Chapter 83 Ossan with The Girl, Looking for Craftsman

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   It’s the start of the rebuilding operation of『Hog’s Cry』

   First, to look for a carpenter that would be willing to help, I visited the Craftsmen’s Guild.

   The time is just a little past noon. Many craftsmen were taking a lunch break together with their friends in the guild tavern.

   The people here are all rough men.

   They have a totally different atmosphere than the people in the Adventurer’s Guild. Rather than the Adventurer’s Guild which has many reckless young men, the majority of the Craftsman’s Guild were old and stubborn looking.

「Will there be a carpenter here? 」

「Yeah. I’m sure there is. 」

   While squeezing Ravi’s hand and headed towards the reception area, the receptionist looked at me strangely.

「It’s rare to see someone coming here with their child. Are you looking for a craftsman? 」

「I have something to ask of a carpenter. 」

「――Wait, you’re Douglas Ford!? 」

   Yare yare, this kind of development again huh.

「Sorry, but my daughter is here too, so please don’t make a fuss about it. I just came here to look for a carpenter. 」

   I don’t want Ravi to feel afraid. Because I asked politely, it wasn’t as big of a crowd as the other times, but even so, there’re still people gathered around us.

「What what!? That Douglas came to look for a carpenter!? 」

「Oh! We’re here if you need a carpenter! 」

「Isn’t it an honor to take the Hero Douglas’s job! 」

   It seems that the people who gathered were carpenters, just what I was looking for. It was the first time that being under the spotlight helped me out. The carpenters, all of them have really tanned skin, and were all super muscular. Their ages don’t seem too different from mine.

「If you’re looking for carpenters, are you planning to build a palace or something in this town!? 」

「If it’s a big construction, then leave it to us, Scosesh Construction! 」

   A palace……!? The carpenters that came here quickly probably thought they will be able to earn a huge sum. Their sparkling eyes seemed to blind me. I take back what I said. Being under the spotlight is not a good thing.

「Oi, wait. Don’t misunderstand……! 」

   I picked up the nervous Ravi, while explaining my request. Hearing my explanation, the carpenters looked more and more unmotivated.

「Construction with five gold? 」

「Even if you don’t need to pay for the land, to build an inn with that is impossible……」

「Douglas-san, you’re a famous person. You can’t be lacking money. 」

「No, it’s a special situation here……It’s not my inn, but my friend’s. 」

「Even so, you can’t be building a shabby inn in Balzac right? With that kind of price… 」

「……I guess so……」

「It’s difficult as I thought huh? 」

「Rather than difficult, frankly speaking it’s impossible. 」

「I see……」

   Just as I was about to give up here and go to another place to try――.

「Umm, that……How about me……」

   I turned around at the voice, and there was a figure of a girl hesitatingly raised her hands. She had a round tail and bushy white ears. I could tell that she’s a beastman with a glance. Looking at her outfit, and then the tool sack around her waist, I realized.

   Since carpenter always have an image of strong men, it was surprising for me.

「You, are you a carpenter? 」

「Yes, I’m――」

   When the bunny eared girl tried to answer my question, a mocking voice interrupted her.

「Oi, Catlie! Better give up. A small girl like you, there’s no way you can build something like an inn! 」

「Catlie, Are you really trying to become a carpenter? Rather than that, wouldn’t you be better off working on your cooking and getting married? 」

「Mu―. Everyone, I learned under my parents for five years! Please stop saying such things」

「Buhaha―. The rabbit is barking something」

「Mou! 」

   The young carpenter continued to be ridiculed. The bunny eared girl seemed devastated. The long ears fell flat, and her eyes were red and wet with tears. Looking from the side of her face, her frustration is conveyed.

   The guild which was just bustling just a moment ago, is now filled with an awkward silence.

   Ravi, having had enough of clinging to my legs, looked from the carpenters to the little bunny girl, and tilted her head, puzzled.

「What’s wrong with being a girl? 」

   That sentence, said with an impossibly pure gaze, hit the carpenters like an invisible force. A chorus of「Umm」s were heard as they frantically searched for a proper answer.

「T-That, little miss, it’s been like that since a long time ago. Never heard any woman becoming a carpenter! 」

「E-Exactly that. A carpenter is a man’s job. 」

「Why? 」

「Eeh……Even if you ask me why, it’s obvious? 」

   The carpenters at Ravi’s innocent question, fidgeted and averted their gazes awkwardly. Of course, Ravi wouldn’t be convinced with that much.

「Daddy. Why is it? Can a girl become a carpenter too? 」

「……Yeah, that’s right. 」

   It’s just like what Ravi said. 『A carpenter is a man’s job』, I’m ashamed that I unconsciously had the same opinion.

「That’s right Ravi. Thinking that girls can’t become carpenters is wrong. 」

   I deeply breathed to change my mood, and faced the bunny eared girl again.

「……Sorry. I thought that girls becoming a carpenter is rare as well. 」

   I lowered my head deeply towards the girl.

「Wa, please don’t apologize……! That’s the normal reaction anyways……! And it’s true that I never met another girl who wants to become a carpenter! 」

   Those words, it gave me an insight to how much this girl has suffered.

「Umm, I have confidence in my skills, but can I have some more details first? 」

「We can only offer half of the market price, will it be possible? 」

「You must have a reason for that. Let’s think of a way to work with that amount! 」

「That’s wonderful. If you’re willing to accept it, then I’m pleased to work with you. 」

「Yes, thank you! 」

   I offered my hand and the bunny eared girl shook it. Ravi who overlooked our exchange seemed to be happy too.

「Daddy, it’s great that we found a carpenter……! 」

「Yeah, that’s the first hurdle passed. 」

   Behind us who was exchanging smiles――.

「T-that bunny……she has a contract with that Hero Douglas now……」

「That’s amazing……」

   And just like that, Catlie and I signed the contract and officially started working together.


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