BWO Chapter 5: Adventurer & Guild

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Despite getting a huge chunk of my HP shaved off, all I could feel was my shoulder became lighter. As an undead, there’re no such things as pain or discomfort.

The person didn’t look like he’s going for another hit, but took a distance to avoid a counterattack.

「C-rank adventurer…… an adventurer, you said. I finally met one at last, people that specializes in fighting. 」

Unlike normal residents that can only flee about like baby spiders, I’m glad for this lucky encounter with a strong person that can cut my arm off in an instant.

Having someone with the right role coming to find me on his own really makes me happy.

「Too easy! Stand there and die! 」

Grabbing the back of the adventurer’s head, I slammed it down to the stone pavement, and then a heel to the back of his head.

Even if it’s a strong foe, there’s no need for me to wield my dagger forcefully, being a Vampire means I have inhuman strength after all.

『A cute avatar but she be doing cruel things』

『She killed an adventurer that easily www』


『But PK damages are your own responsibility in this game right』

『There’s no meaning…… I thought, but then I remembered RIO can get experience points from them』

Since the C-rank No.996 Slasher stopped moving and I had nothing better to do, I used 《Bloodsucking》 to replenish the HP I lost and gain some additional experience.


《Level has risen to 23》

《Karma value has dropped》


Finally another level after a long drought. Simply put, more experience points can be obtained if the opponent is similar in strength.

「Looks like I can’t activate Kin Transformation since he’s a player, leaving that aside, I didn’t know there was a name stating customary among the adventurers. 」

It was indeed something intriguing.

Adventurers are a general term for the group that consist of only players, normally, they undertake requests such as collecting materials and subduing monsters from the adventurer’s guild.

The name stating customary is a strange characteristic.

The hundred questions that I skipped during the character making process is apparently made for that purpose, when a player’s special trait is found, they would be used as a 【Nickname】 by the guild staffs when they join the guild.

Adventurers would get a buff that scales on the popularity of their name when declaring it in a fight, even if it’s cumbersome or downright embarrassing, the majority of them still do it.

The number and ranking is exactly as they sound. Ranks start from D, and follows the order of C→B→A→S, the higher one’s number and rank is, the more contribution he has to the guild.

Also, although there’re changes in number, there isn’t any demotion in rank, so adventurer players that stopped logging in are all accumulated at the bottom of each rank.

「Although he wasn’t even an opponent, that’s fine on it’s own. Looks like my left arm has finished regenerating. 」


Constitution: Auto-Regenerative Body

Description: Body parts that are missing or damaged will be automatically regenerated based on the amount of blood left in the body, a vampire-specific constitution.

However, regenerative abilities will drop sharply if HP is low.

Constitution: HP Regen

Description: A vampire-specific regenerative constitution that gradually recovers HP passively.

However, if the body is significantly damaged, recovery rate will drop sharply.


Just as foam of fresh blood bubbled out from the stump, my left arm until the fingertips returned to normal suddenly.

My appreciation to a vampire’s immortality.

Well, as for the leftover arm that was cast aside like a piece of trash…… I tried to use Bloodsucking on it but, there’s only a slight amount of HP to be regained.

It’s only a tiny bit so a perpetual cycle is impossible but, trying out new things are always encouraged.

『Even her thoughts are no longer a human』

『This speed of adaption』

『Ain’t this girl a real life vampire too』

I don’t like to be snooped in the reality where I can have a peace of mind…….

Leaving that aside.

「Everyone of the undeads, can you hear my voice? 」

Putting strength in my stomach and raising my voice, the kins throughout the city reacted, and turned their head towards my direction like a screw in synchronous. It’s a nightmarish scene for viewers that aren’t tolerant enough.

「I will be heading towards the adventurer’s guild on my own now. Please only target the humans that are outdoors, gather at my location after a clean sweep. That’s all. 」


「For RIO-sama………」

New orders had been issued to the kins.

It’s hard to expect an attack while a riot is happening in the dark. Since my DEF is only as much as a few strands of hair, if a blow like just now hit a wrong place, I would probably die immediately.

Therefore, I believe that maintaining a calm mind to find the best strategy is much more viable than getting carried away on momentum.

Even if conservative, the kins are too weak in comparison to myself, taking care of the stronger foes are the best an average high school girl like myself can do.

『The heck she’s up to now』

『Not anything good for sure』

『No way she’s getting remorseful now and want to be an adventurer』

『For RIO-sama ♡』

『Oi, even viewers are getting transformed into kins』

Not just the NPCs but also viewers transforming into my kin, what an accurate metaphor.

Despite it being the first day streaming, I’m the happiest person having this many loyal subjects.

As the map of the Starting Town is firmly in my head already, I didn’t need navigation from the chat.

While taking care of the adventurers that are scattered along the way, I headed for the adventurer’s guild alone.

Will it be a ghost or a snake that appears, the bet starts here.


「Is this the adventurer’s guild? It’s probably filled with scary and strong adventurers. 」

I muttered as I faced the biggest tavern-looking building in the town. Making use of the jacket of the adventurer I just killed, I wiped off the blood stuck on my hand.

Hmm, certainly, this person named himself 【D-rank Adventurer, Ranking 75th, Palm Purple】, but he was dead instantly without anything special worth mentioning.

Rather than thinking about an enemy that has already died, I started preparation for the next stage.

「There’s…… no one around right. 」

『RIO behind behind』

『↑ A bait』

『There’s even an enemy in the chat now ww』

『A scammer appeared kusa』

『It’s just a little tease』

……Looks like there really isn’t anyone, so I stuck my ear to the wall to collect information before storming in.

「――Apparently there’re rioters around the church. 」

「Can you even call them rioters? They were eating people if I’m not mistaken. 」

「They might be a group of cannibals that are manipulated by some sort of drugs. The guild is also hesitating to whether specify subjugating demons or rioters for the quest. 」

「I guess, the residents that ran in here were all shouting 『Monsters――! 』 after all. 」

I was able to hear voices from within the building.

It seems like they are having a hard time grasping details on the kins that are overrunning everywhere currently and is troubled over it.

In other words, the adventurers that I met on the way were all passionate people that can’t wait for instructions because of their sense of justice.

Well then, seeing how their commanding structure is still frozen, I shall make my entry quickly.

「Excuse me. 」

I must say, I’m really bold to think of walking into the enemy base from the front door. It’s also part of my grand plan though.

Leaving that aside, as one of their enemies, I want to know what kind of gathering adventurers are.

Opening the door carefully to not break it, I intruded the adventurer’s guild under the guise of a civil-looking player.


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