BWO Chapter 6: Intrusion & Heavy Assault

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A/N: Wolf-like protagonist

The inside is fully lit with many lighting equipment. Looking at the interior of the lobby, there’re many rococo-style tables, request papers stuck on the wall at the side, and a reception table at the center.

Counting heads inside, there were about four guild staffs, seven likely adventurers, but surprisingly there weren’t even a single NPC.

Challenging them recklessly with their numbers is disadvantageous. So I won’t do that yet.

「Ooh. A girl came into the guild. 」

「Did she run from those people? Her parents is not with her, what should we do? 」

「How about bringing her into the evacuation room inside for the time being? 」

「Let me do it, I want to get some karma value. 」

They seem to think that I’m a lost child and didn’t realize my true identity at all. A great success indeed.

In the first place, from what I manage to eavesdrop, it seems like they have no idea who is the perpetrator yet.

More importantly, the viewers’ suggestion to keep my beginner dagger in my empty inventory is gold. After all, it’s strange to see a vulnerable girl to be carrying a weapon on her waist.

By the way, the inventory is an excellent system that lets me keep up to 50 items total in another space.

『Even though I thought to weaken RIO attack power as much as possible……』

『↑ This guy really was playing tricks』

『And I thought it was strange to keep her weapon ww』

『But because of that, RIO-sama’s identity was kept secret. Thanks for your great advice』

『It was useful in the end kusa kusa kusa』

……I should be careful about what they say next time.

The planned scenario will involve me acting as an unrelated party to investigate their force, and when the kins launch an attack, I will pretend to escape from them and run straight into the inner building. Finding the king, 『Guildmaster』 and making him my ally will be my winning condition.

As for the chances, it will depend on each and every of my move.

「Oh please don’t mind me. I’m just interested in adventurers, and so I’ve decided to make a visit. 」

For the time being, I stated my business without lying technically. In the unlikely event that there is someone here that can see through lies, being caution can’t hurt.

「Eh! This timing, in adventurers!? 」

「Whawait, no right!? 」

Despite saying it as calm and clear as possible, the adventurers were all looking shocked. Did I say something that strange I wonder.

「Oi oioi oi, it’s common sense the first person you must get permission from is this great me. 」

A crude looking man with a figure double of a normal human was grinning vulgarly in front of me. Seeing how his appearance is littered with scars, he might be a veteran adventurer here.

Leaving aside analyzing his appearance, it’s better if he’s a person that is satisfied by fighting with all his might, like Eriko who that takes pride in her beliefs as an adventurer.

「Who might you be? 」

「This great me is one of the best adventurers in town, countable with one hand. 【C-Rank Adventurer, Ranking 5th, Pure Crushing Violence】, even residents will step aside quietly for me to pass hearing my great name. 」

Did I catch that wrongly, I thought I heard him introducing himself as simple minded, it may well just be his name manifesting in himself.

TL Note: 単砕暴(タンサイボウ) Meaning: Pure Crushing Violence, reads the same as 単細胞 (Simple minded)

In any case, there’s still some time before the kins arrive. Since it’s a rare chance to be speaking with a high ranker, I should at least listen a little more.

Of course, all while feigning ignorance to the undeads to not let them realize that I’m the perpetrator.

「That’s a very very amazing name. 」

「Heh. Anyways, give up if you want to be an adventurer like me now. Just another lowly D-Rank can’t be any help with what’s happening outside now. 」

「Yes. I’m painfully aware that I will only worsen the situation further if I participate. 」

「You’re a good listener. Those fellas outside are rampaging as they like but, they are like ants to me. So I recommend you to logout first. 」

The conversation somehow became I wanting to become an adventurer but, I will just pretend to be interested and won’t shoot him down.

「Looks like you’re very skillful. Is it because that you’re waiting for instructions that you can’t head for the fight? 」

「Nope, I’m just waiting to see what the rewards will be. 」

Indeed, it’s certainly not a foreign concept to wield a weapon for benefit. After all, adventurers’ basic motivation is to constantly complete quests and receive rewards like money and karma value to raise their ranking.

「However, I don’t think the enemies are sitting quietly. Wouldn’t it be better to be on standby at the entrance expecting the enemy to be already very close? 」

Saying something that should make much sense, I tried to lure this veteran outside. I will be very happy if he cooperates.

「Stuuupid, you don’t understand at all. For us that is the executer of justice for the peasants, a small disturbance like this is easily dealt with. Think about it, isn’t it best to wait for more details about the rewards before moving? 」

「……Unn? 」

I unintentionally made a dumbfounded noise. He called himself an executer of justice, but it was completely contradictory when he is acting like a mercenary only taking care of his own profits.

Let’s try a little further.

「But there’re more and more casualties while you’re waiting. To overlook them, won’t it hurt your conscience? Hero of justice-san. 」

「Conscience? You’re actually stupid.」

「Yes? 」

Oops. What am I supposed to do if I don’t stay calm. Getting derailed from my purpose because of his ego and having my plan ruined is out of the question.

「Listen here, those residents out there are living a life away from danger thanks to us great adventurers. So it’s completely normal for us to aim for maximum earning. 」


……It was an opinion so condescending that it’s making me dizzy.

To find out how good adventurers other than Eriko are as a person, and getting this kind of result after asking this person as a representative.

From how he spoke, he’s even worse than me that he’s not treating the NPC as AIs but are exploiting them as real humans.

「It’s the natural course that all residents should thank us great adventurers for saving and keeping their lives safe. And even if they have to sacrifice themselves, they must serve and worship us. It’s a give and take situation that even a fool can understand.」

「Is that so.」

「Well, it’s always us that puts our lives to work, so I guess it’s only natural. Gyahaaha! 」

「Ha, haha……」

Despite my pain sensory should be disabled, I’m feeling headache. It feels even more disgusting than expected that he’s able to say that haughtily.

And the worst thing is that other than himself, the other adventurers or the receptionists’ expressions indicated agreement rather than shock or disgust.

I didn’t want to imagine it but, it makes me want to puke thinking how if on the off chance these adventurers do manage to wipe out the undeads, they would be praised as the victorious heroes that executed justice.

That’s why I hate the concept of “Justice”.

That’s why I can’t carry something as heavy as “Justice”.

Looks like I have no other choice but to ask Eriko about this tomorrow. In the process, I had been glancing at the window occasionally, finally, I saw familiar faces outside stuck on the window.

「WWwwwuuaaaa! 」

「Blooooood! 」

「RIO-sama――…… kept waiting……」

At that timing, the glass window all broke at once, and the front door was busted open, as the kins started to pour inside.

Moreover, the group that was only a few initially became tens of entire households.

「Dooeee!? The heck are these people!? 」

「They’re monsters! Did they finally set their aim here!? 」

It was a great timing that they chose to rush in. There were no other moments where I thought they are so reliable.

I can only regret that I didn’t manage to kill even one of the adventurers here secretly.

「I suppose I won’t hide my identity any longer. I am the leader of these undeads, the live streamer, RIO. 」

「Here I thought you were awfully calm but you’re their boss huh! Gubehk!! 」

A side kick to instantly crush his skull, tearing his four limbs from his torso, and dumping the remaining torso to another adventurer.

I won’t use Bloodsucking. It’s time wasted in two meanings after all.

I proclaimed my name since I thought they might’ve guessed my identity, but it looks like it was an unneeded fear.

「I command all of you. I will now head to the core of the guild, do your best to occupy the first floor lobby and hold these enemies in place. 」

「【C-Rank, Ranking 22nd, Sickling Devil】! Your opponent! 」

Another adventurer with a garden sickle was swinging it but, his head was cut off with my hand chop. Even if their number are far apart in the C-Rank, it doesn’t seem to matter much.

「Uwaaaa! She killed Pure Crushing Violence-san and Sickle Devil-senpai! 」

「I’m not a person to deny other people’s principles, so it’s your own freedom but, as I still hold the ultimate goal of winning as the top player, I will be roleplaying as the villain despite being the free-spirited and easygoing average high school girl I am. 」

「V-Villain!? 」

Not able to swallow the reality, within the chaos and turmoil, the number of adventurers getting defeated with my empty fists are increasing.

However, wouldn’t it be a better development if there’s even one person who is hot blooded with his righteous indignation that will stand against me? Not like there’s any here after seeing how they act.

『RIO’s player skill is so bugged www』

『Amazing, RIO-sama is only one punching……』

『First time I ever heard someone proclaiming roleplaying as a villain』

『Average but where is the averageness ww』

『Alright, I will get myself healed with Puchi Eriko’s stream』

『I will keep watching since I have a bad history with the adventurers』

『Similarly staying』

『It feels like RIO-sama is angry and sad at the same time?』

『Even though she always have that sadistic and expressionless face? 』

『Isn’t it because she’s just expressionless』

I’m done involving myself with these kind of adventurers but, there’s no other way but to control my emotions for the sake of my goal.

Moreover, I’m still the amateur streamer RIO.

Since dwelling over the disappointment of having my hidden admiration for the adventurers betrayed will only make it harder to watch, I will switch out my mind and be more positive here.

Yes! Looking forward is the best! Ooh, I was able to wipe off the gnawing feeling like after a warm bath.

Well then, it’s time to pass the death note to the commanding person!


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