BWO Chapter 9: Plains & Devil

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Informing the kins of the next objective, a march on the Starting Plains area where the smell of greenery were replaced with the smell of blood started.

The next objective on the map is the second town 『Amulbell』.

Despite certainly on the wanted list, by taking advantage of the lesser traffic in the midnight and stationing the kins somewhere nearby, there is at least hope that I can sneak into the town.

「It’s just a boring walk until we arrive. Maybe I should join the kins in defeating nearby Enemies, uumu. 」

The Enemies on the plains were not very strong and would immediately respawn somewhere else if hunted. Although it’s certainly useful for low-level players, it’s only an obstruction to our march.

Leaving that aside, this is very troubling in many sense.


Enemy Name: Horned Rabbit Lv1

Status: Dead


「Gahk! Gahk! 」

「Gbhit! Gehek! 」

Vivid chewing sounds were putting a heavy toll on my mental health. The march through the plains were proceeding smoothly, but the kins were devouring a 《Horned Rabbit》 that appeared along the way live.

Also, it has become clear that none of the Horned Rabbits that were killed became kins. Kin Transformation might only work on human subjects.

『This is a nightmare……』

『A horror movie』

『Night Parade of One Hundred Demons』

『Poor little rabbits』

『What’s wrong with eating rabbit meat』

『People are gradually becoming numb to ethics and becoming like RIO-sama』

『A level 29 in the starting plains is just unfair』

I am painfully well aware……or maybe not painfully because I’m an undead?

Being an average high school girl, getting called as RIO-sama is quite embarrassing.

「Well then, I suppose I should participate a little too. 」

I tried imitating the kins and killed them with 《Bloodsucking》. Surprisingly, I got double the experience.

However, the base experience was already tiny and thanks to my horrendous LUK, there wasn’t any item drop.

As such, I was only able to gain a small sum of 100 Iris. However, it’s of no use for me as I’m basically banned from any commercial facilities, but I suppose I can leave it for later.

「Ummm RIO-sama, what shall I take care of? 」

The former guild master that has become my kin asked while hunched. Looks like he kept his mind because of his intense hostility prior to death.

「Then keep an eye out while continue killing the Enemies. I’m looking forward to seeing your capabilities. 」

「Yessir! Please leave it to me! 」

The guild master who was motivated by my arbitrarily chosen words rushed to hunt wild rabbits. Looks like he’s a person that can perform better when he executes an order rather than giving one.

Since his appearance didn’t change particular much even after transforming. I thought I could fix my image for the viewers if Deed-san who died with such an intense graphic could be restored. But it was a shame as Deed-san was killed to the point where his body was too damaged to be revived as a kin.

After all, a streamer’s image can’t be ignored, and before the guild master that betrayed the adventurer’s guild can be a main protagonist for the viewers, he should be fired as soon as possible.


Enough time had passed for the moon to be covered by clouds, but there were no presence of pursuers at all. That’s despite me basically broadcasting my coordinates all the time.

I wonder if it’s because my presence isn’t a threat that’s significant enough for the adventurers from just destroying a small town.

『I took a peek at the adventurer forum but they were just chilling』

『I always find weirder names every day on that forum』

『The NPC in charge of naming is obviously the result of a mistake in personnel selection』

『Rather, those who actually took reference from the AI are too extreme』

『So it was a wise decision that RIO-sama didn’t become an adventurer』

『In any case, the adventurers aren’t unified enough, so probably no one will come』

I appreciate the information. It’s convenient for me to continue travelling. Although travelling in nighttime is more dangerous in BWO, my constitution as a Vampire gave me no choice.

Moreover, since 《Light attribute weakness extremity》 is giving me a -9999 light element correction internally, it’s practically impossible to overcome.

Although it’s a relief that the damage multiplier is capped to the same value of Great Weakness at -100, it still meant that I must raise my light resistance to the point of Great Weakness before I can even have a hope of conquering sunlight, it’s a terrible attempt of game balancing in my opinion.

I should stop complaining. Rather than finding a way to withstand sunlight, I should prioritize on surviving while avoiding sunlight.

「Vu……? 」

At that moment, the kins that were wrestling with the animals suddenly turned their head towards the same place at the same time.

Apparently to the sky.

Since I for some reason didn’t have night vision despite being a Vampire, I can only infer that the kins had discovered something in the night sky while the moonlight was covered by the clouds.

The visible range in the dark is at most 4 meters in radius, if it’s a rainy day, it’s impossible to see anything.

「RIO-sama, RIO-sama! I suggest retreating from the plains for now! 」

Although I was able to get an idea of the graveness of the situation because of the panicking guild master, it’s still not enough clues for me to comprehend the entirety.

「There’s nowhere to run on the plains. We need to determine who the opponent is first. 」

As such, I will think in reverse, and stare at “Below”.

It was an idea so out of the ordinary. I didn’t even know why I took such an incomprehensible action but, considering the oddball I am to challenge the adventurers despite admiring them, I’m sure this is just another instinctive move from me.

『Another unexpected action from RIO-sama』

『We can’t see anything if RIO-sama looks at the ground too』

『↑ Perspective anchor function? Viewers can easily set their own camera position』

『Thanks. The times are really progressing』

『Don’t make a chatting atmosphere and escape reality』

The viewers seem to be confused. There’s no other method but to continue until the results appear.

「……I see, my flash of idea wasn’t mistaken. 」

I was able to see a shadow of something like a giant bird projected onto the ground momentarily. It was gigantic compared to normal birds, and the way it flaps its wings was like a slow version of a bat.

What kind of flying creature could it be?

『Look out RIO-sama』

『Isn’t that one of those special Enemies』

『This Enemy is clearly out of place in the Starting Plains』

『Aah, there’s no hope』

『A named Enemy that high leveled is not even funny』

「Oh my, a named Enemy appeared. To be able to face a strong opponent other than adventurers, it should serve as good content for my stream. 」

I bluffed my best but, it seems like the night march will be forced to stop here. A named Enemy as the viewers said, simply put without frills, a terribly strong enemy.

Or if explained in details, they are extremely unique Enemies that have enormous presence and strength over the BWO story.

They are usually sneaky and smart when choosing their opponents. The reason why new adventurers are most afraid of travelling at night are them despite appearing rarely.

Such a creature was approaching rapidly to my direction.


Enemy Name: Flying Demon ・ Diablo

Status: Normal


As the clouds cleared, the named Enemy that had a large pair of bat-like wings and an appearance reminiscent of a red falcon came diving down.

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