Chapter 96 Ossan, Lightly Refusing the Royal Knights Scouting Offer

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Uhh somehow we at here, the latest raw chapter of a web novel that hasn’t been updated since April. There’s a chance it’s gonna be dropped by the author, but in the case it doesn’t, then I will continue its TL. Actually, the author had been inactive on Syosetu since July, no news regarding the reason as far as I know. I will let you all know whenever the author is back! Thanks for following this series so far and the support! 🙂

   Incidents are always something that happens out of the blue.

   After the completion of the Hog’s Cry inn, a period of peacefulness went by, before suddenly, the sounds of boots against the ground were heard, with few men appeared in the inn.

   Just looking at their get up, their identity is immediately discerned. A red mantle and black armor. It’s the soldiers of Balzac.

「I heard Douglas Ford-sama is currently here. 」

   The inn guests became noisy all at once.

「He’s, isn’t he one of the commanders of the army! 」

「Look at the golden paper in his hands! Isn’t that the direct royal decree of the king!? 」

   I cannot not act to not be here when my name was called specifically. While feeling an unpleasant feeling, I had no choice but to step out to show myself.

「Ooh, Douglas Ford-sama. It’s an honor to meet you. It’s sudden but, our King wishes for you to serve as the royal knights’ commander as recognition of your ability. 」

「The commander of the royal knights!? 」

   Sounds of exclamation were heard from all around. I was stunned even more than that. When I was still in the Hero party together with Alan, there had been several occasions I had involved with the King’s request.

   From the past, I’ve known His Majesty’s selfishness but, I see that his unreasonableness hasn’t changed at all even now huh.

「Isn’t the one serving as the knight leader is the best swordsman in the country, Gwendal? 」

「His majesty wishes for you to come even if it means demoting Gwendal. One who fits for the knight commander position is someone with popularity, leadership, charismatic, and above all must have stronger ability than anyone else. 」

   I thought I heard some foolish things. Even if it means demoting him? I couldn’t even make out the slightest why the king had such an unreasonable idea.

「Gwendal is my acquaintance as well. There’s no one more suited than him. 」

「Douglas, you know that legendary swordsman!? 」

「We used to be drinking buddies quite a lot. 」

   If it’s for the position of the knight leader, then there shouldn’t be anyone else more fitting than him. To think they had the idea to remove him and promote me, it’s seriously unbearable for me to even hear.

「Douglas-sama. The king has prepared enormous rewards, status and honor for you. 」

   I wonder how I should convey it. They are on the order of the king after all, it’s not like I can let them return empty-handed. Having said so, it’s not like I can give any positive answers. At the very least, I should not make crappy excuses, and firmly refuse to show my honesty huh.

「Sorry but, please convey this to the king. I hope that Your Majesty would treasure the talents beside you side. 」

「Are you refusing? For an adventurer, isn’t there nothing more honorable than serving under the king!? 」

「Sorry to blow your steam but, I’m no longer an adventurer. Since my license is revoked after all. 」

   Eihab couldn’t hold back but laugh. It’s not a funny thing you know. I glared at the bad example of a friend.

「T-This is the royal decree!! 」

   It seems that he used his trump card. Even so, I don’t have any plans to change my mind.

「Sorry. 」

   I firmly responded.

「I’m busy child raising, go ask someone else. 」


   The soldiers’ expression showed that they didn’t seem to be convinced as they kept silence. But even so, it seems that they couldn’t find other words to respond, before leaving hesitatingly.

「Seriously. Did they even have to come with such a formal atmosphere to just recruit me. 」


   Ravi hurried to my side.

「Was it really fine? It’s alright……? 」

「Yeah Ravi. Sorry I’ve made you worry. 」

   I crouched in front of Ravi and met her eyes.

「But, Ravi would understand right? That I don’t have interest at all for what the soldiers said about the honor and status. 」


「There’s no need for you to make such a face. I just plainly said that I don’t want something I didn’t want. 」

   As I explained so, Ravi nodded a little more relieved.

「The leader of the royal knights or something, it’s not a job for me. I can’t do things like protecting all the knights or the royalties, or the citizens. Since I’m already doing my best to protect my cute daughter! 」

   I hugged Ravi up and raised her high.

「Waa……! 」

「Let’s celebrate today! It’s for Ravi’s improvement on the field trip. With everyone else too. Okay? 」

「Unn……! I will help for the party too……! 」

   I felt better as her expression brightened.

   But, it’s a little worrying. Even if it’s the usual unreasonableness of that king, to think that he will do something like changing the commander of the royal knights.

   Unfortunately for me, all my unpleasant feeling always seems to hit on the mark. And the unrest I felt this time wasn’t an exception. The next morning, my prediction came true.

   Now, soldiers were surrounding the inn, about fifty of them. It seems they are resolved to not let me slip pass them.

「Douglas Ford. We will arrest you under the authority of the Royal Military Police. 」

「W……What!? 」

「Daddy……! 」

   I hugged up the worried Ravi. While resting Ravi against myself, I looked back at the military police commander with a questioning face. His face showed a steel will, but I felt some fear lingering in his pupils.

   It’s probably that he got threatened that his status will get revoked if he doesn’t make me accompany. Well, now this had become super troublesome. I was just trying to protect the happiness living together with Ravi peacefully.

   ――This was the scenario I wanted to avoid most.

   Dealing with that king, it seems that there’s no choice but to face him directly huh.


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    Thank you for translating till the end of the available chapters!

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