Overrun & Invasion

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Skill: Kin Transformation

Description: Targets that had been affected by skill 《Bloodsucking》 can be given blood to start their transforming into undead, transformed targets will revive as an allied NPC. (Has no effects on players)

Affected targets can follow simple instructions, but will primarily devolve into a violent behavior, predating on other living beings indiscriminately.

However, targets that has strong will or hostility may preserve their mind.


The details about the skill were displayed. Despite so, its entirety can’t be explained by just complicated words.

I will observe the behavior of the two subjects for the time being.

「Gugu…… gigi……」


『These fellows became zombies……』

『My favorite Rasrin issssssssssss! 』


『Did I misclick on a horror game』

『A disappointing before and after comparison』

While groaning painfully, the two that was heading for the afterlife started standing up slowly.

With the head I cut off reconnecting itself, the revival process is completed.

Their eyeballs are rolling around crazily but, seeing how they were not attacking me, I tried giving them an order.

「There is only one mission for you, devour human flesh and offer it to me. 」

「I understand…… RIO-samaaa……」

「Ugigi…… delicious blood……」

This is great. I have two loyal subjects suddenly. I felt like the general of an army.

As they left the church unsteadily, I as well followed behind. I suppose it’s also a lord’s mission to protect his subjects.

Oh I almost lost myself there. Come to think of it, there was something I haven’t mention to the viewers.

「Dear viewers, today’s theme is simply put 『Maximum efficiency leveling』. Rather than slowly progressing and upgrading equipment, I aim to power-level by turning the entire Starting Town into a battlefield.」

『Leveling in a town instead of in the field, her thoughts are crazy』

『Fun fun leveling time~ ♪』

『I feel like going home……』

『↑ No money to catch a train? 』

『Why is there an odd guy with us』

『A fan of Rasrin-ojisan here, very depressed』

Messages of various variety were returned. However, there were many disapprovals, I suppose this ratio of approval is only natural.

Let’s try to tip the balance a little.

「I’m late to this game by almost three years. To accomplish a reckless goal like reaching the pinnacle, there’s a saying that a cold heart that takes any necessary means is essential. 」

『Are you sure?』

『There must be some better way』

『Just take things slow and steady』

Looks like it’s difficult to convince them if I force my opinion.

Another attempt after changing my words.

「Everyone. Isn’t it too naive to think that I can catch up to the top rankers quickly without being prepared to sacrifice morals and humanity? 」

『Hmm maybe? 』

『A mysterious persuasiveness indeed』

『The top rankers are bunch of addicts that login more than 20 hours every day after all』

『It’s BWO’s main selling point that anything is possible if it’s not cheating, do it RIO’s way 』

Ooh, looks like phrasing it as a question is easier to get approvals.

After all, this is a virtual world with has no connection to reality, I want to be different from the real mediocre me and rise to the top.

Although I was anxious when the Vampire race was pushed onto me forcefully, in the end, I’m glad it can work out.

Well then, the gamble continues.


The sun has set outside.

Looking upwards, the pretty night sky is decorated with countless stars that you can’t see in an urban city in the real world.

In BWO, the night comes around two times every one day in the real world, during 21~3 hours and 9~15 hours.

It’s something that doesn’t matter to most players. However, being a demon that can’t live under sunlight, it’s critical information that needs memorizing immediately.

「Rasrin-san! Rasrin-san turned strange…… guhok! 」

「Someone please save me――!」

They were latching onto people on the night streets, and are eating them hungrily.

Although it’s myself that ordered them, just imagining the scene is enough to make me lose appetite.

I as well took some live blood in the chaos but, my level hasn’t rose at all, probably because it’s already high enough.

「Luckily it’s not too bright here. It’s too heavy on the mind to look under the light. People are dying so quickly. 」

Well, I’m just an average high school girl, by thinking them as virtual lives, death in this world extremely irrelevant.

It’s the same for my life here that will just respawn after death.

『The peaceful Starting Town became a carnage with RIO’s hands』

『Is it fine for us to watch this?』

『Maybe there’s someone watching this stream and going after RIO……』

『Stop with the flags』

Now that he mentioned it, it’s a disadvantage for my position to be constantly broadcasted to the stream.

Let’s assume that there will be people coming for me sooner or later. Well then, the city is now a picture of hell with screams everywhere.

Moreover, my kins are spreading like infectious virus, those that were killed by the original two revived and started attacking others again, it was like Bi○hazard. It probably works the same way as my 《Kin Transformation》.

The people that transformed into my kins are just normal citizens, their strength is only equal to their numbers, so I can only count on myself if I get into a pinch…….

「Uumu, I don’t exactly have anything to do thanks to their performance. I don’t like bullying the weak, and I feel a little reluctant piggybacking on them.」

『A blatant humanity appeal suddenly』

『She did blow all morals out of her head just now』

『At the very least, imitating a normal person is too late now』

『The fact that RIO’s expression haven’t changed one bit until now is the craziest thing』

Mumumu, no matter if the chat is anonymous, that’s rude. It was a decision made with pure rationality without any madness, I can’t accept their opinions.

That’s what I want to rebuke but, it is still a reference for myself that can’t judge my own self correctly.

Since they’re viewers that will stay with me for a long time, I will take their words into consideration.

『RIO-san behind』

While I was stretching my back with nothing to do, I saw a message that felt like an instruction.

Behind me? Believing the viewer and turning around, it was already too late, he was already running towards me.

「【C-rank Adventurer, Ranking 996th, Slasher】 will kill you! 」

「Who might you…… ah」

Just as I saw the male that wore a leather cloak, he was already swinging a longsword at me, the careless me got my left arm cut off.

But still, that was a strange custom of stating his name that I never heard before, was he just messing around?


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