Race Evolution & Kin Transformation

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A/N: I can’t convince you that the protagonist isn’t evil

「Spare me from a never ending discrimination and prosecution while having to serve humans. 」

Despite saying it myself, aren’t I too victimizing myself?

「Aggigigi! Kuh…… I knew a demon cannot be trusted……」

Rasrin Ojisan gradually dried up like a wilting tree starting from the spot where I used bloodsucking.

Since my concern with this person is basically nothing, I don’t feel even a hair of guilt if he dies.

…… Wait. A small chip-like object slipped off his palm.

「This is……, that was dangerous. Looks like we were same in the regards of not trusting. 」

「You saw that through…… guhk……! 」

Looks like the reason why he acted friendly to me is to deceive me. The device that he held secretly is something that I saw before on Eriko’s stream.

Simply put, it’s a sticker-like transmitter device that is stuck on problematic players that need surveillance from important figures in the game.

I knew the story was too good to be true. I would’ve probably lived a life of being surveilled if I followed him.

Since that’s the case, all his actions so far is probably malicious, I thought as I thoroughly trampled the device.

『She’s already being treated as problematic』


『R-Rasrin……? 』

Eventually, his whole body is sucked dry to the bones, wrinkled to the point of unrecognizable, before he fell.

Looks like my first bloodsucking experience is a huge success.


《Level has risen to 18》

《Level has reached 10, death penalty immunity is removed》

《Karma value has dropped》

《Details regarding Bloodsucking is revealed》


Several messages arrived in the system log in one corner of my vision, and the details with the skill I just used expanded automatically.


Skill: Bloodsucking

Description: A basic of basics skill for any vampire, can be interrupted at will. Absorbs blood and vitality from target via fangs orally or through fingernails.

HP and MP are recovered during bloodsucking, experience can be gained when bloodsucking finishes.


The skill that was a mystery finally revealed its details.

BWO’s special trait is that skill details are hidden by default, player are required to use the skill at least once to view the details.

His death only amounted to that reason but, just like how he sees my race as enemy, I can naturally give an excuse that humans are my enemy.

『Hol hol hold up, what are you showing us!? 』

『That’s a good question』

『Can’t stop watching』

『Didn’t know killing NPC residents can get you experience』

『↑ Doesn’t drop you any money. I think……』

「Noo―――! Why Rasrin-san!? 」

A trembling clergyman entered my vision as I turned around. Rasrin-san probably meant the name of this dead person here.

I guess that’s another test subject.

「You’re next. Well then. 」

「Ah……! 」

Drawing the dagger on my waist that was given for free to beginners, putting strength in my hand, I swung it with enough force to send his entire head away.

I had basically no experience in fighting with weapons but, looks like I can cross the line even on my first attempt just fine.

The stump of the neck spilled out blood like a broken glass, making a small red river.

「……What a waste of blood, let me have them. 」

『That’s really messed up』

『Her play style is too strange』

『That time when I watched something crazy while looking for nostalgia』

『She’s not the usual streamer』

『For the record, isn’t she a real life friend of that Puchi Eriko?』

『I will go ask again to make sure』

Sheathing my bloody blade, I stabbed my nails into the cross section that was totally black for obvious reasons and activated 《Bloodsucking》.

Just like what happened before with Rasrin-san, I felt the same hydrating sensation throughout my vessels, looks like the skill can activate on corpses that are still fresh.


《Level has risen to 20 (Capped)》

《Karma value has dropped》

《Race evolution is possible as level has reached the set value》


「Oh my, interesting messages are here. 」

My eyes were glued to the evolution part. Tapping on the half transparent window, I try to project its content to a position where the viewers can see easily.


Evolution path A   Former Vampire

Description: A former vampire that chose to discard its demonic traits to coexist with humans.

Traits: Inherits a portion of a half vampire’s traits, but will be treated as a human by NPC residents.

Evolution path B   Vampire

Description: A low-ranking demon, a starting point for those who chose to pursue even greater demonic powers

Traits: Exclusive constitutions and skills can be obtained, NPC residents will scream if they know your identity.

※Evolution is irreversible


『Why the heck there’s a choice to become a human now』

『Isn’t it one of those cases where sacrifices must be made for salvation』

『But she killed two people right? She can’t become an adventurer after getting a negative karma value』

『Rather she’s already level 20 www』

『Tempo too fast www』

Looks like there’re two evolution paths to freely choose from. One is the passive route to coexist with humans despite having mixed blood. And the other is to seek for revolution upholding the race’s pride.

By the way, since Eriko is in the adventurer’s guild, the viewers are pushing for that choice.

In simple terms, the adventurer’s guild is an extremely large and powerful organization that has many Enemy killing experts. There’s no way a vampire that’s normally a subjugation target can join them.

Well, adventurers are the number one profession for any fantasy world after all, and in fact, I as well admire their philosophy without being ironic.

「There’s no need to hesitate, I will choose this. 」

An immediate decision.

Choosing the path to become a 『Vampire』, the moment when the window stretched out and closed, my entire body felt like it was boiling, but then the process reversed quickly, and my body temperature fell to the point that there’s basically none.


《Evolved to Race: Vampire》

《Stat evaluation, STR increased to A+》

《Stat evaluation, AGI increased to B+》

《Stat evaluation, INT increased to B+》

《Acquired Skill: Kin Transformation》

《Acquired Constitution: Auto-Regenerative Body》

《Acquired Constitution: HP Regen》

《Level cap has lifted to 40》

《Karma value has dropped》


At the same time, power flowed deep into my body, a sense of omnipotence seemingly able to break apart anything overflowed.

Looks like the race evolution ceremony finished successfully.

『It’s all over』

『Please tell me it was a mistake……』


『That time when I witnessed the explosive birth of a monster』

『She’s not becoming an adventurer? 』

「I don’t intend to become an adventurer nor a merchant. I’m not confident that I can perform well as an adventurer anyways, and also, I bet everyone here would be bored if it’s only a questing gameplay.」

『I won’t be bored though……?』

『A statement that outright denies the best thing of a fantasy world』

『That’s like throwing half of BWO entertainment away』

『Hou, I like this refreshing style』

『I was watching for a while but, ain’t this girl a little crazy for blood』

『Just came back. She’s really Puchi Eriko’s friend. So what happened? 』

『↑ Emergency. RIO has committed to quitting being a human』

『Fua! ? 』

The heartless chat messages piled up. This is my speculation but Eriko’s viewers might be intrigued by my stream and coming over.

As expected of the name value that comes with Puchi Eriko, my admiration is never enough. However, my aim is the highest position of all players, the toppest of the top.

I didn’t choose to stream to become a celebrity or a professional, it was because I wanted evaluations of myself from an objective point of view.

Although I can’t thank enough for more viewers, even one person watching is good enough for me. I was never good at evaluating myself, so it’s pleasing to know my own self through the chat messages.

Returning to topic.

There were no presences other than the two that were murdered.

The only change in the church is that the sunlight that shone through the stained glass was gone, and replacing it is moonlight dimly illuminating the church.

「Fumu, thanks to killing some time, the sun has finally set. Now I can move without being afraid of sunlight. In any case, I have to test out 《Kin Transformation》 immediately. 」

『That’s some amazing pace』

『So fast w』

『Who would ever use a new skill so suddenly! 』

『I have no choice but to stick around till the very end』

It’s the very precious night time. Crouching down in godspeed, I activated the skill at the two bodies.


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