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「Today’s finally the day for your streamer debut! Rio! 」

I wonder why is my friend always the most energetic after class. Is she that happy to be released from the pile of work in the student’s council?

「Yes that’s right, Eriko. If there’s no mistake in the schedule, it will start after about 8 o’clock. The channel’s name is the one I mentioned this morning. 」

Replying her smile with my own, I told my friend, Onodera Eriko who was gently hugging my right arm about the details.

It was only this year that I became close with her because of the various common points we had, such as an average height of 155, a bust on the larger side of 90, similar tastes in casual outfits and the same short hairstyle but, there’s always a surprising new side of her I would discover, it’s never tiring.

Unlike me, who only has a stiff average high school girl impression, not just charming, lovable and one of the top students, an impeccable person as one would say, she’s shockingly also a livestreamer centering VRMMORPG content behind the scenes.

The conversation now is related to that.

「Uwaaa, I’m super looking forward to it! I will be sure to be on standby naked at my computer. Guhehe~ 」

「You will only catch a cold. Rather, as a lady, shouldn’t you refrain from your perverted sounding laugh? 」

「Eeeeh――. It’s only Rio here, so it’s A-OK. Rio is my most most most loved person after all~ 」

「Haa―, that’s a problem in itself too……」

In spite of riding a train, she didn’t even try to hide her desires, my sigh can only happen naturally.

As someone who holds the principle of not denying someone’s individuality as much as possible, let’s just give up.

――Actually, I, Tozawa Rio will also start my career as a livestreamer in the same game as her today.

The game in question is 『Break World Online』. A game known primarily as BWO among its players.

A full-dive VRMMO genre that has the least interference from the operational company, despite being a game with the common theme of isekai fantasy, it has various unique elements run mostly by the most advanced fully autonomous AI.

Excluding cheating and sexual activities, it is said to be fully open to any actions from the player, a title that is trusted by all and has proven track record thanks to their operating model.

Naturally, it’s also reassuring to know that livestreaming is also a player’s freedom, as stated in it’s terms of service.

It was Eriko’s invitation that sparked my interest in the game despite being someone who doesn’t play much games normally. But above all, I felt a little wishful, or rather ambitious thinking that even an average high school girl such as myself can possibly take be the top of all players.

Although it was painful to spend a large sum suddenly, as careful as I am with money, I was able to write it off as an investment for the future.

「It’s already the stopping station, let’s continue later in the stream. 」

「Unn! See you later――」

「Fufu. Be careful on your way back. 」

A temporary farewell, returning to home as soon as possible, finishing my meal and bath according to schedule, brushing teeth, homework, self-study, going through tomorrow’s topic for the class. After finally completing everything and satisfied, I returned to my room and put on the VR headgear that looked like a strange helmet.

「It’s so heavy that my neck is giving up…… well, I suppose I can only used to it. 」

A complaint it was, but it is something unavoidable for playing. The channel registration and other set ups had been completed by the day before. Thanks to watching most of Eriko’s livestream yesterday, I know how to operate it, and the viewers wouldn’t be so impatient either.

Not like there’s any other way than to display a warning note to the viewers that are surfing for new content.

The time is 8:30 in the night. My preparation is complete, I swiftly turned the machine on, and let my consciousness dive.

「Fumu, it feels kind of dreamy, in a pleasant way.」

Impressed with my first experience of logging in, words leaked out unintentionally.

My vision turned dark, the boundary between departing from the real world and being sent to another dimension was clear to the mind.

Well then, the course that any new players will go through is an introduction to the world by the character making AI, after setting up player name and appearance, the next event will be a long rite of tutorials and hundred questions to determine a player’s trait but, I dare say the aforementioned content are not important and can be ignored.


Arriving at the character making stage, I was finally able to move my own body.

Although it was a white room in all direction, it is a flat terrain, meaning there’s no problem in movement and battle.

「Welcome, our world, BWO gladl…… Gefuk!? 」

Towards the chin of a man in a glossy black suit thought to be the AI responsible of character making, a fist hits.

「Wha―what are you…… ugahk! Fugooh! ? 」

Since he looked afraid while pressing the part I hit, I switch my target to his torso and let off a roundhouse kick. As he fell on the ground and a defenseless opening showed itself, I straddled him and started delivering whole-hearted combos to his face.

After a reasonable amount of punching later, I hold him up by his hair, and revealed my inner thoughts without hiding anything.

「My name is RIO. I am not that free to accompany your idle talk. Please send me to the starting area swiftly. 」


I assure you that I wasn’t just bloodthirsty? Since the game’s claim of anything is possible, it is my effort to literally try what I can.

However, it seems like he had passed out with his eye rolled up unfortunately.

「Oh my, there’s no reply. Are you alright? 」

Even when I called softly, shook his head, he was still fully sprawled out and didn’t wake up. Looks to be unconscious.

I demonstrated violence in a place that is normally followed with order but, it seems like anything is possible still has a limit.

Does that mean I would be locked here until he wakes up? Just as I became afraid and regretful, his eyes suddenly rolled upwards as if a broken machine and started talking in pain with his broken teeth.


「Ah, good morning. 」

His voice was gritty and had a noisy background, it seems like the volume and frequency of his voice is not stable. Did I mistakenly dive into a horror game?

「Your violence and tyranny…… befits of a true demon. An existence that will bring forth unimaginable disasters…… 」

And now he’s spouting some chuuni terms, did I really hit his head too hard?

His voice cord should be fine as I didn’t aim for his neck but……, in any case, it was reassuring to know that something is progressing.

「I couldn’t quite catch that, can you please repeat it for me? 」

「The race that suits you…… the abhorred vampire is suit……! GaHAaHAAhahA!」

「Uhmm, I can assure you that I’m a proper human. 」

Just as I thought he was ignoring what I said, it seems like my race was decided simply without my voice in it.

His eyeballs that looked possessed by something insane was moving crazily, accompanied by a lunatic laughter. Well, since the character making looks to be ending, I will forgive him.

「A forced selection of race wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the information I knew but, I guess it’s a part of the unique player system for the time being. Thank you very much for your cooperation. 」

Giving my appreciation, the last scene I saw was a finger pointing towards myself laughing lunatically, before my vision started to be wrapped in light rapidly.

Indeed, the claim of anything is possible is true, and it’s more elaborate than expected.

Honestly, it was a section that felt like a predetermined game but, if such an interaction with the supposed advanced AI is possible, a little more expectation can be good.​​


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