Chapter 95 Ossan with The Girl, The Happy Rebirth of 『Hog’s Cry』

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   The reconstruction work had been going on for about a month. Under the sunny summer day without a single cloud in sight, the 『Hog’s Cry』 is completed.

「Amazing. To think that this is my 『Hog’s Cry』……」

   Eihab exclaimed, looking up at the completed inn. Next to my friend who had tears of joy, I also felt a sense of accomplishment. It was a job that everyone worked together to finish. In any case it was satisfying to see its completion.

   There isn’t any inn in Balzac that was made entirely out of highest-grade wood, other than this one. Albeit so, it’s weird that it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

   Rather than luxurious, it gives off a welcoming feeling. It’s probably thanks to the design that was completed with a woman’s delicate senses. I’m sure it’ll be an inn that gives people warmth.

   The small porch in front of the main entrance was brightened up by the sunflowers that Ravi, Diana, and Nicky had planted. The orange flowers that reach out to the sun, they’ll definitely welcome future guests with their gorgeous smiles. That’s also one of Catlie’s suggestions, as expected of her.

「It’s so wonderful……」

「Look Ravi-chan, the red roof is so cute!」

「Unn! It’s really pretty! 」

   Eihab’s wife could help looking around in wonder. Ravi and Diana are holding hands together while jumping around excitedly.

「Look at Ravi and Diana being all excited, though I can’t blame them. In any case, I think I was quite helpful as well. 」(Nicky)

「Now this feels like a great accomplishment. Our first time working together with other humans, it’s been a wonderful experience. Douglas-san, thank you for letting us help. 」 (Loy)

   Loy and Nicky looked up at the inn with a satisfied expression.

「Everyone, thank you for everything so far. 」

   While rubbing his wet eyes, Eihab thanked us. Then, he went towards Catlie, and gratefully grasped her hand.

「Catlie-chan. I’m really glad I met you. Thank you for making me the best inn I could ever imagine. 」

「Ah, umm……do you like it……? 」

   Catlie asked with an expression that seemed to have no confidence. But it felt differently than the self-deprecation I felt when I met her for the first time. She’s probably wondering if the inn that she had put all her effort in planning had pleased someone else.

   I’m sure the unrest she’s feeling is that kind. However, Eihab blew it all away with a shout.

「Do I like it? Of course I do! The 『Hog’s Cry』 you’ve built is the best inn in the world! 」

「……! 」

   As tears suddenly appeared from her red eyes, Catlie started rubbing them away in a panic.

「Wawa, what happened!? 」

「Could it be that you gripped her hand too hard!? 」

   Towards Eihab and his wife who were panicking, Catlie shook her head while smiling.

「Not that!! Sorry, I’m so happy……」

   I smiled slightly at Catlie.

「With this, you can show off your success to your parents in your hometown right? 」

「Yes……! 」

   Catlie’s smile made the sunflowers blooming in the garden pale in comparison.

「Thank you so much for having me, Eihab-san. Douglas-san. Ravi-chan. Thanks to everyone who helped, we were able to make a wonderful inn! 」

「Next time introduce us to your parents. If it’s Catlie-chan’s family, then I will treat them to the best dishes for free! 」

「Uwaa―! I’m sure my father and mother will be super happy……! Hic」

   Catlie who is still is still snuffling shook hands with everyone. Then, new guests started coming. It’s the carpenters from that day.

「Oi―, I’ve brought celebration alcohol here! 」

「We heard the inn was completed today! 」

   Ever since then, they’ve been bringing us treats often, and have become our close friends.

「Alright everyone, it’s time to celebrate! It’s been a while since I showed off my skills, let’s go! 」

「Fufu, let’s have a party to celebrate this memorable day! My husband and I will blow you away with our cooking! 」

   At the two’s words, everyone cheered loudly. While getting excited loudly, everyone headed inside the inn. Loy and I are the last ones to go.

「Douglas-san. Thank you very much for bringing us here. This occasion, there are many things I’ve learned from it. 」

「Same here, you and Nicky were a great help after all. 」

「I think our poor opinions of humans have changed a lot. We can overcome our mistrust of the other races just like she overcame the discrimination. 」


   Regarding that, I felt a little complicated.

「I’m sure that she hasn’t overcome it completely. 」

   In the future, a similar event might happen again.

「But, frankly speaking. It’s Catlie’s win this time. 」

   Wiping away her tears, and standing up once again. That’s the most important part.

「Even if she suffers the same thing again, I hope that the fact that she won once will support her. 」

「That’s true……. Without fearing for what awaits, stepping forward is what matters huh. It’s true for anyone. 」

「Yeah. 」

   The road might be full of hurdles. But what awaits after overcoming them, it’s sure to be irreplaceable hope in life. I hope that Ravi will be able to learn this. After the rain, after the storm, to attain the strength to smile like a sunflower――.


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