BWO Chapter 7: Guild Master & Recruitment

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「What should we do, guildmaster! The masses are already in the guild!! 」

A young man’s voice overcame with impatience can be heard through the corridor.

Looks like the information about the enemy forces has reached the core despite being a little skewed.

「Fu―mu. So? 」

Since there is another high class-like voice of an elderly man speaking, I can guess that there’re two persons in this room conversing.

「So? Not just so! We must come up with a counter plan quickly or they will get here! 」

「That is impossible, Deed-kun. Attacking our adventurer’s guild that is as robust as a fortress that might as well be a shelter is an act as foolish as an insect flying into a spider’s nest. 」

Ho-ho-ho, a laughter with no worries from an overconfident general can be heard from the room.

As expected from the guildmaster functioning as one of the highest ranking executive of the adventurer’s guild.

By the way, since the owner of the young man voice is identified as Deed, I shall refer him as so.

「That’s true but, I can’t help but to get a bad premonition. You must understand too that being in the starting city, our branch only has D~C rank adventurers.」

「That’s because I made it that way. After all, it will only be a waste of resources, after all, there are only small fries monsters around this town. 」

「I’m on the same page but……, there’re also adventurers that aren’t yet used to fighting. Moreover, we only have adventurers below level 20 in this town, they can’t stand back up if they get the death penalty even once. Why can’t you understand that! 」

That’s an intriguing find. Since the game had been operational for a long time, looks like even NPC living in the virtual world learnt how to use VRMMO terms that are normally only understood by players.

Receiving the death penalty will mean losing 20% experience and also halving your stats temporarily.

「Then Deed-kun, let me lecture you my grandfather’s wisdom. 」

It was something totally unexpected but, let’s continue listening.

「Lecture you say. 」

「Umu. Even if there exist a strong and mighty 『Individual』 , it is never a match for the overwhelming 『Numbers』, do you understand? 」

Turns out it was a story about even an elephant can’t stand a chance when faced by a giant army of ants.

Although it’s unreasonable to expect someone that isn’t in the know about the details to have a sense of crisis, I now fully understand that the guildmaster-san has no clue of what is happening downstairs.

「Can you please save the jokes for later! 」

「No, now is best. But if 『Numbers』 goes against 『Numbers』, who would win? The answer is the side that has superior 『Individuals』. 」

「What has that have anything to do with the emergency now……」

「It is exactly the scene happening on the floor below. 」

Fumu fumu, that’s a wise saying. I thought he was a leader that was just calm but, I was shocked to find out he is someone so lacking in crisis management.

I can already imagine the poor Deed-san’s face that is not blessed with a wise superior.

「Although the combined power of the populace is certainly remarkable, facing against adventurers that are strong 『Individuals』, and will just revive if killed, effectively never decreasing their 『Numbers』, they will learn defeat in their mind and give up. Thus, it is not necessary for me or you to be bothered about it. 」

Ooh, his lecture concluded with such wonder that it isn’t inferior to Sun Tzu.

Since it’s something that I would likely encounter, I shall write it down in my heart’s memo.

「……But I’m still too worried to stand around. I will verify what’s happening downstairs by myself. Excuse me! 」

「So you chose to go still. The young people recently really has no patience.」

Deed-san’s heels turned around and his footsteps was getting louder, and eventually, the door in front of me was opened with an unlocking sound.

It was worth my patience to hold my breath for an ambush at the door ever since arriving.

「W-who is thigyaa! 」

「Fuu, I’m tired of waiting. 」

Aiming for the moment when Deed-san appeared behind the door, I delivered him to the ceiling with an uppercut.

And with this, I finally entered the room where the neck of the general can be seen.

The reason why I was imitating a stealthy intrusion till now was because even with a vampire’s STR, the door knob didn’t turn at all, the door itself was ridiculously sturdy to break. And being the average high school girl like I am, I didn’t have knowledge of lock picking at all, so I had no choice but to wait in front of the door until it is opened from the inside.

In the end, Deed-san who rushed out without knowing anything was careless, and the guildmaster’s unmoving attitude that is closer to laziness was a wiser move, how ironic.

I guess that’s how even such a stupid guildmaster was able to succeed in life. He’s one of such abominable example that is common in the world.



『Insta-kill www』

『A villain’s role model』


『By the way, Deed-san is actually the No.2 in the starting town for the record』

『Underhanded indeed (Compliment)』

In any case, it’s a great start to be able to remove an enemy with a preemptive strike.

Looks like there’re some viewers that has acknowledged my playing policy, what a blessed streamer I am.

What I can do the most to return their favor is to deliver even more exciting and exhilarating content.

「Deed was…… you villain! 」

「It’s RIO. Shall we work together to find out the answer of what happens when an 『Individual』 fights another 『Individual』 next? 」

The person that has a fatty body in the room must be the guild master through the process of elimination.

I came here specifically to make this person an ally but, I wonder if he’s only a baggage if I do that.

「You dare do that to my subordinate! Disappear! 」

While I was thinking carefree-ly, the guildmaster that was making loud noises took out a revolver-type gun that is very familiar in the gun society.

And then, before I could bring up both my arms as a reflex of the peace-loving reality me, the sound of a gunfire, do―n was heard.

「Mu, I was shot. 」

Looks like it hit exactly between my eyebrows. Despite not feeling anything, I was able to see the bullet travelling in insane speed.

I never expected to experience getting shot here.

「Serves you right! There’s no human that can live after getting shot through the brain! 」

He was so overcome with joy that he was making a guts pose and started blabbering but, unfortunately, my HP gauge still has about 90% left.

The clear sensation of something foreign at my forehead is also fading.

「To bring out a firearm with such penetrating power, I shouldn’t underestimate you. 」

If I wasn’t a vampire, I would be seeing the buddha now.

Although the gun didn’t fit the middle-age European setting, it’s was designed to have that feel, so the manufacturing techniques may had been added by the world building AI.

「……Huh? Y-You! Why are you still alive when you should have died! 」

「Leaving aside your question that is not helpful, listen to me quietly. 」

「Kuuuh……… die! 」

While gritting his teeth, he fired the second and third time without pauses towards me.

Oh, looks like my right eye was shot through, and half of my vision was dyed in red and black.

Since avoiding or defending against bullets are impossible for me, I can only use my arms as a substitute for shield but, I can stand up just fine no matter how many shots he takes as the impacts from the bullets were light enough that it felt like toys, I can’t even feel like I’m taking any damage at all.

It’s at this point I became fully aware that this body is not a human’s. However, seeing how he can shoot accurately at a human’s vital spots like the brain and heart, he’s not someone to be underestimated.

That’s why I wanted to recruit him who is good with ranged attacks.

『Still standing』

『Even bullets can’t kill her』

『RIO-sama is impossible to defeat』

『Rather, it’s scary how she keeps her calm when her eyes are shot through』

「Oyo, out of bullets!? Hiiiik! Don’t come closer you monster! 」

The guildmaster who threw his gun away in tears was scrambling looking for something in his back drawer.

Not like there’s any need for him to write a will even if he gave up. ――And then I caught a glimpse of him taking another gun out.

With a body this fragile on the defense, since I will only risk getting my HP to 0 with more bullets, I tossed my dagger in the same way as throwing darts.

「Gnyaaaaa!! 」

It landed perfectly on his right leg muscles. It’s a double punch that even incapacitated him.

While he’s enduring the agony, I closed the distance.

「Go away! Not yet, I don’t want to die yet!」

「Although there’s nothing I can say as I came here to give you your death sentence, on the brighter side, I will give you another life. A second life abused as my pawn that is. 」

Showing the fangs by opening my mouth, holding my nails in front of his eyeballs so he can see it clearly, I intimidated him without giving him a chance to even put up a fight.

Since this guildmaster here has a setting that he was disinherited because of his denseness, with that haughtiness and insatiable ambition of his, he must have the best compatibility to become my kin.

As a long time had passed since the start of service, backgrounds of named characters in the starting town had already long been exposed.

「I won’t hold back. But becoming a kin would probably free you from any sufferings and pain? 」

「No way. I already suffered enough……」

「Well then, again, loyalty, or death.」

「Y-Yessir. I will follow you……」

With a surrender that was unexpected, he was kissing the ground.

Exactly like the information, I’m glad that he’s a person that thinks of his own safety rather than staying on the good side.

Sparing no time, I used 《Bloodsucking》 on him, after verifying the experience points coming through, it’s time for 《Kin Transformation》 next.


《Level has risen to 29》

《Karma value has dropped》

《A guildmaster was killed, the adventurer’s guild is now hostile》

《Now hostile with adventurer’s guild, proceeding with G-route》

《A bounty of 100,000 Iris was put up》

《144,445 Experience points is designated on you by the adventurer’s guild》

《Obtained the item 『Final Potion Set』 from the adventurer’s guild》

《The title 『Defeat the Evil Vampire RIO』 is in the adventurer’s guild》


『They gave you a bounty』


『I mean, she did mess with someone important and made him an ally』

『Overwhelming charismatic』

『And numbingly addicting!』

『Finally G-route. So, how is it different from the normal route actually』

『↑ Experience gain multiplies, death penalty when defeated by adventurers multiplies, respawn point set to the jail island』

『Death penalty multiplying, so harsh www』

『The stream was only live for 3 hours』

I’m feeling accomplished seeing the viewers getting excited.

According to the chat, it seems like there’s a relationship between experience gain and the G-route, or otherwise known as the genocide route.

A high risk and high return accompanied with difficult trials, with it even matching the theme this stream, it’s exactly the path I want to take.

Since there’s nothing for me to gain from the bounty, I will skip explaining it for now.

Well then, now that the Starting Town is within my hands, I can’t exactly stay in it forever like a cozy home, after all, high level adventurers will come for revenge soon.

Going down the stairs and gathering the kins, I prepare the army for a march to another destination without leaving any traces.


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