BWO Chapter 11: Neck & Light

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「Oya, are you finally willing to settle our fight? 」

After losing more than 50% of its HP, Diablo’s movements suddenly shifted. As its carefree grin disappeared from its face and turned into a serious one, it charged in and caught my head with its claws.

Seeing how its grip strength is increasing by the second, it seems to have taken an approach to strangle me to death so that I can’t regenerate.

「I shall accept your challenge. 」

I as well, took the dagger I was biting and stabbed it into Diablo’s neck.

No matter if it is a demon, if it is still a creature, it should lose all its HP when its head gets severed.


Because my breathing was getting blocked, I was having difficulty speaking. However, it seems like my dagger is slowly making progress gouging deeper in its neck from the small insertion wound initially.

Glaring at each other at a close distance, it was a situation where we squeezed out the last drop of our strength.

Despite having both our vital point in danger, our mutual vitality like immortality did not let our strength loosen.

To think that it is a demon that is taking down a vampire, it’s nothing more than irony.


『NOO RIO-sama is dying! 』

『The gap in level was just too great……』


『That birdy bastard! 』

Then, Diablo started grinning again, glancing at the dagger that didn’t even work its way halfway around its own neck, it was confident that its grip is on the verge of crushing my spine.

To think that not only was I bested in defense, its offense is also better. Well, that’s fine.

「But a strength contest against you…… wasn’t what I had in mind from the start……」

Looks like unlike Diablo who was too focused on the short victory, I was able to have a wider vision. I let go of the dagger that I held onto so long with tenacity and stabbed my fingernails into Diablo’s open wound and activated 《Bloodsucking》.

Despite having a hard shell, it’s still possible to drain its lifeforce from the inside. As for the result, it’s easy to infer seeing how Diablo’s expression changed from 「What a fool!」 to 「What the heck!? 」.

「It’s my victory. 」

Regaining my HP that was inches away from empty, Diablo lost its strength in its claws, and as it tried to turn tail to escape, I crushed its knee and defeated it.

I would’ve certainly lost if I kept sawing away at its hard neck. It’s a victory brought forth by my self-control and critical thinking.


《Named Enemy 【Flying Demon ・ Diablo】 has been defeated》

《Level has risen to 38》

《Obtained 10000 Iris》

《Obtained 【Demon General Dress Set】 as first-time subjugation reward》

《Obtained the title 【One Who Surpasses the Flying Demon】》

《Kin Transformation is effective on【Flying Demon ・ Diablo】》

《Karma value has risen》




『Almost forgotten RIO-sama is a vampire』

『I’m seriously touched』

『BRAVO―! 』

『I thought it was a full out brawling but ain’t it a flawless one with that finisher tactic』

『So there were no one who defeated this Named Enemy before? 』

『And I was the believer (lie)』

『There’re so many messages in the log』

『I was really worried when she got strangled』

『↑ Seriously I couldn’t even take my eyes off』

「Everyone, thank you very much for your congratulations. 」

The viewers were sending their thoughts in one after another. Seeing how they are a nice bunch that completely overturned my prejudice that they will just be a distraction in a serious battle, it filled me with joy.

However, I’m seriously tired of a risky gamble with a Named Enemy already. Though it’s also true that I’ve gained a lot thanks to winning the gamble.

Verifying one thing after the other. I tried the new equipment first.


【Demon General Dress Set】

Required Pieces

Head: Demon General’s Piercings

Upper Body: Demon General’s One-Piece

Lower Body: Demon General’s Skirt

Lower Body: Demon General’s Shoes

T/N: I checked back to chapter 2 and they should be “Foot” here, but since the author wrote it as lower body, imma keep it

Description: A noble dress for the first who subjugated Flying Demon ・ Diablo.

The beauty reminiscent of a rose is enchanting, and the bright coloring akin to the thorns of the bright red color distills fear to those who sees it.

Total Stats





Set Bonus

Magic 《Dark Energy Ball》 can be used

Constitution 《Night Vision》 is obtained


According to the description, the performance of the dropped set is modest but nonetheless a sufficient upgrade for now.

It’s also a great profit that I can use a magic as a set bonus. Come to think of it, I have only single target abilities currently, making handling multiple enemies a disaster, if only it’s a AOE magic, then it will help me fill in that big hole.

But if it’s the same magic as what Diablo used, then it’s probably a single target. Since equipment changing is done directly through the inventory interface, I quickly swapped out the equipment.

「Oooh, it’s really comfortable.」

I’m covered in a fluffy dress in an instant.

The upper body piece is made to be a one-piece so that it wouldn’t be strange if I only wore that, it was something like a flared skirt with a sleeveless jacket with the base color of red and black. The long dress had an open front so that it wouldn’t interfere with moving my legs, it is a piece of equipment that combined both elegance and ease of movement.

Also, with the new constitution 《Night Vision》 being added as a set effect, I was able to see the Starting Town despite being a great distance away.

I was also able to find a tall tree sticking out like a sore thumb on this plains nearby.

『So pwetty』

『But very cute』

『Eriko is probably spewing out blood from her nose now』

『That’s a royal princess right there if she doesn’t say anything』

『Correction, if she doesn’t move』

The reviews for the equipment are very positive. Since the viewers are here to view, I should pay attention to my outwards appearance.

As I learned later, looks like the dropped items are different for different genders. Personally, I thought that a male set would suit Diablo’s drops better than dresses.

Well then, let’s try to revive Diablo with 《Kin Transformation》 next.

Although higher leveled Enemy will stay longer after being defeated, I shouldn’t be distracted by the dress any further, so I used the skill while the corpse is still fresh.

「Hello. How are you feeling? 」

While flapping its wings, I asked for a response from Diablo.

【Hahahaha! No one shall stand before my strongest energy ball! 】

Oh my, it had become rather talkative after becoming my ally despite being so silent during the battle.

Right. It seems like if an Enemy becomes a companion, you can hear fixed voice lines because our minds are connected apparently.

Seeing how it didn’t change much despite turning into an undead, it’s a great addition to my party. I was observing what Diablo would do next but, for some reason it turned into a small red spherical gem and was sucked towards my chest.


《Acquired Skill: Blood Contract》

Skill: Blood Contract

Description: By sacrificing more than 10% of your HP with your own hands, summoning a transformed companion Enemy is possible.

The summoned Enemy will match the summoner’s level and status.

The summoned will standby near the summoner until its HP reaches 0, or ordered to return, and can be issued arbitrary orders.


I suddenly got a new skill.

It looks like other than race evolution and changing equipment, skills can also be obtained via some hidden conditions.

This blood contract, looks like despite being bound as a vampire’s subordinate, they won’t come out free of charge.

Or could it be an added condition because it is a Named Enemy. From a game standpoint, summons are probably an exclusive right for summoner-type adventures, so I guess they designed it so that a vampire have to pay a cost to use that ability.

『Diablo was sucked in』

『The Named Enemy became an ornament for RIO-sama』

『Into that envia-indecent spot…… 』

It looks like the gem is worn perfectly on my chest without any unnaturalness. If I were to bring along an Enemy that is over 2 meters long every where, I guess I can’t blame residents for shunning me.

Since it was possible to rename it, I named it “Flying”.

『That’s so cheap』


『Flying Demon ・ Diablo → Flying』

『Rather, it’s still better compared to all those punny names that adventurers use』

『Somehow I can sense Flying (Gem Form) is snuffling in tears now』

The viewers are saying things about it but, in my eyes, the name being easy to call is most important. Well then, what to check next on the list.

Since the name is just a name, it’s nothing more or less than just a name, so introducing it proudly is also……

『The scene is suddenly getting brighter』

『Now it’s easier for us to see』

『Did RIO-sama adjust the brightness? 』

『Ah, it’s that time』

『Hyahaa it’s the dawn! 』

『C www r www a www p』

Just as I was able to take a break, it’s already morning?

Following the bad premonition, my eyes were fixed on the eastern sky, and saw the giant source of light that is the sun slowly rising to eradicate the night.

「GguyaaaaaAAaa!! 」

「RIO-samaaaa! NOoooO! 」

The kins were letting out painful screams.

It is the combusting phenomenon when undead gets under the sun. As for me, I was able to detect danger in advance and found shelter under the lone tree that I discovered with 《Night Vision》 earlier, but it looks like it was too late to save the brave kins that have tagged along until now. Thank you and good bye.

『RIO-sama’s precious servants! 』

『RIO-sama was almost in the death zone too……』

『Wait, the guild master is also gone』

『Yeah, rather, he became half air from the middle』

『I was watching him, he made preparation to abandon RIO-sama to escape』

『Help if ya got a gun www』

『Come to think of it, he is such a character』

『Death awaits those that don’t believe in their lord』

Was it my imagination that I felt my guilt for only that person halving? But more important than anything else, it is already almost 3 A.M. in the real world.

Because I had set a rule of giving myself 6 hours of sleep at the very least, I decided to end the stream quickly.

「It is the end of today’s stream. The continuation will be tomorrow. Thank you very much for watching. 」



Short form for お疲れさま (Otsukaresama) Thanks for your hard work


『Although it was a villain role play, I sure enjoyed my stay』

『See you again』

『Look out for the haters』

Bidding farewell to the viewers, logging out and returning to the real world. I surrendered myself to the pillow and fell asleep immediately.

It was a blind stream today, will Eriko be happy with it?

A/N: Since the opening arc is almost over, the current status goes as follows


Name: RIO

Race: Vampire

Affiliation: N/A

Level: 38

Funds: 10100 Iris

Karma: -750


HP: A (Capped)

MP: B (Capped)









《Kin Transformation》


《Dark Energy Ball》



《Light attribute weakness extremity》

《Auto-Regenerative Body》

《HP Regen》

《Night Vision》


【One Who Surpasses the Flying Demon】


Right Hand: Beginner’s Dagger

Left Hand: N/A

Head: Demon General’s Piercings

Upper Body: Demon General’s One-Piece

Lower Body: Demon General’s Skirt

Lower Body: Demon General’s Shoes


A/N: The bookmarks and ratings are what keeps me moving but, this much makes me can’t lift my head


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