BWO Chapter 8: At the Adventurer’s Forum

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A/N: Just looked at the daily rankings and it was 7th…… wow……

T/N: Just tl-ed this chapter and holy there is at least 30 painful names here

【Help the weak】 BWO thread for adventurers use Part 6022 【Strike the strong】

1: Nameless adventurer

This is a special thread only for Break World Online adventurers.

Let’s write freely while keeping in line with the minimum rules.

Previous Thread: http://**********

> > Please open the next thread at 980

114: Yashakuzu Ichirou

Can’t we stop with that narcissistic title?

115: Animanium

Writing in-game is nice but why anonymous

116: Death Metal Band ・ Sekine

Look at the moth using the forum for the first time

117: Explosive Hammer

Though it’s convenient to be able to write directly from the game, it also meant exposing your senseless lame punny names

118: Whale Tank

Always thought about it but is there actually any good Japanese names out there

119: Samurai The Nine

> > 118

Isn’t it because all of you are too crazy with being an Isekai reincarnation protagonist that the natives learnt about our Japanese culture

Take responsibility

120: Tongue Licking Grizzly

> > 115

Don’t be so upset, newbie-san

The thread was inactive at release because of names getting exposed, but now everyone’s participating so it’s A-Ok

121: PaGe

That’s why even new adventurers should write without holding back

122: Parry People

> > 121

This guy’s name a baldie wwwwwww

TL Note: ぱげ(pa ge) is only one letter different from ハゲ (ha ge) which means bald

123: Blushing Reds

> > 121

Baldie kusa

TL Note: no need to explain grass right?

124: Death Metal Band ・ Ayano

> > 121

That name this late in the night is cowardly ww

125: Zipper Hitman ・ Karagee

> > 121

Other names shall bow down when faced with your name

126: Death Metal Band ・ Moriwaki

> > 121

Quickly raise your rank or charge money (600 yen) to change your name

127: PaGe

> > 122

> > 123

> > 124

> > 125

> > 126

You guys made fun of me!

Look closely, I’m not a baldie!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I’m fuming!!!

128: Animanium

So I guess you do uphold your openness about writing here huh……

129: Freshwater Gun

Three dudes from Death Metal Band is here

130: Pure Crushing Violence

Maybe I’m interrupting something but something terrible is happening in the starting town now!!

A group of brainwashed people and a crazy streamer is killing all residents and adventurers

131: GoodKids

Oh? Are you issuing a big earning quest?

132: Scramble ・ Rune

I thought only Puchi Eriko is left in the BWO streaming business?

133: Pure Crushing Violence

It’s not that simple

This is my experience but, a harmless looking girl with super pale skin was at the guild introducing herself wanting to join the guild, but suddenly a bunch of dead zombies came rushing into the building……

I tried to fight back too but I didn’t even realize when the death penalty hit me

134: Gigamail

> > 133

C-rank but so whiny

There should only be at most D-rank quests that can be cleared easily at your skill level in the starting town

135: Shinpakapaan

So it was just you guys blundered?

136: Pure Crushing Violence

There was no blunder! It wasn’t a quest that came from the auto-quest AI for sure! It must be a player intentionally causing chaos and breaking the balance!

She’s probably still causing mayhem with her skills now, please send any high-ranking reinforcements!

137: Made in mermaid

But there’s the unspoken rule that adventurers above C rank should not enter the starting town so as to not obstruct new growth

138: Lance&Rod

> > 136

Yo C-rank

Being a low rank doesn’t mean you should rely on others

139: Okamakaburu

But he’s desperate enough to be writing on here, I pity him

Is no one going to help?

140: Please fan yes

> > 139

Then the one who brought it up will go, thanks

141: Okamakaburu

Currently on the quest to investigate the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King army, can’t help

I really want to go help but sorry ♡

142: dokudoku poison dokudokudoku

TL Note: the name here is 毒毒ポイズン毒毒毒, which all means poison…

I’m A-rank, is it possible that I come to help?

Someone like me that has no other talent than covering an entire city in poison?

143: Meltrinity

> > 142

Sit there, you will only kill every resident with your poison if you go there

144: Blooming Slash shing shing shing

> > 136

We know that you stayed at C-rank because you like to be admired by the newbies despite being a veteran

So, for now, serves you right wwww

145: Pure Crushing Violence

Is there not even one person with kindness here? And here I thought there would be hope while I waited for the respawn!

Why am I blamed when I never did anything wrong……

She’s really out of my league so please anyone

146: Smashing Jain

Then at the very least share the URL of that streamer you said

147: Dark Healer


There’s this RIO person streaming crazy stuff in BWO

148: Invisible

That’s a player name that looks like they can stop time

149: Jetblack Heavens Pillar

So that one brain cell wasn’t just bluffing?

150: Seed Gatling

Oi! You guys come look quick!

Somehow there’s a bunch of people deifying a non-adventurer player as 「RIO-sama」 when she just started, she’s also right in the G-Route.

That girl is seriously thinking of killing every adventurer……

151: Spinning Ritual

Logging out just to watch a stream is too bothersome

152: Berchaker

TL Note: Another pun, Berserker (バーサーカー baa saa kaa) is written with (バー茶ーカー baa cha ka) with the letter replaced meaning tea


Rather than panicking and saying it’s dangerous this and that, it’s important to stay calm and spend a peaceful time leisurely.

153: Achassin

TL Note: same as above (A sa ssin) became (A cha ssin), it might also be a reference to Fate

> > 152

What a coincidence meeting Berchaker-dono here.

Shall we boast our newest tea set to the dear adventurers here.


154: Seed Gatling

Who cares about senile old men’s dirty tea set!

RIO is already easily killing upper C-rank adventurers, I can’t sleep now worried over my lowly B-rank self

You guys look at the stream and piss yourself too

155: Great Demonic Ogre

> > 154

Hee, so you mean you wet yourself already

156: Society Member of Temporary Soldier Party

Maybe later

157: Mad Silence Taste

> > 156

The overused line when you just give 0 damn

158: Small-heals Pickled Lady

Oh my? I took a peek for a minute but there was only a really cute girl overflowing with innocence and pureness

Isn’t this just defamation?

159: Sickling Devil

I outdid myself today again

160: Seed Gatling

Why don’t you guys realize that she will target you next!

Everyone will be sucked dry and killed!

――It’s very unfortunate that RIO’s true terror can’t be told through the stream but only through those who have actually experienced it

It’s us adventurers who are unfortunate to not realize that.

For the peace-spoiled adventurers that are lurking in the forum, the time is close for a grave development when the starting town is destroyed by RIO’s evil move.

A/N: I’m very touched everyone is bookmarking and giving upvotes


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