglas-san, thank you very much for your offer. But this person, he will never change his mind. 」

「I guessed so……」

「I will support my husband too. Please don’t worry about us. 」

「That’s right, Douglas. I still have some savings after all. 」

   Hearing his words, I suddenly realized.

「If you don’t want to receive any money, then with Eihab’s money, should I be looking for ways to rebuild the 『Hog’s Cry』? 」

「No, but the amount I have is too little……. With that much, rebuilding an inn will be impossible. 」

「That would be the case if you built the normal way right? 」

「Douglas-san, you have another method……? 」

「I don’t know if it can be done. But I want to try it out. 」

   If it goes well, then Eihab’s problem will be solved.

「Douglas……I can only give half the market price you know. 」

「I know. 」

「I’m sorry I can’t promise you. How is it, Eihab? Rebuilding the inn with that amount, will you let me try? 」


   I called out to Eihab who was looking down.

「Eihab. I’m really happy that you said that it wasn’t my fault. I’m happy that you are my good friend. But you see――」

   I looked at his wife.

「As I thought, the most important is your family. Please let me help you protect your family. 」


   Eihab started sounding a little teary, but he coughed as if suppressing it.

「Alright. Douglas, I’m relying on you. 」

   Eihab who was on the bed lowered his head deeply. When I saw that figure, I decided that I will definitely rebuild 『Hog’s Cry』with those five gold pieces. I swore it deeply in my heart.


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