BWO Chapter 10: Sniping & Reckless Fight

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「Ugghaaa! 」

「Agguuu! 」

As if eager to be caught by the hanging spider silk, the kins are swarming right under the Named Enemy.

Although they seem to have recognized it as an enemy, the opponent is a winged demon that can fly, and so it was literally out of the kins’ reach.

On the contrary, the kins were extinguished one after another from a long-range attack that looked like an energy ball fired from its claws. The number of retirees is only increasing.

「Leaving aside its attack power, I can’t even stand on the same stage without an anti-air attack. What an incompatible match. 」

『RIO-sama throw your knife!!』

『Just try to jump higher!』

『Challenge it to a duel! 』

『That’s too ridiculous 』

It looks like none of the messages can be of any help. Especially the one to throw my knife which is my only weapon, if it misses, it’s all over. A foolish idea indeed to lose the only dependable weapon to defend myself with.

There’s nothing to do but to resent my race that can’t fly in the sky, it’s a stalemate situation for the viewers.

「Eeeih, this mere bird! Don’t even try to touch RIO-sama! 」

The guild master took out a handgun and started blasting bullets towards the target.

Oh right, among my followers was the guild master that is a gun-user.

His value as an advisor plummeted thanks to the viewers’ active provision of information. However, it’s also true that I recruited him just in case for unforeseen situations like this.

But it looks like the damage dealt is almost nothing. Well, I guess it wouldn’t be a Named Enemy if bullets from a tiny gun can take it down.

However, it might be a different story if there’s another useful gun.

「Guild master, I have a request. Defective product or not, please let me use the strongest gun you have. 」

When we left the adventurer’s guild, I saw him packing up various guns from his collector’s days from his drawer after all.

「A gun!? I’m afraid that there’s no need to trouble RIO-sama to shoot down that little bird……」

「Looks like you didn’t hear me right. The strongest firepower. Give me the one that deals the most damage. 」

「Yessir! If it’s about firepower, nothing can top this Lunatic Gun, but this thing is…… wah! 」

I immediately snatched the compact handgun from the guild master who was shrinking like a withering plant.

With this gun, even an average high school girl such as myself can easily wield it.

Deciding in an instant, aiming straight for Diablo’s eyeball under the moonlight with my naked eye, I tried a practice fire and pulled the trigger.

「Fumu, it behaves like a normal gun despite the absurd name. 」

Living up to its strongest firepower title, the gunshot was accompanied with a roaring sound.

The bullet landed on its left wingspan, and punched a hole as big as a handball.

Despite so, the HP gauge didn’t seem to move much, looks like it’s a powerful enemy that requires more effort than expected.

『RIO-sama’s pretty little hands……! 』

『That Lunatic Gun’s a double-edged sword if I ever seen one』

『Poor little hands』

『It would be critical if not for a vampire』

The viewers seem to be concerned over my hands but, what happened?

Looking down at my right hand that wielded the gun, the gaps between my fingers were torn apart till my palm. Fresh blood is bursting out of the torn apart hand.

Although I can barely feel it, the recoil may have bent half of my body. I should be more aware that one of my five senses are blocked.

「I’m deeply sorry that RIO-sama had to use the Lunatic Gun! I can’t apologize enough! 」

「No, I thought it was going to be more of a defective product, but this is not even a demerit for me.」

Auto Regen will take care of it.

Repositioning immediately, I fired the second and third shot when I felt the target was lying on the straight line between me and the gun.

Every time I fired the gun, my right hand became even worse but, I can just switch to my left hand when my right hand gives up.

Diablo tried to circle around to dodge the flurry of bullets but, as the shots landed mostly on target, the damage accumulated on its wings was great enough that it could no longer maintain balance in the air, forcing it to crash into the ground.

Both of our HP gauge was shaved down quite a bit.

Yatta ze

『Active! 』

『A magnificent display of skill』

『Who would’ve thought there’s someone who can win an aerial fight from the ground』

『It’s finally on the ground』

『So stage 1 clear?』

For a vampire that has a high base DEX that also affects long range shooting accuracy, handling a gun is practically a vampire’s forte.

The army of kins that had been my meat shield till now is in shambles but, I can’t have time to mourn for them when every second in a fight with a Named Enemy counts.

With my both hands recovered to an extent, I equipped my dagger and charged towards Diablo that seemed like it was snickering.

「Leave everything to me from now on. Haaa! 」

Calling the retreat to the kins, I approached from the flank of its shoulder to avoid its means of attack.

「So hard.」

However, Diablo’s tough body didn’t seem to let the blade pass at all.

Unlike its appearance, it must be quite capable with defense as well.

In terms of physique, Diablo was winning by more than half a meter, I will have to make use of my small stature to move around.


Just as my momentum loosened, a wind tunnel was suddenly opened through my abdomen from its energy ball.

It annoys me that it’s doing that to a girl but, either way, it will heal itself sooner or later.

Next, I stepped in further and swung upwards with all my might. If the power of just one arm is not enough, it just means that I will have to use my entire body.

「Fumu, even this doesn’t seem to do much. 」

Looks like it was too difficult to deal any significant damage even if I focused my entire arm strength.

Rather, it was natural considering it was a beginner dagger versus a Named Enemy.

Just as I was pondering about the next move, I felt something swipe past my chest.


『↑ A pervert appears』

『Shut up and properly cheer on RIO-sama』

Haaa, is Eriko streaming to a bunch of deprived people? Luckily, it looks like in BWO, even if your clothes get torn apart, important parts are still kept out of sight.

「I suppose only a fist fight would work considering how the dagger didn’t. 」

Getting a grip on the dagger with my fangs instead, with my now free limbs, I delivered a punch to its eyeball, and another kick to its knee, steadily shaving down its HP.

It’s time to discard any thoughts about self-preservation.

「Fuu, it is far from over. 」

As expected, its durability and toughness is leagues beyond.

Diablo’s attack pattern all derives from one of the two, either energy ball released from its claws, or close quarters physical attacks.

The opponent too never let itself get hit quietly, easily smashing my thigh with a side kick, and before my auto regenerative abilities could work, a dazzling flash of energy ball grazed past my cheeks.

There is no option of defending for both of us that are brawling it out.

Whether Diablo’s defenses are broken through first, or whether my regenerative constitution stops working first, the method to victory was fixed with both of us trying to overpower the other’s annoying ability.

「My, to think that an average high school girl that I am would be forced on her knees in a bloody manner, how cruel of you. 」

What a careless mistake, will the viewers laugh at me?

『RIO-sama’s regeneration is slowing down』

『Though she’s still moving well considering how much of her body is missing』

『She’s already full of holes 』

『Too much redness』

『A full on fist fight without any thoughts』

『RIO-sama must be panicking…… or not』

Oh my, I was too absorbed in the fight that I didn’t realize my clothes is soaked red by the bloodshed.

However, it’s not a situation that the viewers have to worry yet.

Certainly, the situation may look grave with my defeat prominent, but I can still restart from another place if I were defeated.

『But the fight’s really cool』

『This is really amazing. Even though she’s fighting a losing battle, her boldness doesn’t show that at all』

『The girl that suits a bloody makeup No 1』

『Such a wonderful person, shining even brighter with every hit she takes……』

『I’m almost falling in love with that stone-like facial expression』

『Hol’up stop opening that door right there』

『If such a person role plays as a villain, she will be worth following』

『Rather, please let me follow her』

『I thought it was just the first day, but there’s already a bunch of mesmerized people here』

This is celebratory. I looked over at the camera for a moment, and realized that there were 4 digits of simultaneous viewers watching.

However, isn’t it fine to lose?

This is a game where there are no consequences to the real body.

Even if many viewers choose to leave because of my failure, it is also a chance for only the diehard fans to stay.

Although the death penalty will ultimately set me further from the goal, I didn’t set out on a time attack from the start, so I guess I can think about it if it happens.

There are various messages pointing out the lack of emotions in my expression but, the main reason for all of that is 「Defeat or death means absolutely nothing」 for the me in this virtual world.

Though, it doesn’t mean I will easily give up on victory.

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