First Login & Bloodsucking

PhantasmalMira 8027

A/N: Inspired by streaming genres

It’s the lift off of my streamer career. After a few minutes of a floating feeling spent in loading, the sensation of ground finally comes through my legs.

「Uhk. Is something on fire? This is terrible. 」

But why. The burnt smell originating from somewhere nearby is poking sharply at my nose.

Immediately after blocking my mouth with my arm, I found black smoke covering my vision after a blink. Is it darkness after the light?

To think that the first zone is currently on fire, the unlucky bad start makes me think about my future in the game.

「Uumu, what could be happening here? ……No, it’s a little unbelievable but, it seems like it is myself combusting. 」

Looking at my own arm while squinting, despite it didn’t feel painful, it’s certainly burning intensely.

Although the situation was confusing with this unexpected development, I guess it’s still a progress to have solve one part of the mystery. Though it doesn’t change that I’m still very confused.

「But why am I not coughing even when breathing this much smoke…… oh my. 」

While still confused, the HP bar located top left of my vision became empty.


《RIO died》

《Death penalty is not given to level 1 characters》


Messages appeared in the log one after another, and my vision turned dark. Looks like it’s the respawn process.

The development so far is already enough to warrant an immediate product return but, seeing how I’m still a beginner that doesn’t know my bearings, a little further can’t hurt.


「Ahhh――. Are you alright, Ojou-san? 」

Waking up to a friendly male voice. I realize I was in a church somewhere.

When a player’s HP value becomes 0 and dies, they are normally sent to the nearest church after a few minutes.

But if the head is destroyed or if the corpse had disintegrated or not in a revivable state, the respawn will take place without any waiting time, looks like that’s the case for me this time.

The flames from before disappeared like a lie. As it didn’t seem possible for him to save me from that, I guess I really did die there.

「Thank you for taking care of me. Can you please wait for a moment? 」

「Ou. Sure, no problem. 」

I’m glad that not only his words, even his actions and attitude seemed to be good.

Well then, what I should do is to start the stream. Going to the 「RIO’s Channel」 that was opened in advance, I started the live broadcast by setting up a relay.

「Nice to meet you all. My name is RIO. 」

A small object that looked like a camera floating was pointed at myself, as I started talking expecting someone to listen on the other side.



TL Note: Opotsu is a short form of basically “Good work for the upload”

『Came here from Puchi Eriko』

『A new player? HOw rare』

『A cutieeeeeeeee』

『That’s two big twiiiiiins!!!』

Several viewers that came from Eriko’s channel appeared in the chat. Puchi Eriko is Eriko’s pen name in the video she makes.

Although there’s someone without delicacy that commented something that can’t be ignored, confirming my avatar again, it looked almost the same as the real world except my skin is a little whiter.

In a place invisible to the viewers, I also confirmed presence of fangs that are sharp and fatal using my tongue.

My appearance is a common sleeveless outfit, with a dagger on my waist.

『Stats, come on』

『Stats please』

Getting hushed by the viewers and wanting to know myself in this world, I opened my status window as the chat said.


Name: RIO

Race: Half Vampire

Affiliation: N/A

Level: 1

Funds: 0 Iris

Karma: 0


HP: A (Capped)

MP: B (Capped)












《Light attribute weakness extremity》


Right Hand: Beginner’s Dagger

Left Hand: N/A

Head: N/A

Upper Body: Beginner Demon’s Top

Lower Body: Beginner Demon’s Bottom

Foot: Beginner Demon’s Shoes


『wat, the occupation is a race www』

『Half vampire as additional parameter?』

『I recall there’s another player with a demon race at release 』

『But it went extinct because of the harsh conditions. It’s not even recommended on the strategy wikis nowadays 』

『That stats though』

『A physical style because they cant learn magic』

Looks like even the viewers are confused at the race that was already questionable during character making.

Well then, BWO’s specialty is that status parameters are only divided into vague alphabet rankings.

Moreover, the stats are more like a baseline for growth potential.

C rank would mean average, not particularly bad or good, E is the hardest stat to grow, A or B would mean it’s a rather easy stat to grow.

To get more details, the only way is to get appraised in major facilities such as the guild or using an appraisal stone.

Anyways, I bet the death just now was because of this light attribute weakness extremity constitution.

Before my vision completely darkened, I manage to catch sight of the bright red sun, it’s natural for vampires to be burned by the sun I suppose.

Although the high base stats are attractive, just the negative constitution of 《Light attribute weakness extremity》 is enough to wipe all of that out.

「But still, dying because of a little sunlight, rather than harsh, it’s too unreasonable. 」

『So she died already w』

『Dead on live』

『There’s some unreasonable things in the game but something like this…… nope』

Fumu, I’m getting used to how to treat the chat. Not feeling pain even when burnt alive is probably thanks to the 《Undead》 constitution, looks like any pain sensation is blocked and effects of recovery items are reversed.

It’s the common pattern for undeads, and its effectiveness is enough for me to not realize I was burning temporarily.

「Are you done? Ojou-san. 」

「Yes, thanks for waiting. 」

The man who had been sitting for long talked, so I replied.

「Sorry. I took a peek at your status window, looks like you’re a demon race. 」

「That’s right. I’m certainly not a human. 」

「Demons are people that want to eliminate all humans. Many human had fallen prey to them, that’s why I don’t really want to welcome Ojou-san here. 」

The man that looked upstanding just now is distorted by resentment.

Certainly, if precious talented humans that formed the society were lost to the demons, then surely they would hate them, but getting his hate for no reason is troublesome for me.

『The ossan’s getting fired up. That’s rare』

『Well, demons are usually the main antagonists in any fantasy world』

『To differentiate demon players from monsters, monsters are called 「Enemy」. Everyone make sure to not make this mistake ☆』

By picking up hints from the chat, seems like this man is really bothered by the fact.

Although my race is a half vampire and half something else, looks like the demon gene is dominant and I’m getting hate for it.

「But. Ojou-san is still one of the visitors. You might be prosecuted during your adventures but, I’m sure that no one will hate you if you take time to build up your morals. 」

『Oh he’s unexpectedly generous』

『Looks like there’s a way out. Guess that works out for RIO-san』

Leaving aside the chat for a moment, visitors probably meant the entire player base.

Looks like there’s a chance to dispel the precognition that comes with you being a demon race by repeating good deeds and getting accepted by the residents, the degree of freedom in this game is really impressive.

「But nothing will start without money. As for that, I recommend the adventurer’s guild. 」

「The adventurer’s guild? 」

「Yeah. Even if Ojou-san’s a demon, they will probably accept you with my help. 」

「You have impressive connections I see. 」

「You can say that. In this Origin Town, I’m known as the over-explaining Rasrin Ojisan. Follow me. 」

Being told so, I followed the Rasrin Ojisan. But still, this is lucky. To think a chance to experiment would come so early.

Although I had done various research beforehand, there’re still many unknowns.

Rather than being explained the unknowns, I prefer to learn it practical. As such, I leaped at Rasrin Ojisan to experience an actual combat quickly.

「I’m terribly sorry for receiving your kindness, but since I don’t really care about something like that, you can be my food at the very least. 」

「Ah? Ojou-san, what did you…… Hkgaaa! ? 」

Eriko’s video passed through my mind, recalling using a skill requires focusing strongly on its activation, I stabbed my nails towards the Ojisan’s artery on his neck and used 《Bloodsucking》


『Huh? 』

『Haaa!? 』

『She did it 』

『A broadcast accident』


『She’s going to aim for the so called G-route! 』

『A turning point for sure』



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